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The march into internment advances

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The march into internment advances
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Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds.

George Santayana


The march into internment advances

One news story that will be covered next year

The past year 2004 started off as a time to go fishing and ends in a tsunami wave of calamity. The relief efforts are portrayed as assistance after the effect of a natural disaster, but the real story for the year is the onslaught of refugee  camps of a very different kind. The condition of the globe is much more at risk from political discord than from an environmental catastrophe. If the planet can rally to aid the suffering from the wrath of mother nature, why is it virtually impossible to resolve the differences from man made conflicts?


This question is eternal and goes to the nucleus of social relationships. When it takes the shape of political affairs, the divergence becomes deadly. The year in review offers another tragic chapter in the inevitable trek of destiny. This slog is so routine and customary - most never consider - that a coming clash approaches a critical collision.  Their disbelief with reality is central to the conquest that engulfs their lives and devastates their future.


Chronology of news events in 2004 from the AP gives a concise account that concurrence is a suspect goal.


Jan - President Bush proposes legal status at least temporarily for millions of illegal immigrants working in U.S.


Feb - President Bush unveils $2.4 trillion budget featuring record deficit, big increases for defense and homeland security.


March - First same-sex marriage licenses issued in Oregon.


April - White House declassifies pre-Sept. 11 memo that says al-Qaida determined to launch U.S. attacks.


May - Bomb rips through stadium in Chechen capital, killing provincial president.


June - Federal judge declares Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act unconstitutional, saying measure infringes on women's right to choose.


July - International Court of Justice rules that Israeli barrier violates international law.


Aug - Britain grants first license for human cloning.


Sept - U.S. military deaths in Iraq campaign pass 1,000.


Oct - Top U.S. arms inspector in Iraq finds no evidence Saddam Hussein's regime produced weapons of mass destruction after 1991.


Nov - Ivory Coast airstrike kills nine French peacekeepers and American aid worker, prompting France to wipe out country's modest air force.


Dec - Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko poisoned with dioxin, doctors say.

Such mainstream news examples illustrate the reoccurring themes. Economic deficits are now the norm, cultural warfare has become a way of life, International struggles a constant conflict and bloody suffering a forgone conclusion. Courts arbitrate artificial dictates as the political deceit prevails and the warfare intensifies.


Note that concepts like civil liberty are not deemed worthy to make the list. Shaping the cultural distortions are more significant than restoring a normal balance. It is valid to conclude that not much really changes, year after year.  What does vary is the intensity, scope and speed of the social disorder. If technology is the expeditor for this acceleration, then intimidation and force are the methods for generating unrest. As more strife develops, the opportunity to ratchet up greater levels of enforcement follows.


The pattern of the NWO is clear. Global order is forged in the fires of turmoil. The will to resist is the only weapon that threatens the plan for cultural and political relocation. The 2004 U.S. hurricane season was one not easily forgotten.  The economic costs while huge and the risks highlighted, will not dissuade living by the sea.  The notion that it can be made safe to spit in the eye of nature is symbolic of the prevailing world attitude.  Warning systems will foretell of a coming storm, measure can be taken to protect life. What is lost in the rush to protect our physical surroundings is that the herd can never be sheltered when the political ‘cowboy’ authorities are driving everyone into a corral for branding.  


The dialectic is still alive and growing again.  Cause disruption, to create an excuse, in order to apply the remedy.  Incarceration is built one prisoner at a time.  One day a moat will encircle your castle. It won’t provide a secure defense but will undermine the foundation of the walls.  What about all the news this year that was seldom reported?  If the media ignores the significant does that mean you are immune to its consequence? Or are you resigned to accept your RFID chip implant as the price for living under a benign Skull and Bones version of compassionate harmony?


2004 was a great disappointment. Another election year cycle - no reprieve - just more suffering.  Our political tempest won’t pass like a tornado. It’s a whirlwind that never ceases to obliterate a social order worthy of defending.  If lives are worth saving from a natural disaster, why are they so easily sacrificed or offered up in the normal course of obedience to the global community? The prospect for 2005 may well hold surprises, but established trends have a life of their own. Continued war, global inflation and more social chaos. That is the state of the global gulag.  As civil liberties are disregarded the typhoon of human carnage will intensify. What will it take to make that the top story for next year?


SARTRE – December 30, 2004  




It takes time to ruin a world, but time is all it takes. 
Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle

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