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Globalization: Exporting America

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Globalization: Exporting America
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Do the Communist Chinese have to murder American personnel or attack the United States or our allies with their missiles before those who blithesomely pontificate about the civilizing benefits of building the Chinese economy will admit that China for a decade has been going in the opposite direction than predicted by the so-called ``free traders.''
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher


Globalization: Exporting America


One pleasant surprise that comes out of the Communist News Network is that Lou Dobbs has air time. CNN is pure party line propaganda in most instances, but the relentless emphasis that Dobbs is placing on the sell out of America is right on the mark. The free traders over at MSNBC must be worried, as the marching band at Fox News keeps up their beat. It seems that those pesky facts keep popping up that are supposed to be ignored or swept under the carpet. Most likely that rug has a made NOT in the USA label on it.

Now that the pretense of US-Sino policy has been laid bare, every clear thinking non O’Reilly clone, should be able to grasp the plot. You heard the Bush statement:  "We oppose any unilateral decision by either China or Taiwan to change the status quo, and the comments and actions made by the leader of Taiwan indicate that he may be willing to make decisions unilaterally, to change the status quo, which we oppose."

But did you read the comments from Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao? Wren said: "The separatist activities aimed at Taiwan independence, carried out by the Taiwan authorities are seriously undermining the political basis of China-US cooperation and our common interests, and putting peace and stability in Asia-Pacific region in jeopardy" . . . "The fundamental interests of our two peoples and the people across the world require that China and the United States step up cooperation, increase mutual trust, and further push forward the constructive and cooperative bilateral relations” . . . "In the final analysis, China-U.S. relations must go on improving. It is with this earnest desire that I have come to visit your country."

Globalism is all that matters to the power elites. With each year the trade imbalance grows as the outflow of viable jobs becomes the major U.S. export. Most news services parrot the free trade mantra. All the experts, economists and academics are drawing a check from some institution or vestige interest that taps into the gravy train of cheap imports. Conveniently absent from the talking head parade are real world private businessmen. Only corporate hacks - with a quisling address - pass the litmus test to get face time on the controlled air waves.

When a demigod pokes their head above the surf of a tsunami, one must wonder their actual motives. However, pressing the alarm siren is a step in the right direction. That haughty politician is a maggot Senator from New York State. No not the wife of the Chinese operative who was a U.S. President, but the other quack - Charles Schumer.

Appearing on the Dobbs program, Charlie boy makes his case. Quoting from the transcript: “We get virtually nothing from the Chinese but verbiage, as so many thousands of jobs are lost . . . The Chinese have certain advantages, in any case, that no currency change is going to matter. And this is not going to solve all of those problem. But I have manufacturers in my state -- and it's true around the country -- who say, that 40 percent advantage is what kills me. I'll compete with lower costs of Chinese labor, but not with a 40 percent extra tacked on that makes it unfair . . . And the American worker, the American people, are looking for solutions. Yes, it's the big multinationals that can go to China. We don't want to say, you can't go to China. We do want to say, when you go to China, you shouldn't get an extra 40 percent or 30 percent advantage tacked on because there are currencies unfairly manipulated . . . What happened today is what always happens. We trade economics for diplomacy, today, in the case of Taiwan.”

The little brute from Brooklyn is right for once. Understand the highest game in all of economics is currency trading. Floating currencies has the largest daily turn as world markets move on fractions and decimals of cents. With the abandonment of the gold standard, the globalist were able to suck, strip and scam every last penny from the vitality of the national economy. Interdependency has produced a controlled and manipulated world economy that stole the sustenance and freedom from the producers and transferred the cash to the financiers. Allowing the totalitarian regime of Red Communists to play bridge with Wall Street despots as they vacation on the estates of European bloodlines banker, has made this unholy alliance possible. Rewards go to anyone who lies about the benefits of this system.

As any Western New Yorker knows all too well, the economy is in the tank, the Empire State only has globalist emperors. The comatose salivates over the newspeak that come out of towers made from plastic ivory. The canon of free trade permits for systemic mutilation of the level playing field as long as the parameter of the theory is defended. No substance survives, only promises, that continually disappoint.

Bush has now upped the stakes. Taiwan, you are put on notice; the status quo does not include self determination. The pact with the mainland dictators makes great supra-capitalists. There is nothing free about enterprise when currency exchange is galvanized with pipes that leak all the take into the pockets of approved plutocrats.


China is no republic, of, for and by the people. It is the cash cow that drains off the cream from herds of feeble-witted cattle. Our national treasury is the grass that feeds these steers. Our calves are offered up as veal, while future generations look to be housed in pens of a forlorn life. But why deal with reality, the price of all that imported consumer junk is so cheap . . . Ignore the disparity in exchange rates, severing the tie to gold allows for all schemes possible.

If globalism was the friend of the consumer, explain how you will retain your standard of living, when the real impact of inflation is admitted? What will you do when your salary is outsourced offshore? Is a third world future your idea of prosperity? Globalism is like sugar candy, imported from a monopoly of suppliers. It tastes sweet, you grow fat and finally your doctor tells you - you have diabetes.

Bill Clinton was bought and rented by the special interest. Now Bush is proud to display that his clothes are made by slave labor. They cost a kings ransom, but are collected from a swarm of ants.

Lou Dobbs has the audacity, integrity and depth to confront the harsh truth about our prime national export. When the substantive jobs are gone, community service will be the substitute vocation. When prices rise and far exceed your ability to pay, your material needs will be leased with a balloon payout. The Schumers of politics are confirmed snakes. However, the current reptile that trades our independence for more IOU’s has proven he is no better. The outs who want power back are now so desperate that they now pledge constructive relief. Let’s hope Lou’s deal, for his return to the air waves, has a clause that allows for his editorial autonomy. The last go around he got canned. Just maybe the lethargic will start to listen, while they still have the money to pay the cable bill!

SARTRE - December 11, 2003

"...This regionalization is in keeping with the Tri-Lateral Plan which calls for a gradual convergence of East and West, ultimately leading toward the goal of "one world government.'
...National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept..."
Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter.

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