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A "taikonaut" and spy in the sky
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Capabilities in space are inextricably linked to all our military activities, in the air and on the ground.
Gen. Michael E. Ryan


A "taikonaut" and spy in the sky

US transfers made possible
China will target the U.S.

Another proud day in the history of galactic discovery. China joins the twins of Gemini and becomes the third brother. "For us, it's nice to have another brother in space," said American Kenneth Bowersox, who commanded Expedition Six to the ISS. A Russian space official associated with the 16-nation station also welcomed the Chinese achievement. So is this heartfelt generosity or just a script from a public relations release?

Is space exploration a joint human endeavor or is it an encounter of the few who wear a pressurized suit? "Standing there alone, the ship is waiting. All systems are go. "Are you sure?" Control is not convinced, but the computer has the evidence. No need to abort. The countdown starts . . . Earth below us drifting, falling. Floating weightless coming home . . . " Is Yang Liwei a lucky Major Tom or is the fate of his fellow astronauts a disaster waiting to happen? While the risks taken by individuals who mount a controlled explosion are recognized, the implications for the rest of the mere mortals confined to the shackles of gravity is seldom admitted.

The romance of space is sold as the final frontier. What is left unsaid, is that the same human creatures that have a sorted record for planetary harmony are the ones planning interplanetary missions. Consider the concern of Asian neighbors. "Observers say the growing discomfort about China's military might is further heightened by Beijing's tendency to keep details of its military-linked space program, closely under wraps." Are we now to believe that China has benign intentions when it comes to the high ground? Joining this worry, "The Chinese space program is a military program using military hardware and overseen by the military," said Charles Vick, space policy analyst for the Washington, D.C.-based Federation of American Scientists.

Do we have such a short memory or is the greed so great to ignore the facts of recent history?

Review the following recommendations from the Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People’s Republic of China:

Section on Satellite Launches

15) Implementation of the Strom Thurmond National Defense Authorization Act for FY 1999

16) State Department Should Have Sole Satellite Licensing Authority

17) State Department Need for Adequate Personnel and Resources for Satellite Export Licensing

18) Corrective Tax Legislation for Satellite Exports

19) Heightened Requirements for Defense Department Monitoring of Foreign Launches

20) Defense Department, Not Satellite Firms, Should Be Responsible for Security at Foreign Launches

21) Need for Adequate and Permanent Force of Well Trained Defense Department Monitors

22) Need for Full and Timely Reporting of Technology Passed to PRC, and of Foreign Launch Security Violations

23) Application of Export Control Laws to Space Launch Insurers

24) Expansion of U.S. Launch Capacity in National Security Interest

Since our own government finally admits they have serious reservations about the Chinese space program, why have we not heard more about the Loral scandal and their disgraced CEO Bernard Schwartz? Charles R. Smith writing in NewsMax reports that Loral documents substantiate that Schwartz wanted to export to China - Airborne Reconnaissance Cameras, Weapon Delivery, Target Acquisition, "Missile Guidance, IR and RF Jamming devices. We all should have a recollection of the treasonous role Bill Clinton played in the systematic transfer of U.S. technology. While the last administration was unable to recall the significance of their betrayal, what will be the excuse from the Bush clan for continued efforts for companies like Boeing to consolidate crucial aspects of their manufacturing in China?

China has admitted that this mission carried a surveillance camera. It would be carried on the orbital module to obtain maximum coverage over a long period. How long will it be before more sophisticated systems will wear the label - made in China? When China gained entry into the nuclear club, the national security establishment was alarmed. Now, with the success of a man launch, NASA will get in line to buy a ticket. All the time the transfer of technology goes on as normal course of ‘doing business’.

David Bowie may need to write a new song about a lieutenant colonel fighter pilot. High Frontier has just become crowded. In the forty plus years since Yuri Gagarin orbited the earth, the planet has been encircled with military systems. Across the stratosphere, a final message: "Give my wife my love", has become more likely than the promise of interstellar exploration. Efforts to demilitarize space have all failed. The reason is simple. The first goal of the space-age is the conquest of the earth. Scientists are imbeciles to believe their craft will be used for the good of mankind. The principles of science may be neutral, but the human nature of man’s corruption is absolute. This axiom has long passed the hypothesis stage and has been validated by every test.

China is no friend of America. Japan will become more nervous. Legitimate security interests of the United States are surrendered with every dollar transferred buying junk and each sale of technology paid for from the profits of those transactions. The Schwartz’s of multinationals have no loyalty towards their country or its people. (unless that country has another name) America has lost the space race from within, using false logic and foolish objectives. The only race worth running is one that provides meaningful self interest. Command of outer space has produced a total surveillance society on earth. The eyes in the sky are all pointed down on us with only the little Hubbell looking to the heavens.

Now that an inescapable adversary has an accelerated track to challenge the fast lane, what should be our response? Let’s hope that the sequel to Major Tom will be a tune that offers a challenge and won’t befall the fate of Columbia. The globe has triplets in manned flight. Others may follow, but the spy satellite will take precedent. That has always been the main focus and will remain the center of space budgets.

SARTRE - October 19, 2003

"I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on earth." (April 4, 1950, White House Press Conference.)
Harry S. Truman

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