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Cuba a threat or an opportunity?

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Why are dictators of the left not scorned in the same way as those of the right? Was General Pinochet in his 17 years in power, less cruel or less bloody than Fidel Castro has been in his four decades ruling Cuba?
  Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel laureate novelist, The New York Times, November 1, 1999


Cuba a threat or an opportunity?

I am not a communist and it's not a revolution
I am a Marxist Leninist to the last day of my life

"Our relationship with Cuba is a paradox. Politics pull us apart. And then geography pushes us back together. In a very true sense, we're all residents of the same neighborhood. In our neighborhood we see common problems and common opportunities. It's my hope that in the days, months, and years that lie ahead we'll find ways to work more closely together to solve the problems and to exploit the opportunities to the common good of all."
Gen. Charles Wilhelm, USMC (Ret.) Commander in Chief, U.S. Southern Command, 1997-2000

According to Center for Defense Information, one of those lobby groups you might find popping up on the HBO series K Street, announces in their mission statement: “Many Americans believe U.S. national interests would be better served by a policy of engagement with Cuba, regardless of political differences. They believe that dialogue and relationship-building with Cuba are essential to prepare for the inevitable change of regime and to encourage the long-term stability of the Caribbean region . . . In that spirit, the Center for Defense Information has sponsored annual trips to Cuba by delegations of retired high-ranking American military officers, former diplomats, and other defense experts to engage in professional exchanges with Cuban military officials, both active-duty and retired.”

Has the world changed that much since the Bay of Pigs? If a new age is really upon us, maybe this shift in attitude is testimony that the global governance has already arrived. What happened to the lingering revolutionary fervor of Che Guevara or the safe haven of the Robert Vesco’s of the world? Time has a way of soothing all that pain from those expeditionary troops coming back from Angola. Surely, the Castro gulag, no longer is a client state!

We have all heard the eager expectations of the eventual demise of an old dictator. Only Arafat’s imminent passing has greater anticipation. So when President George W. Bush denounced repression by Cuban President Fidel Castro's regime and announced moves to tighten enforcement of restrictions on US citizens' travel to Cuba, we wonder if he would approve any future junkets of General Wilhelm?

The popular spin is that Bush is playing to his base of  “Little Havana” as the next election approaches.  Osiel Gonzalez (OH'-see-ayl gohn-ZAH'-lays) says many Cuban-Americans are angry, because politicians make bold promises at election time, only to forget them later. But is this the real reason behind another veiled threat for pre-empted action if the conditions for conforming to the plans of this New World Order are challenged?

Sensible observers of the four decades since the crisis that brought our planet to the brink of nuclear war, must admit that peace has hardly been the goal of government policy. The role in the world of that last standing superpower is at the core of understanding current events. National Security precautions are valid when the threat is real. Cuba could be a tropical paradise, but under the regime of a Marxist relic, is it really a prime candidate for joining the axis of evil? Only one decade ago the foremost threat from “Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has been building two Soviet-designed VVER-440 nuclear reactors in Juragua, near Cienfuegos, just 250 miles from Miami.”

Now, Bush wants to point the finger at a defiant tyrant, not because he is a cruel despot; but because he is not on the same page of the long term program. Has the Monroe Doctrine evolved to such an extent that the prevailing fear is that another Mariel boat invasion is the most effective flanking move for an opposing enemy? In a world where the nexus of a continuous foe drives policy, one must find a fresh adversary or reinvent an old one. Castro may well hang on to the reigns of power longer then his true antagonist the Pope. However, John Paul II won’t be offended because of being passed over for the Nobel Peace Prize. If such awards were meaningful, the legacy of Bush II could never be considered . . .

Most staunch Yanks, true believers in their government as a substitute for country, refuse to deal with reality. Without national outrage, the policy of pre-emption has become and will remain routine. Connecting the dots to encircle a genuine national security defense is counter to the master plan. Cuba should be for Cubans. Hopes for a massive exodus back to their homeland are illusory. Osiel has too many cousins named Gonzalez, playing dominos. South Beach may be the dream export for developers, after Castro; but Havana has already arrived in Dade County. Expatriation means electing Republican Representatives. Miami has become a foreign trade zone, where Yankees require a visa and a pocket translator.

All this is just fine with the Bushs as brother Jeb wants to retain the title of viceroy. Elian Gonzalez was sent home, while next of kin Osiel remains angry at electioneering. Cuban-American legal scholar Dr. Alberto Luzarraga said: "It is the Clinton administration that is violating the rule of law with regularity and seeming impunity". What Cuban will now speak out against their adopted Republican Party monarch? Continuation of Janet Reno oppression under John Ashcroft doesn’t make the DoJ just. Castro has never ruled with justice, so why should America vote for our own homemade version of a tin horn dictator? A true conservative won’t listen to radio Marti with a Spanish speaking Sean Hannity want-a-bee, praising Bush.

Sanctions are valid when applied for a meaningful purpose. Ridding the world of tyrants would be an endless mission. The Castro era will cease as the NWO consolidates. The mantel will pass from Bush to another installed autocrat. The agenda will remain the same, only the timetable accelerates. The clear channel broadcast programs are spun by the Carvilles and Matalins, and lobbied by the CDI special interest groups. Liberation for Cuba will remain imaginary as it repeatedly evades America. While communism is a failed social maxim, the NWO is an absolute evil matrix. The real threat must be recognized before any lasting and substantial opportunities can be achieved. This holds true for both Cuba and the United States. “Common problems and common opportunities” Let’s hope General Wilhelm is fighting against the real enemy.

SARTRE - October 13, 2003

"Socialist ideology, like so many others, has two main dangers. One stems from confused and incomplete readings of foreign texts, and the other from the arrogance and hidden rage of those who, in order to climb up in the world, or to have shoulders on which to stand." Jose Marti

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