Global Gulag

Road to Serfdom, Yesterday and Today

Global Gulag Introduction
Forbidden History
Reign of Terror
Stuck on Stupid
Totalitarian Collectivism
Radical Reactionary
Inherent Autonomy
Strappado Wrack
View from the Mount
Solitary Purdah
Coup d'état by way of a 'Pseudo Impeachment'
American Amnesia the Liberal Case for Government
Obama Firing of Military Reminiscent of Stalin's Purge
Syria: Another Zionist War for Suckers
The Psychotic Militarization of Law Enforcement
Congressional Resistance against Presidential Despotism
The North Korea Paper Tiger
Defense Cuts and the Global Empire
Preppers, Patriots and Pirates
Bludgeon Constitution Replaced By Fiat Edicts
How to Correct the Course of America
Guns, Guts and Goons
Vladimir Putin Nemesis of the New World Order
The Duty of the Military in a Militarized Empire
Afghanistan - Failed War from a False Empire
America, Welcome to the Fourth Reich
Jurists Protect the State and Ignore the Constitution
Slaying the New York State Pork Dragon
Central Banks, BIS and Goldman Sachs Coercion
The Cowardly Congress and the Tyrannical President
Political Toadies and a Broken Down System
Hedge Funds Speculators and Their Poverty Premium
Weird Global Warming and Nuclear Science
Hosni Mubarak and American Foreign Policy
The 21st Century Decade Retrospective
Revolution against Central Banks
Road to Serfdom, Yesterday and Today
Genetic Modified Foods and Senate Bill S510
A Banana Republic Ripe for a Coup d'état
Greed is Good, but Derivatives are Better
New World Order vs. America
Globalism - Sun Tzu and The Art of War
The HAARP that only angels should play
This Prison is Built One Person at a Time
Political propaganda is cult brainwashing
The Nature of American Denial
Interdependent Bankruptcy
NASA and the Masada Complex
NATO a Dinosaur Overdue for Extinction
An Indictment of the American Mind
Praetorian Prefect
Immigration Ends the Nation State
The Duty to Dissent
Gravitas best achieved when Embedded
Liberation whether you want it or not
How much fun is this war?
IMF at the core of the thief
Subterfuge that deceives parents
Revisit the Planet of the Apes
Imperium the foe of the NWO
Global Fair Trade
Metropolis Melodrama
FCC advances the Corporate-State
The CFR - NeoCon Connection
Total Recall
Taking tea with the tribes
Continuity of Government Commission
Pipe Dream of Economic Globalism
To Protect and Serve
Globalism Dissension
The Plan - Apartheid Wall
The New Deal built the New World Order
Pharisee Christians
911 + 2
Oil Roustabout Economy
Prince of Darkness is not the problem
Cuba a threat or an opportunity?
A "taikonaut" and spy in the sky
Paranoia is home spun
International Court of Justice
Satan lives in George Soros
George Soros is the Issue
Supreme Court Protects the State
Globalization: Exporting America
What is Conservative Populism?
UPS - Wal-Mart and Inflation
No where to go and no where to hide
All's well with Afghanistan opium trade
NeoCons are a terminal disease
CAFTA: Wall Street vs Main Street
"Neoliberal" Globalisation
Frank Rich vs. Bill O'Reilly
What Is This War About?
Outsourcing - worst of Crony Capitalism
UN transparency and accountability
Pre-emption and Unilateralism
The march into internment advances
The First Bush Presidency
Bilderberg Propaganda Rules the Planet
Different Kinds of Gulags
Jonathan Pollard a "False Flag" Superstar
Israel-First NeoCons = anti-American Turncoats
Treason Is Not Patriotic
The plan is moving along as always
The Extinction of the Middle Class
Is the Economy Viable?
USrael and Armageddon
Hamas, Israel and the United States
Martyring Voltaire
The Real Threat to National Security

"The part of our social order which can or ought to be made a conscious product of human reason is only a small part of all the forces of society"
F A Hayek



Road to Serfdom, Yesterday and Today

The path to a Global Gulag is paved with failed promises and stern submission. The functions of governments change little over time. Only the intensity of applying current techniques of crowd control evolves for making the task easier to corral the rowdy into prisons of their minds. Force works because people allow themselves to be intimidated and government stooges are willing to rejoice in the celebration of human misery. The police state stems from an entitlement of State tyranny, which justifies its existence based upon an absolutism of authority.

Fear keeps people in chains. Denial maintains the illusion that the government is worthy of respect and obedience. Self-loathing drives slobs into debasing their own dignity. Pride in one’s own ignorance spreads the "stuck on stupid" culture. The poverty society grows with every social welfare program. The FEMA dictatorship gives away doublewide trailers as a way to ease overcrowding in the penitentiaries. All in the spirit of state worship for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Does this reality strike a response or are you so dead that nothing penetrates your own version of pathetic desperation?

Keep your loyalty fresh by recognizing that your patriotism is often misplaced. Quartering "Red Coats" or rounding up French Quarter Cajuns, the drill does not change. Disarm the public not just their guns, but more important their will to resist.

Reinhard Blänkner warns that Absolutism can take different forms.

"Liberals employed the term most effectively, asserting that an irreconcilable fight raged between two political systems since the American and the French Revolution, a struggle of absolutism and constitutionalism. In a liberal perception, absolutism was not confined to a single governmental form. The French Revolution demonstrated that political freedom was threatened not only by monarchical absolutism but also by democratic absolutism".

Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!, takes place, not just in Putnam's Landing; but in every hamlet and village. Liaison with the government, attend every civic meeting and lobby the ranks of all those condescending politicians; but never become a boisterous constituent. Bodacious Bohemian’s need not apply. Only lock step "sheeple" are suited for advance placement, in the re-education camps, as jailers for the domestic terrorists. Daniel Hannan’s new book, "
The New Road to Serfdom: A Letter of Warning to America", offers this perceptive warning.

"Barack Obama born in Kenya? Pah! If anything, he was born in Brussels. The policies his administration is pursuing amount to comprehensive Europeanisation: European carbon taxes, European foreign policy, European healthcare, European daycare, European disarmament, European industrial intervention and, inevitably, European unemployment rates.

If there are any Americans reading, I’ve got some bad news for you. I inhabit your future. As a Member of the European Parliament, I have spent eleven years working in precisely the kind of system that you seem intent on creating.

I’m not saying that everything in the US is good and everything in the EU is bad, far from it. It’s just that the aspects of Euro-politics which your rulers seem most intent on copying are those which have demonstrably failed: the centralisation of power, higher state spending, welfare dependency, excessive regulation".

British MEP Daniel Hannan quotes Doctor Ron Paul and understands the importance of the constitution being a living document, watch this video.By living document, he does not mean that "Black-Robe Tyrants" should pervert the Bill of Rights. Quite to the contrary, while the current climate now allows, The Government Can Use GPS to Track Your Moves, Mr. Hannan champions the best that American stands for.

"Government agents can sneak onto your property in the middle of the night, put a GPS device on the bottom of your car and keep track of everywhere you go. This doesn't violate your Fourth Amendment rights, because you do not have any reasonable expectation of privacy in your own driveway - and no reasonable expectation that the government isn't tracking your movements

It is a dangerous decision - one that, as the dissenting judges warned, could turn America into the sort of totalitarian state imagined by George Orwell".

In another travesty of justice, an informal hearing (no court stenographer transcribing an official record) in a Rochester courtroom of a NYS Supreme Court judge, the court exerted judicial extortion upon a town municipality. New York State has home rule, which grants broad home rule powers enabling them to provide services to their residents and to regulate the quality of life within their jurisdictions. The case in question has a foreign developer suing the town to grandfather a project that the voters of the district rejected in the last election.

The judge is a tool of the corporatists and a devotee of judicial absolutism. His disdain for upholding a clear legal standard is outrageous. The proceedings are a sham. The court and attorney costs could run well over a half a million dollars that might bankrupt the community. The town is economically distressed. It became the target of commercial avarice, with the assistance of government subsidy. Corporate welfare trumps defending the will of the residents.

So what is the compelling reason to respect a legal system that makes it up as you go along? Sacrificing the liberty of citizens is sport in the home of the brave judges. The weighted scales in favor of a higher authority of despotism, blinds the myth of justice for all. The insignificant local borough is just another causality in the bigger scheme of regimentation.

When reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or singing the Star Spangle Banner, recall the words of Barry Goldwater. He spoke to the ages in his acceptance speech for nomination as President back in 1964.

"Now, my fellow Americans, the tide has been running against freedom. Our people have followed false prophets. We must, and we shall, return to proven ways-- not because they are old, but because they are true. We must, and we shall, set the tide running again in the cause of freedom. And this party, with its every action, every word, every breath, and every heartbeat, has but a single resolve, and that is freedom - freedom made orderly for this nation by our constitutional government; freedom under a government limited by laws of nature and of nature's God; freedom - balanced so that liberty lacking order will not become the slavery of the prison cell; balanced so that liberty lacking order will not become the license of the mob and of the jungle . . .

Security from domestic violence, no less than from foreign aggression, is the most elementary and fundamental purpose of any government, and a government that cannot fulfill that purpose is one that cannot long command the loyalty of its citizens. History shows us - demonstrates that nothing - nothing prepares the way for tyranny more than the failure of public officials to keep the streets from bullies and marauders".

Today, the bullies are the government storm troopers of Homeland Security, TSA and TIA. The courts protect the leviathan, even at the expense of a lower food chain unit of government itself. The new form of the Road to Serfdom transcends the economic-terrorism that F A Hayek revealed. The real mob consists of the enforcers that punish anyone, who defends the Bill of Rights. Their jungle resides in the layers of bureaucratic swamps that starve the lowly citizen creatures of the savanna, because they poisoned the water. The marauders are those who bestow an undying fidelity to a false authority.

Hannan, Paul and Goldwater all share a correct understanding in the danger of giving aid and support to a profane system of intrusive tyranny that has destroyed the last semblance of individual liberty. The Totalitarian Collectivism, originally imported from across the Atlantic is now homegrown. The devalued government that Mr. Hannan cites in the UK, is a monocracy of central government absolutism. The entire weight of the State is crushing the backs of the serfs.

Where will the next generation of Goldwater traditionalists and Paulian liberty champions come from? If the Brits can raise a Daniel Hannan, what is the excuse why America produces only whining cowardly trolls that suck the mother’s milk for crying victimized infants? Grow up and start fighting or stop babbling God Bless America. The nation deserves better.

SARTRE – October 3, 2010

“You are the devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government. You have run our of our money…You cannot spend yourself out of recession or borrow your way out of debt…” Daniel Hannan

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