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Prince of Darkness is not the problem

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There is luxury in self-reproach. When we blame ourselves, we feel no one else has a right to blame us.
Oscar Wilde


Prince of Darkness is not the problem

Keeping up with the Jones' means:
Taking out anyone not one of us

The rush to condemn Robert Novak illustrates the underlying agenda of the mainstream media. The “Prince of Darkness” is one of the very few national syndicated columnists that understands the nature of our Republic and has the guts to defend it. Shame on a society that turns on such a champion, who has the courage to tell the truth, as it blabbers establishment nonsense and endless apologies for the crooks that permeate the praetorian guard. When the cat calls come - as reported by Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post - from the likes of the Nation’s writer David Corn called the leak a "thuggish act," New York Times columnist Paul Krugman called it a "criminal act." and the depraved Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) is mortified beyond description, you know that the diversion is under way.

Novak, citing "two senior administration officials," wrote in July that Valerie Plame was an undercover operative for the Central Intelligence Agency specializing in weapons of mass destruction. She was the wife of Joseph C. Wilson IV, a former United States diplomat.  The New York Times alleges that Wilson claims that his public assertions that President Bush had exaggerated the threat of any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction to help justify the war to topple Saddam Hussein, was the motivation for leaking the name of his wife.

What the media is spinning and wants you to swallow is that a “spook” deserves the secret protection of their identity. Woe is me, even when exposing the facts about a corrupt administration, we are supposed to give a pass to a failed sycophant for the Agency. While whistle blowers are often heroes, CIA stooges are never patriots.

The relevant disclosure is not about palace intrigue and whether Karl Rove dropped a dime, it’s about the demented distortion that a spy babe, who could have been whacked, is a victim! Time to face the dirty little secret that most Americans are too timid to confront. CIA retainers exist to protect the Agency, not the nation. Decades of immunity for systemic criminal act is offical policy. So why should regular folks care when a protected operative loses their selective protection?

Heroine or heroin trafficker, you can’t be the former working as an undercover agent, when that organization runs the dope racket. So please; don’t plead for any tears when one passes . . . Abused Americans are sick and tired of the violin, we want justice.

So what you will get is a witch hunt attacking the journalistic ethic of Novak, while the flow of poppies are shipped under the shield of the ultimate family syndicate. Hypocrisy is too generous a term. Treason doesn’t go far enough. Pure contrived brazen lies is the formula for keeping the ignorant masses saluting the Helm’s, Colby’s and Casey’s of the subrosa regime. Dulles airport wasn’t named after a saint, brother Allen knew where the bodies were buried. William Francis Buckley wasn’t on a mission of mercy in Calcutta for Mother Theresa. Wild Bill Donovan might have a legacy that some could justify, but can any sane American exonerate the conduct of the Intelligence Community defending their own evil empire?

But a law was broken, someone needs to pay! Covert agents are the privileged wards of Congress, so goes the line . . . Reality is that the elected representative is more a hostage to blackmail and assassination than a benefactor of Mena direct flights. Until citizens grow the genitals, fit for a nation of liberty defenders, the company will run the scheme. No one wears a white hat in this twisted game of illusion. Leaks, stonewalls, counter charges, plausable deniability and endless subterfuge, all in the name of national security are insults to those who retain common sense.

Target Novak as the poster boy for more OJ type amusement. Gary Condit was protected by one of the good old boys. Remember this one? Why isn't Dick Gephardt agreeing to have Gary Condit removed from the intelligence committee? It should be obvious that one must be lacking in any aptitude or acumen to be assigned to this august assemblage! Always the collegial shield of closing ranks around a fellow legislator takes preference over restoring confidence in protecting the Nation's secrets.

Now we are told that a national outrage needs to be expressed. How dare that Wilson go public to avenge putting his wife at risk! Well, when will all those back room secret agents quit the drill? Infighting in nothing new in the realm of power politics. Heads are routinely lost, so when one drops off that spills a little blood, let the staff in the big house play janitor.

National Security has come to mean guarding the criminals at the cost of your safety. Sacrifices to preserve the illicit order are continually necessary to keep the machination intact. Novak is my hero; a prince of darkness, who discloses the bare reality of doom in order to shine the dawn of light. During an address at Fisk Hall before students and Evanston Illinois residents, he charmed the audience with this gem: "I believe if you give the unadulterated dog food, people will gag on it". This is one of those time when you should be puking . . .

SARTRE - September 30, 2003

Whatever side I take, I know well that I will be blamed.
Louis XIV

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