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"It is clear our nation is reliant upon big foreign oil. More and more of our imports come from overseas."
George W Bush - Beaverton, Ore., Sep. 25, 2000


Oil Roustabout Economy

Everyone Owes
Everyone Pays

This is a story about stevedores of the world. No land too isolated, no climate too hostile and no sea too remote - to be left unexplored. The insatiable hunger to feed the machines of technocrazy isn’t restricted to robots or androids. Nay, it’s core tool is foreign policy. The world turns on money. Oil is the prevailing fuel that burns the engines of commerce. Computer networks may be the controller, information data the pertinent valued commodity, but oil is still the indispensable ingredient. Or so we are told for the foreseeable future.

OPEC is supposed to be based upon holding the planet hostage to their production quotas. Now with a permanent colony in the middle of the fields of black gold, does that mean Exxon now gets a voting voice on the cabal board? For the uninitiated, concluding that oil is priced by second generation ‘Benz Bedouin’ nomads, misses the mark. If you can’t understand who drives the great Mercedes’ empires, you’ll never get to ride in a stretch limousine.

Oil is an asset in the ground, but a pollutant when consumed, and along the way formulates the world we have come to know as the global interdependency. Think about it and ask who built this enshrined relationship? When you pony up at the pump as you long to drive a Hummer, your chances are best realized if you sign up for duty in the sands of the current quagmire.

Modern life has come to be defined as reliant upon international Free Trade, which is a euphemism for draining the blood out of illiterate coolies. Since the railroads have been built, why not keep them back on the ranch as we replace steam power with diesel odor. How nicely this all fits into the equation that only a super power can enforce the global matrix. Remember that drilling in Anwar is prohibited, while waging war for oil is celebrated. Almost makes a sane person ready to wear green clothes.

Since the environmentalists base their cosmos on shifting sand, why not go for the real stuff? Take what you want, even when it’s not necessary! Keep that divine element that society worships - technology - back in the genie bottle. Fuel cells could cut off the need for the petro flow and all those legionnaires might have to look for real work . . .

The roustabout economy encourages permanent deployment in search of pipelines, since the exploration has already been done. The planet is surveyed from the sky as every inch is plotted and recorded. If the pipes don’t exist, the better paid - hired help - will build the new ones. The journeymen will turn the desert into a paradise of treasure, but will the riches benefit that ‘so called’ free flow of trade, or will it just grease the masters who keep the fluid cycle running like a well tuned Rolls-Royce Phantom?

The contrived interdependence is not natural, it’s orchestrated. Oil has the honor of choking any economy who dares oppose internationalism foreign policy. If you export because you have an excess, you better play ball, or risk a garrison of mercenaries on your soil. If you must import, better pledge allegiance to the IMF, borrow from the World Bank, trade with the WTO and beg for more foreign aid. Fly the blue UN banner over the fields but sign the reserves over to BP oil. Can’t let the seven sisters take all the loot.

The thirty-something generation of SUV defenders don’t scream for thirty MPG. Their chariots require those horses to be fed, even at the loss of their limited Federal Reserve Notes. Personal choice is great, but at what cost? Sacrifice of individual fortune for pleasure is one thing, coerced compliance to support perpetual roustabout policy is something quite different . . . In the rush to plant the flag, why not be honest for the underlying motives and lusts for globalization. Why work at producing when you can secure the assets of a former business partner? And who believes that ENRON failed in its true mission - the end run.

Greed is understandable, most would accept that is the way of the world. So why is it so difficult for the masses to accept that all the emotional assertions that we are in a state of everlasting war against terrorism, is nothing more than a ruse to hide the underlying motivations? If a society is unwilling to sufficiently conserve energy, develop alternative sources or produce additional domestic supplies; why should anyone dismiss that such a course is more than mere incompetence? Keep the shell game moving from one street corner to the next, always knowing if you get busted the cops won’t put you in jail, the courts won’t sentence you to do time and the suckers will still lay down their wagers.

Huge corporate windmills are all the rage, massive spending to refit the electric infrastructure will be spent. So why do we keep transferring domestic wealth from ordinary citizens overseas, while stateless moguls play chess on a global scale? Who will be the next Mongols to be tabbed as a militant extremist? Just follow the oil for clues. However, bear in mind that interdependency is the buzz word that forges the managed - nothing new - world disorder, erected to have everyone buying the same gas.

People control is the goal, reliance upon oil is simply a means to that end. Derricks and off shore rigs are siphon stations that draw out more fuel for the world-wide ruling motor that runs our lives. We will all grow old waiting for a political Piper Alpha disaster to explode, as long as we remain silent. There is more at stake than enjoying your water craft on holiday. As long as the planet is violated by economic molestation, what difference does the quality of the air really mean? Reject interventionist foreign policy, and start reinventing American ingenuity. We can have the good life, but it requires knowing and the expulsion of the real terrorists - the barbarians of the Corporate/State axis.

SARTRE - September 17, 2003

... maintaining access to Persian Gulf oil requires about $50 billion of the annual U.S. defense budget, including maintenance of one or more carrier task forces there, protecting sea lanes, and keeping large air forces in readiness in the area. But the oil we import from the Persian Gulf costs only a fifth that amount, about $11 billion per annum.
Chalmers Johnson from Blowback

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