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"I will never apologize for the United States of America! I don’t care what the facts are!"
George Bush, 1988


911 + 2

U.S. has no interest in the Middle East struggle
Israel and terrorism go hand in hand - no benefit for US

Two years after, are you safer now? Has the world really changed or has it just been manipulated one more time? How about the 64 dollar question: Is the United States a victim or have the policies for decades been rooted in an insane death wish? From the ‘Strappado Wrack’ 9/11/01 article - When Will America Learn? - that some publishers refused to publish: “America will cease to exist when totalitarian measures will be readily accepted by a public who's emotional naiveté will scream for retribution! Folks, the enemy is us; for our involvement in the creation of hostilities that seeks to obliterate our symbols of 'Pax America'.

Furthermore, some readers still refuse to deal with the reality of the world. They desire to be patriotic, by defining love of country as support for government. No matter that the facade of self-defense has been exposed as the arrogance of self-denial. Global garrisons, permanent deployments and client colonies are the methods of imperialism. If this war on terror was really a fight for national survival, why is it acceptable to sacrifice the essence of our purpose, to defeat a contrived enemy, baited by bankrupt policies?  If the price of securing the future is capitulation under the Patriot Act, there is nothing worth saving.

You have witnessed the utter obliteration of traditional conservatism under a Bush regime. The son has made good on the father’s call for the New World Order. Americans have been conned into hating a mystic nomad, when all along he was a tool, recruited to carry out a twisted form of a Hegelian dialectic. The phony war that destroys actual Americans, has been used as an excuse to complete the extinction of the last vestiges of a once proud Republic.

Constant jingoistic propaganda from the mouths of approved pundits is so embedded that voices of rational dissent are dismissed as quacks Media moguls design the ‘PC’ message, as on air personalities deliver their script. Academic stooges spin their own version of living history, as the lie grows in scope and reach. Common sense is portrayed as disloyalty, while the political elite commit treason and guarantee national genocide.

This is the tragic and somber record, two years after the event that was meant to deceive, confuse and control the sheeple that wave the plastic flags made in China.

The Middle East is a drainpipe for perpetual blood and eternal death. The polemic that terrorists hate us because of our freedom is lunacy. The reality is evident for any honest person who has the courage to confront the betrayers. The partnership in crime with Israel is the root cause of regional turmoil. What benefit comes back to America from fighting a war of conquest for Zionist aspirations? As long as U.S. foreign policy serves Lukidnik zealots, our only reward will be piles of bloody body bags.

Do we really need Arabian oil? Is it necessary to drill Caspian wells? Do you really believe that Iraqi oil will pay for the occupation for liberation? What do you expect when foreign energy dependency becomes the objective of the successive administrations. Can’t bore holes in Alaska, just burn more fuel in a desert. Why worry about efficient conservation, when you can Navigate in a big SUV? Fuel cells are meant to run the military machine, not the daily commute.

Are your serious about your safety from packs of towel head militants? When will the borders be closed? Visas on demand means profiles of known risk. Come on over, Gray Davis will issue you a drivers license.

Spend whatever you want for as long as it takes. Wow, fiscal responsibility in the Bush RHINO style . . . Is this the Republican heritage you remember? Then reckon the color of the loyal opposition. The usual suspect and cheer leaders for the Democrats just offer a roll back of tax cuts and more social programs. Guns and butter will surely be the compromise that both parties will reluctantly settle upon - they all feel your pain . . .

Has this been great - two years after - or what? The war to save civilization is being lost on the home front. The real enemy lurks in the corridors of the puissant bureaucracy, the suites of the humane multinationals, the ingenious political consultants class from K Street, each altruistic member of the oligarchy and every pork-barrel recipient of government avail.

Urban legends don’t need a conspiracy when they are official policy. When the plug is pulled by Rush Limebaugh on a caller for bringing up the Carlyle Group, you don’t need collusion - it’s just part of the get ahead distraction act. The Washington Post found that 69 percent of all Americans believe that Hussein worked with al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden to carry out terrorist plans nearly two years ago. If they really believe that nuisance, how difficult is it to get them to salute an emperor?

Since there is no public demand for a serious inquiry into the real facts about 911, how can anyone expect a widespread outrage over a cover-up?  Ignorance is bliss and safer if you are one of those collecting a government check or sucking up for a piece of that Homeland Security pie. How necessary it has become to have a villain that you can hate, and a fearless leader you can love. Real scoundrels  are with us all the time. Fabricated ones invented when needed. And when a live one commits an actual act of terror, only the insiders know if he was following orders.

The advance of the despotic realm is the only progress that has merit for the command and control crowd. The memorial for the deceased is a strain on their memory, not because they don’t deserve one, but because their deaths are used as justification for mass insanity. The country has been held hostage to the fraud of a contrived crisis. We are being held prisoner by a warden that wants to extend his gulag domestically to match the one he has built in all the occupied territories. The road to perdition is paved with slabs of beguiling adamantine stone, installed by hoodwinked blockheads, set in broken mortar - under the direction of master masons. Does it require an Impressionist to view the image of doom or can any gallery patron see what has happened in the last two years? What is lacking is not the light to spotlight the landscape, but the will to see the illuminati . . .

SARTRE - September 10, 2003

"The cult is intent upon conducting the foreign affairs of the U.S. government without the awareness or participation of the people. It recognizes no role for a questioning legislature or an investigative press. Its adherents believe that only they have the right and the obligation to decide what is necessary to satisfy the national needs. Although it pursues outmoded international policies and unattainable ends, the cult of intelligence demands that it not be held accountable for its actions by the people it professes to serve."
Victor Marchetti, The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, 1974

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