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It's amazing how much panic one honest man can spread among a multitude of hypocrites.
Thomas Sowell


Pharisee Christians

Statists are hypocrites hiding behind their law
If you bow to them you disobey God

Artificial Christians are AWOL: apostate whores - orthodoxy lost. What does it means to be a believer?  The most fundamental canon is to accept the Creator as Lord. Since this concept seems to evade the store bought social climbers who pretend to be religious, why not just settle this issue once and for all time.

The total disconnect, from simple logic, would have you accept that a Nation assembled upon the “free exercise thereof” of religion must ban the expression of belief in the Deity of creation, as a condition of a free society. By default this sophistry demands that the standard for the public government MUST be that of the non-believer. Pray tell - the atheist has become the converted idol - for the proclaimed secular humanism deus society. Common sense affirms that prohibition produces replacement. If God is taboo, the State commits the supreme sin of absolute pride.

If the highest law is denied, how can it be possible to have a valid rule of law passed by men! Which is to be obeyed?  Lacking communal acknowledgment on the reality of God and that His laws for human conduct were revealed within the Ten Commandments, obligates honest rational citizens to concede that the basic schism is between those who believe and those who deny.

It would be one thing to base a government upon the principle that one cannot know for sure, and therefore requires a standard of agnosticism. But this is not the case. America has their share of skeptics and empiricists; however, it would be deceitful to claim that our heritage is one of cynicism. Abandoning worship of the almighty for a secular culture guarantees the reign of the Prince of Darkness.

Confusing the issue with institutions of clergy, church sects or religious denominations totally avoids the central tenet. Is the source of moral and ethical law a function of court decree, arbitrary public sentiment or relative circumstance OR has all mankind been touched by the hand of the divine creator with the tablets that prescribe authentic behavior? It doesn’t get any more basic then the choice you will make. Your answer determines if our country has any common ground to continue as one nation.

It’s an either - or - acceptance. No society can sustain a civic nihilism and preserve a private faith. The civil war that is being waged is a spiritual conflict. The cultural fallout is a symptom of the godless secularists intent to outlaw our founding beliefs.

Those Christians who place tolerance above the canons that are the only law that retains a valid legitimacy, are Pharisees of the first order. How many of these tartuffes worship the Moloch Supreme Court as their master? How may arguments have you heard the assertion that no one man or magistrate can defy the order of a Federal Judge? How often have you been told America is a country of laws and not of men?

Are you seeing the inconsistency that a nation founded upon the principle: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”  with the practice that jurists decree that THEY have the lawful faculties to shape the law into a reflection of their hatred of God as THEIR superior?

John Marshall played godlike when he decided Marbury v. Madison. Federal Supreme Court judicial review crucified the Republic on a man made cross of judges. Sunday Christians are celebrating a pagan holiday. If Constantine could move the Sabbath to a different day of the week, what hampers US District Judge Myron Thompson from banishing the granite tablets of a believer like Roy Moore?

When did Caesar usurp Jehovah? At that moment the legions of Scriptural’s stood silent . . . the Imperial Courts acclaimed Octavius as Augustus. So too we live in a society that professes to believe, while they prefer the orgies of Caligula. The faith of Christian martyrs is now confessed in the form of victim hood. Absolution is now found in obedience to government rule. As the inceptive tribe of Pharisees brings another ACLU suit to slay any remnants of the covenant between God and man.

So where are the indisputable Christians that founded a nation based upon belief, hope and liberty? Surely, you won’t find any in the robes of Federal adjudication. Life terms assures salvation from justice. They act as exempt from eternal judgment, since they have ruled, and done away with the final judge. Is this the world in which you willingly accept and place your fidelity? If so, you deserve the tyranny of the judiciary, which is the end result of laws fashioned by men.

The silence of the phony dispensational church goers speaks loudly. They refuse to defend their own heritage and fundamental beliefs, while they rush to aid a clan of cultural secularists who claim special status and preferred destiny. The evangelists adopt the Pharisee hypocrisy when they turn their back on the only law that matters. When a priestly class embellishes the essentials, the precepts are dishonored. They are called commandments for a reason, they are not optional selections to be modified or ignored. When any government avows and proclaims their preeminence over the absolute law, citizens must choose.

There is no room for compromise or equivocation. Either the State accepts that it derives limited authority from the consent of citizens, who are endowed with that authority by God or the government becomes the apotheosis for a secular humanist inferno. The question is evident: Is the government under God or has God been rejected by temporal apostates? The free exercise thereof, means that the condition, on which the government was formed is based upon a compact that NO Prohibition would be imposed. No group or earnest advocate seeks one official religious church. Any serious historian knows clearly that the Anglican Church of England was the impetus for the wording, an establishment of religion. Only the deceiver would contend that America was not founded upon a solemn belief in God.

The Pharisees that wear a cross around their necks are Christian impostors. Pharisees of Judaism disobeyed Yahweh. Now descendants of both are betraying God once again. Those who sincerely believe will not accept our methodical demise without a final conflict. The lines are drawn and anyone with eyes to see knows that President Bush has been AWOL over the Ten Commandments, States Rights issue. He’s just another Pharisee in service of the STATE, as his primary worship. Is the Federal government more important then the Law given to man?  There is no middle ground. The Federal judges have ruled, the Supreme Court refuses the case and the go along to get ahead Christians nod their heads and bow to Baal. America’s last chance for restoration and repentance. What will you do?

SARTRE - August 29, 2003

"And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder. And when the chief priests and Pharisees had heard his parables, they perceived that he spake of them"
 (Mt. 21:44-45)

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