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The plan is moving along as always
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It takes time to ruin a world, but time is all it takes. 
Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle


The plan is moving along as always

A future hell planned for your children
FTAA is the next sell out after CAFTA and NAFTA

The hallmark of the last century is one of conflict and upheaval.  At least that is the popular view of history.  Yet, when you examine the end results of all that turmoil, the discord all points to a concerted strategy with similar objectives. 


Marxist solutions have failed miserably.  Socialist societies have proved to be a fraud.  And Communist regimes have demonstrated the reality of the “Big Lie”.  As for Capitalism, the boasted alternative to tyranny, the fib of purity has been the most successful sale since the natives were swindled out of Manhattan.  Equating free enterprise with state/capitalism that is practiced beneath the laws and regulations we live under is like saying that the trade for New Amsterdam was the federal reserve wampum version of creative finance.


Entrepreneurs are no longer free to do business unless they are approved by their government trading partner.  The joint venture among transnational corporations, administrative regulators and the masters of the economic universe has a central objective that has not wavered.  They share the same perverse goal as do the totalitarian regimes.  The New World Order is not any different from the despots that were defeated in all those wars that were supposed to make the world safe.  If democracy was the proclaimed objective, the final end outcome is a planet controlled and directed by an oligarchy of the autocrats.  Their puppets and stooges are elected with the blessing of illicit selection, validation of their policies are defined under a contrived media scrutiny and the gullible public accepts the distorted adaptation of current events as reality.    


The latest example of a world gone mad and a populace ignorant and indifferent to their personal self-interest illustrates the success of the ruling model of economic subversion.  CAFTA has little to do about trade.  Like its NAFTA predecessor, Liza Grandia makes the following assessment: “Upon close examination, one realizes that CAFTA is not a "free trade" agreement, but a corporate trade agreement that transforms foreign investment from a privilege to an inalienable right”.


Only an ostrich society would allow the systematic and methodical economic dismantling of the middle class.  Maybe it takes an observer from a foreign heritage, now living in our culture to express the obvious. Niranjan Ramakrishnan states:

Disassembling covers everything that's happening around us. The government's sole purpose seems to be to dismantle every protection the country has, leaving the borders unguarded, splurging on an empire project that sputters even before getting under way, and financing foreign reveries and domestic revelries with borrowed money hiding the bottom of a Hubbardian treasure chest. The loyal opposition -- loyal not to the nation's interests but to focus groups -- silent or spouting cant while freedoms are freely curtailed, jobs vanish abroad, and economic security disappears. The press is rotted (I have reported only the facts in the opening paragraph), and a once proud people, now riven by anxiety at one level and addled by a half-century of don't-worry-be-happy television at another, have no idea what to do after two generations of systematic alienation from politics. The notion of a nationalist bourgeoisie seems to have vanished too, and big industry is no longer American in any meaningful sense, being indifferent to American plight in more ways than a Bermudan or Caymanian registered address alone might suggest”.

 As usual, Pat Buchanan reveals the hidden purpose: “Today, "free trade" is about something other than the simple exchange of goods. Henry Kissinger tipped the Trilateralists' hand in 1993 when he wrote that NAFTA was the "architecture of a new international system," a great "step forward toward the new world order . . . NAFTA and CAFTA are the shield laws of corporate absconders”.


Think about the last time there was agreement across the political spectrum, even if for varied reasons?  The next and even more comprehensive destruction trade agreement on the horizon is called FTAA.  Stop the FTAA list their top ten reasons to oppose the FTAA:


 1.  The FTAA Expands a Proven Disaster

 2.  The Agreement Is Being Written in Secret

 3.  The Agreement Will Undermine Labor Rights and Cause Further Job Loss

 4.  The Agreement Will Exacerbate Environmental Destruction

 5.  The Agreement Will Put Lives at Risk

 6.  The Agreement Will Lead to Privatization of Essential Services

 7.  The Agreement Will Provide a Backdoor for the MAI

 8.  The Agreement Will Spread the Use of GMOs

 9.  The Agreement Will Increase Poverty and Inequality

10. There Are Proven Alternatives


Sounds like a progressive viewpoint?  Nope, the Stop the FTAA campaign comes from the John Birch Society.   Counterpunch shaking hands with the Birchers need not be that much of a surprise.  The real war is being waged between the “Establishment” – Free Traders corporate apologists and those who resist the master plan of the globalists. 


At the end of the day the choice is actually simple and definitive.  Supporting the treasonous trade policies of any administration that promotes Free Trade as good for America is akin to selling out your children’s birthrights.  The slogan -  ‘What’s good for General Motors is good for America’ never really rang true.  Today only an illiterate buffoon denies the stark facts of the destructive nature from global state/capitalist consolidation.  Nevertheless, our society of ignorant indentured servants has signed up for perpetual servitude under the boot of their ruling masters.  No wonder there is no national outrage over the passage of CAFTA, the dumb are too stupid to face the truth. 


The historic transfer of wealth from a creditor nation into the largest debtor in history is a direct result from the ultimate master plan.  Yes, the architects of America’s demise constructed a superstructure that destroys the very foundation of the free enterprise economy.  Their slick marketing became the palatable means to achieve the same end ambition of the totalitarians.  What the fascist and communists failed to accomplish through warfare, the transnational capitalists attained through financial manipulation.  Global dominance under the deception of democratic consent has been the objective throughout all the chaos of the last century.


Top down = controlled populations.  That’s the lesson of the actual history that you are supposed to close your eyes to and continue on your merry journey into further debt, imminent poverty and absolute slavery.  Politics that focus on playing by fabricated arbitrary legal rules, electing reliable government advocate office holders and wasting time on disinformation issues are all part of the design to steal your ability to earn a decent and honest living.       


Until a true nationwide and independent economy becomes the primary objective of the industrious masses, only further fiscal indignations will erode national sovereignty.  Trade is good business when our fellow neighbor benefits from the transactions.  Our fellow citizens are Americans; not foreign or shadowy enigmatic corporate financiers.       


SARTRE – July 31, 2005


Political scientists almost everywhere have promoted the expansion of government power. They have functioned as the clergy of oppression. 
Rudolph Rummel

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