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The radical Zionist right to which Perle and Feith belong is small in number but it has become a significant force in Republican policy-making circles.
Michael Lind


Globalism Dissension

More deception from the duo of WMD
Their war puts America in permanent peril

Did you hear that Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Perle attended the last Bilderberg meeting near Versailles? Even if you are a skeptic of the dominance of these elites, one can hardly dismiss their influence. So when there is a rare dispute among their ranks, it would be news. However, reports in the mainstream press about the latest plans of this shrouded collaboration is the only secret that is kept in the rush to scoop the continuous news cycle.

So what is all the fuss about? “Europe's elite were opposed to an American invasion of Iraq since the 2002 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia. Rumsfeld himself had promised them it wouldn't happen. Last week, everybody struck back at Rumsfeld, asking about the infamous "weapons of mass destruction". Most of Europe's elite do not believe American promises that Iraq's oil will "benefit the Iraqi people". They know that revenues from Iraqi oil will be used to rebuild what America has bombed. And the debate is still raging on what kind of contracts which rewarded Bechtel and Halliburton will "benefit" Western Europe.”

As illustrated in the The Petro-Dollar and the EURO essay, the precarious stability of the U.S. Dollar as the currency for oil settlement, has most profound effects. Stan Goff in a perceptive analysis - THE INFINITE WAR AND ITS ROOTS - makes the following point: “Should forces hostile to U.S. imperialism (for whatever reason) gain control over the Gulf States and its oil, they would effectively control the lifeblood of the entire global economic system. U.S. hegemony would collapse in an historical instant. Compared to this scenario, Sept. 11 was a walk in the park. And the U.S. ruling class, especially the current petroligarchy administration, knows this.”

The distinct deduction from a plunging dollar denominated world dominant economy is a state of continuous war. While the Iraqi colonization is the first stage of a Rumsfeld/Perle strategy, the European elements of the Bilderberg brotherhood see their interests in very different terms. So much so, that some support proposals for an independent European Union military force.

“It was also extremely hard at the Versailles meeting to forge a consensus on the necessity of a European Union army totally independent of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The US establishment, of course, is against the EU army. But so are some Europeans, starting with anti-army cheerleader Lord Robertson, NATO's secretary general. Europe's elite can't stand US domination of NATO any more. Some Europeans suggest a separate force, but controlled by NATO. Americans argue that a separate EU force would dissolve NATO's role as the UN's world army. And Americans insist that NATO is no longer confined to the defense of Europe: its troops now could go anywhere in the world, directed or not by the UN Security Council. The impasse remains.”

This internal conflict is one of the few examples of friction among the clandestine masters of the universe. The source of this strife, largely stems from those elements who maintain an allegiance to a kosher tribal cause and seek to advance their parochial interest, whenever possibile.

Again, Mr Goff nails it: “It is no wonder the capitalists of other regions are raising their eyebrows at the Bush Administration. They surely sense the potential consequences of this administration's wild hubris, its military adventurism, its arrogant abrogation of international treaties, its refusal to submit to international law, and its continued support for the Israeli occupation. Some of these capitalists understand that what is taking shape is the military occupation of the world's major oil fields, in the face of fierce resistance from the masses in those states, and they further understand that this is the best way to ensure permanent loss of access to this critical commodity for good.”

When opposing agendas threaten the entire ruling order, even a rogue - dominated by NeoCon subversives - American administration, will be made to pay a price. Make no mistake about it, the Bush junta is an integral part of the shadow global cabal. The apparant discord may be a temporary blip for a “Temporary” skull and bones flunky. Any inference that George W might be an American hero for bucking the New World Order would be ludicrous. Internal squabbles have a tendency to be short. However, when a beleaguered emperor has a ring in his nose, and is guided by sinister renegades, the king may fall. Bush, the cowboy Texan, would do well to heed the lesson of Dallas! Judas clones sit at your table . . . allowing them to made policy is MAD, and will assure our mutal destruction. Bilderberg’s are watching, you have been warned.

SARTRE - July 27, 2003

Blair and Straw have become far too close to these people and Lord Levy, who is an unaccountable ambassador in the Middle East, is part of this group. They are acting on an extremely Zionist, Likud-nik agenda. In particular I am concerned that some of them are pushing for an attack on Syria, for reasons of Israeli security.
UK MP - Tam Dalyell

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