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As the science of economics . . . exploded the fallacies of every brand of utopianism, it was outlawed and stigmatized as unscientific.

 Ludwig von Mises


Pipe Dream of Economic Globalism

Replacing all Money with a Single Currency?
Guarantees financial slavery for the world

One of the most perceptive financial thinkers and real world practitioners of economic policy is Paul Craig Roberts.  In one of his most observant essays he stated: “For globalism to work, there needs to a single currency and a single tax system -- a one world political system. Trade between countries is not like trade within a country. Trade between countries involves different currencies whose values change if there are persistent trade deficits or surpluses. A country that runs up a large trade imbalance due to its importation of cheap manufactured goods suddenly finds the goods are no longer cheap when the value of its currency declines. The companies that outsourced to benefit from cheap labor suddenly find their profits impacted when the currency in their home market devalues.”
The menace of globalism has hung over our heads for decades. Its objective has been well known for even longer. But its been a relative recent reality that the prospects for coordination among the world’s pecuniary elites has achieved the potential of total domination. The drive for world government has long attacked the national sovereignty of countries. Trade agreements are designed to integrate international trade, at the expense of individual nations. Interdependency became the Trilateral mantra, for a collective globe. Think that it’s just bankers, economists, politicians and media behind this effort? Think again, they are not alone!

Who offered this view back in 1936?

"In an age when international interdependence and integration are increasing on all fronts, a "uniform and universal system of currency" is one of a number of complementary measures that will help to "simplify and facilitate intercourse and understanding among the nations and races of mankind."

From an online publication that carries on the same work, we get this directive of their reasoning:

"A single currency would in some respects be like a world language, improving communications around the globe. It would eliminate the present problems of speculation, instability and uncertainty and would provide a strong foundation for the growing world economy. It would reduce a significant cost and risk of doing business internationally."

"A global currency would also be an important step in promoting economic justice in the world, removing the advantage of a few favored countries whose currency is seen as stronger or more secure and preventing the poor from being hurt by the impacts of currency fluctuations. In the long run, such a step would do much to counteract the local harm that is sometimes induced by economic globalization by putting everyone, everywhere, on a more "level" economic playing field."

Need a hint - just who are these people? Does Shoghi Effendi sound familiar? OK, that’s not much help . . .

So look at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank from the standpoint that economics is not their primary purpose. Imagine guru John Maynard Keynes, not as an economist but as a covert mystic. Ponder upon the character of globalism in light of wholesale social integration. The objective is uniformity for the sake of efficacy. Isn’t that what productivity is all about?

Is universal equality a healthy goal or is it nothing more than a treacherous nightmare? If peoples, cultures and commercial methods were inherently equivalent, then maybe there would be some substance to the argument. However, all of human history offers overwhelming empirical evidence that societies have never been uniform in motives, dreams, abilities and techniques. So why should any sensible person expect that platitudes can become practical substitutes for real solutions?

Back in the real world of economic materiality, Roberts’ insight hit a grand slam.

"There are no corporate protectionists. Corporations oppose protection, because tariffs and quotas would reduce or eliminate the gains to their bottom lines from their use of inexpensive foreign labor to manufacture goods for the American market. High- and low-tech U.S. firms are not moving to Asia because the U.S. government refuses to protect their American markets. They are moving their plants to Asia because they can drive up their earnings by hiring efficient Asian labor at a lower price per week than Americans demand per hour."

That "so called" economic justice and level economic playing field, is more akin to feeding the bloated beasts that control access to capital, than to distribute the seeds to grow one’s own sustenance of economic independence. At that is the kernel of the worldwide economic famine. It’s not about the money, but how and what it takes to acquire it.

Establishing a single world currency doesn’t protect anyone; except, those who control the process of selective distribution. Equality in economic opportunity can never be achieved through the favoritism of Free Trade. The only thing FREE in the consolidating global economic system is the ride that the barons of manipulation enjoy. While they preach the virtues of wealth creation, they advance their own dominance over any remaining or persistent competitors.

The utopian goal of a single currency would talk in a language of complete submission. That group that advocates this profane union is the Bahá'í International, a cult that disguises itself as a religion. They share their paradise with the autocrats of the global penal colony. When author Tom Wolfe states that "a cult is a religion with no political power", he fails to recognize the nature of the globalists. They conjure up an occult sacrifice each time they impose their conception for social order. A world currency plays directly into the hands of the Free Traders and certainly would not lift wealth creation or expand its benefits. All it would do is to curtail our output, as it squeezes our treasure and disperses it among the forces that redistribute.

The move to completely centralize the global economy will fail and implode because it requires, as Dr Roberts correctly points out: "a one world political system". All the advanced technology imaginable will not supplant the will to be and remain free. That’s why religious cults are used to spread the gospel of a deadly compassionate globalism. The beliefs of heretics are invaluable in proclaiming the goals of global political extremists. In the end, the days shorten as the conflict quickens. The Hell is in the attempt . . .

SARTRE - July 9, 2003

The avowed aim of all utopian movements is to put an end to history and to establish a final and permanent calm. 
Ludwig von Mises

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