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Consider that a divorce! Douglas Quaid - Total Recall


Total Recall

Holding you up - raised all that debt
I got the gun, so vote to keep me or I'll shoot!

Is it possible that Gray Davis will be ‘Terminated’ - not deceased, in the normal manner, but expired from political mortality? All the hullabaloo isn’t just Hollywood hype, it’s fanciful expectation for the disgruntled, from a state which popularizes fantasy fiction screen plays. Acumen about real world politics, is left to celebrity insiders, as the general audience experiences their feelings. The political pros, just nod and give lip service to this psyche, as they go on their merry way pillaging and plundering the State. No wonder the excitement that Governor Davis might get 'Schwarzenegged' by the rage from a machine.

Recall of a sitting political official is rare. Most attempts resemble climbing a vertical wall of ice. But this situation, might just prove the exception. Getting the necessary signatures for a recall is looking quite probable. "Allow me to break the ice."--Mr. Freeze

If Arnold drops his hat into the fray, media attention will rival reality TV. It’s not like “Big Brother” would be coming to town, for he is already residing in the governors mansion. The raw deal from this junior master of true lies has inflicted collateral damage on all the twins who attend kindergarten. The long goodbye for this conman destroyer, needs to be erased so the Dave’s of the state can feed. For a running man to put an end of days to the current predator, takes a last action hero. Putting a red heat on this villain needs a commando. On the 6th day, the Dr will jingle all the way and battle across time for this last party. The barbarian will be terminated by a Hercules, not from New York but from Beretta’s Island.

One needs not reside in a cinema to get the message from Schwarzenegger. The citizens of California are mad and want blood. They are looking for someone to rescue a polity betrayed by one more professional politician. Yet, politics seldom produce real heroes, who can save a society. Politicos excel at creating the problems. Looking to another hack for relief is like asking the rapist to be gentle. But this is California, and molestation is the community culture.

Almost would make a person long to have Mickey Mouse on the recall ballot! How could a fictitious rodent do worse than the real rats? For those who support Senator Diane Feinstein as an alternative to “Grayout”, she is no Minnie. All the other known names share more with Goofy than with Walt Disney. Or how about resurrecting Jerry “moonbeam” Brown, he has experience in the governor’s seat? Another ride on space mountain could 'Oaklandize' the entire state and bring the Berkeley approach of economics to government deficits. Arnold is looking better all the time . . .

Are you ready for some political substance? The enraged citizens on the left coast are sure in need of a touch of truth. Their mood is reminiscent of a quarter century ago, when Californians passed Proposition 13 and ignited a nationwide tax revolt. "The current hope is to avoid that kind of runaway spending in the future by making the recall effort a referendum not on Mr. Davis personally but on a constitutional amendment to limit taxes and spending. A new limit would be modeled after Colorado's 1994 Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which limits the growth of government to increases in population and inflation growth, rebates all extra revenue back to the taxpayers, and requires a referendum on all tax and fee hikes. As a result, Colorado is one of the few states without a severe budget crunch today."

While this effort is most welcomed and encouragement should be the order of the day, let’s not lose sight of the hard core political realities in play. If successful and Davis is removed from office and replaced, will that start a national trend? As much as it would be desirable to set a fine precedent, why stop at removing just one dishonest governor? For those who still believe in and place their trust in democratic voting, isn’t this bona fide power to the people?

The foremost problem with the two, not so partisan, political parties is that the nomination process is carved and controlled, so that only approved candidates will be put on the ballot. In order to gain a major party slot, an office seeker implicitly must sell his or her soul. Whatever, rationalizations used, the results are routinely the same. The party is placed above principle.

So if the Davis recall was triumphant, what do you think the ingrained response would be from the career politicians? Do you really presume that a breath of fresh populist air would be tolerated in the smog of interchangeable major party politics? As soon as California rids the state of the automobile, has the same prospects, that the voice of the voter would prevail. The permanent political culture has their formula for people control and allowing the removal of their cronies, doesn’t fit that plan. They would simply change the rules - that they make - for us to observe . . .

Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a clever businessman and an able protagonist. Moreover, he is a worldly man who might offer a glimmer of hope for all the lost angels and statewide residents. While not a master of the universe or a savior of mankind, he would be a huge improvement. Most “Golden State” inhabitants have been experiencing a frightful decline in the quality of their lives and their future; because of the lies, failures and frauds of Gray Davis. It may not be remotely a final solution, but a recall is a good start. Let the permanent politicians play their version of Mr. Freeze, Arnold can become a veritable Batman. Maybe optimism lives - the cabal can be defeated - with a total recall of all predator politicians. It’s not a movie, but real life!

SARTRE - June 18, 2003

Kuato: What do you want, Mr. Quaid?

Douglas Quaid: The same as you, to remember.

Kuato: But why?

Douglas Quaid: To be myself again.

Kuato: You are what you do. A man is defined by his actions, not his memory.

from - Total Recall

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