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This Prison is Built One Person at a Time
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Metropolis Melodrama
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Satan lives in George Soros
George Soros is the Issue
Supreme Court Protects the State
Globalization: Exporting America
What is Conservative Populism?
UPS - Wal-Mart and Inflation
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Treason Is Not Patriotic
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USrael and Armageddon
Hamas, Israel and the United States
Martyring Voltaire
The Real Threat to National Security

The march of science and technology
 does not imply growing intellectual complexity
 in the lives of most people. It often means the opposite.
Thomas Sowell


Metropolis Melodrama

Central planning = inhuman control
Tech + Hordes = Hell on Earth

Often civilization is viewed as the embodiment of urban architectural achievements. Buildings may be marvelous tributes to engineering and design, but glass and steel never create the soul of a society. The cosmopolitan culture that passes for urbane sophistication usually has flaws that many city inhabitants fail to recognize. While the crime, congestion and pollution are familiar ingredients, few comprehend that another form of contamination resides in their assembled utopia.

Metropolitan regions are the product of planned and controlled systems of organization. On the surface a sensible master plan for construction and use seems apparent. All cities maintain procedures for development, renewal and expansion. What is absent from the process is an introspection of the merits and wisdom for the existence of the municipality. Because of natural attributes and locations, urban centers rose out of the wilderness. Past history forged economies and greeted new arrivals. The attraction of bright city lights came well before the illumination of streets by Edison. So what is wrong or lacking with this environment?

The universal similarity that is the model for all urban societies is that administration and political organization becomes the central focus as populations rise. The degree of control is directly proportionate to the scale of size. Methods may vary among different cultures, but the trend is unbroken. Especially in the post modern technocratic era, the opportunities for regulation supersede the needs for balanced order. Most people believe that freedom of employment, advancements, activities, entertainment and life styles reside within the urban community. Surely, the reality where people live, proves the perception of their selections. But what is the true price paid for that illusory outlook?

Metropolis is the prize paragon for those obsessed with limiting and removing your real freedom of choices. Before the erection of any great city, primitive tribes were dominated by rulers who’s central concern was fixing the limits of their subjects. The mere concept that subordination is normal to the political chieftain, reveals the nature of the dilemma. However, inherent conflict does not determine or condemn ultimate fate. It does illustrate the contempt that power hungry seekers have for their neighbors. Today, this same lust and arrogance for mastery thrives within the pillars of greed and the penthouses of conceit. The New World Order is real. The elites who aspire and ascend the selection ladder, whether out of privilege or aptitude, share a common lineage with the barbarian master savage.

The concentration within urban colonies has been described as robot machines run amuck. The Luddite theme of "bad technology" that, no matter how good it looks at first, will turn around and bite the common man was brought to life in the film version of the - Metropolis. But the basic strife is not among laborers and managers. The fundamental hostility has always been between those who want absolute control and the commonalty who are willing to resign themselves as servile serfs. The technology of the neoteric society elevates the means and capacities of herding the flock into the pens of containment. The machines of compliance perfect the process, maintaining the precision of direction for their final destination.

The tangible danger is not that humans have less control over the machines, as depicted in that other movie - Blade Runner. No, the truth is that the humans have become the robot machine of the elites. Advancements in technology hasten the progress and prospects for achieving perfect power. Urban societies are the spawning pools for guppies, and the testing grounds for new weapons of mass destruction. The architecture remains as a fitting memorial to the achievement and the ingenuity for edifices of appearance, but remain as hollow shells of human realization. The vision of the ruling class has but one central goal - the integration of the world under the dictate of the nobility.

All institutional councils, agencies, boards and bureaucracies have their origin in urban mentality. Analytical metropolis logic decrees that behavior must be managed. People’s faculty for independent and pragmatic functioning is far too hazardous to be left unregulated. Out of the metropolitan mindset emerges the drive for international cohesion and extension. If a city can be designed, planned and governed - why not an entire world! The complexity of such a task, now can be accomplish because of the technology to blanket the globe with sweeping compliance and enforcement of the ultimate plan.

Extreme engineering can build to the sky, but has learned nothing of the nature of the humans who will reside within their towers of Babel. Financial exchanges amass huge gains of imaginary currencies, never explaining the absurdity in the idea of compound interest. Social machinates develop schemes of redistributing wealth that they are unable to earn. Media minstrels sing a song of gulling deception that avoids meaningful substance and disclosure. Crooked politicians pander to the civic communities, promise solutions for created problems and impose legislation that inoculates the germ of subserviency into the body politick. All are sacred cows of the urban theorist, adorers of the sorcery technology and rabid inhabitants of Metropolis.

Once the cathedral was central and the focal location of the city. Our civilization sprouted from all roads that lead from that basilica of belief. The public square was busy with discourse, absorbed with ideas and engaged with enterprise. Schools taught of tradition and heritage. People practiced patriotism towards proven principles. Charity was given deliberately and morality was the civic standard.

Today, the citadel of global worship is celebrated in the urban pagan temple. The melodrama is a horror plot that relies upon the technology of terror to produce designer victims who never know their weird social scientists builders. The robot Maria, in the Metropolis motion picture, has no emotion towards the workers. She only wants to lead them down a violent path and doesn’t care that the entire city will drown. The usual NWO suspects, that we know all too well, have the soul of a Maria. But they are not robots, but they are devils. When the urbanite tells you that evil is dead, they are fornicating with a corpse. The carcass that they violate is your heritage and future. Real civilization is based upon ideas of freedom and liberty; not structures of domination, abuse and despair. Humans are not intended to be machines. The metropolitan condition has become a city of shame and deserves the same fate as globalism - extinction.

SARTRE - May 28, 2003

In complex situations, we may rely too heavily on planning and forecasting and underestimate the importance of random factors in the environment. That reliance can also lead to delusions of control.

Hillel J. Einhorn

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