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Israel-First NeoCons = anti-American Turncoats

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Admiral Thomas Moorer:

"I've never seen a president --I don't care who he is-- stand up to them [the Israelis].  It just boggles your mind. They always get what they want.  The Israelis know what's going on all the time.  I got to the point where I wasn't writing anything down. If the American people understood what grip those people have on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens don't have any idea what goes on." [See Washington Report 12/1999, p.124 quoting from Andrew Hurley's book, "One Nation Under Israel"].


Israel-First NeoCons =
anti-American Turncoats

If you are mystified about the insane policies that drive our country to the brink of oblivion, you need not be confused any longer.  The deranged fascists over on Free Republic have a new hero.  Attorney Steven Zak and contributor to Frontpage has an essay - The Old Right/New Left/Neo-Nazi Alliance – published on  Leave it to David Horowitz, that Trotskyite denier who wants you to believe he is an American conservative to feature the literalism of Zak.  Impervious to those who might place Mr Zak with the ranks of shyster representation, this lawyer turned writer doesn’t lack any chutzpah.  From his opening statement to his closing summary he is not shy about where he stands! 


The question for the public, do you know what that stand really means for America? 


According to Zak “extreme views” are quotes that oppose his vision for our country.  He wants you to conclude that “hateful minds” are anyone who opposes the intervention in Iraq, the broader War on Terror, and the Jewish state of Israel.  To support his probative analysis he lumps the like of Llewellyn H. (“Lew”) Rockwell Jr., Michael Moore, Pat Buchanan and David Duke together in a choir of detestable “fringe adherents”.  He quotes this band of dissidents in their own words.  For Zak, only prejudice exists if you dispute the allegiance that drives his politics.  So naturally this group must be demonized as and for their “extremists’ “pacifist” anti-Americanism.”


Ah, the logic of NeoCons never fears the scrutiny of rational self-interest.  By adding in more gadflies like Juan Cole, Kathleen and Bill Christison, Alexander Cockburn, Noam Chomsky, Bradley Smith and Craig Colbert, Zak covers all the diversity of the political spectrum.  For this ‘so called” American Thinker, Zak gets to the core of his disgust.  As he likes to say, in his own words, Zak identifies HIS fundamental axiom litmus test.  This prosecutor see all these ‘Sam Hills’ as residing in hell because they share one central similarity.  “Their point is that if Jews really are the enemies of the state, one cannot be charged with anti-Semitism merely for pointing that truth out. This convenient argument expunges the record of anti-Semitism these forces have so justly earned. After all, one can’t be accused of holding to a venomous worldview that doesn't exist. This frees them to pursue their toxic, anti-Jewish agendas.”


Such pristine rational only exists in the mind of an Israel-First ‘true believer’ . . .

Let the Israel-Firster
smear this group as anti-Semitic

Zionism is a political ideology based upon the suspension of reason and common sense, rooted upon a macabre death wish that worships the state of Israel.  The political issue has no correlation with religious faith of Jews.  Not all Jews are supporters of Zionism.  True Torah – Jews Against Zionism rebuffs Zak and reveals the secret that NeoCons fear the most:  “In order to maintain a Jewish majority in the state of "Israel", its leaders promote anti-Semitism throughout the world to "encourage" Jews to leave their homelands and seek "refuge".


Israel-First loyalists do not have to be Jewish.  Christian-Zionists routinely forgo faithfulness to our country, when they place Israel above the interests of our own nation.  The notion that Israel is a trusted ally is the most absurd illusion that exists in a demented political culture.  This is the “Big Lie”, an invention of Zionist subversion, which is the cause of an insane American foreign policy.  Israel-First zealots control every aspect of political power in the United States.  An actual American holocaust that stares us directly in our faces stems from sick fraudulent propaganda and phony guilt deceit that only benefits Zionists and Israel.   


Not all Israelis practice or believe in a heartfelt religious Judaism.  Rabbi C. Soloveichik warns: (Zionists) want a state in order to make Jews into heretics.  Secular atheists who claim to be Jews are the driving force behind Zionism.   Henry Makow, PhD sums up the myth of false claims: “Jews imagine they are descendents of the Israelites, irrationally persecuted for the crucifixion, morally superior people and a beacon for humanity. In fact, I suspect they are dangerously out of touch with their own reality. Most are descendents of Khazars who assumed the difficult legacy of the ancient Israelites by converting to Judaism.”


The Zak's in this world and the sapheads who follow such a pied piper deny the grim realities of a crazed policy of fighting wars for Israel.  They swallow his conclusion as fact, and in so doing become enablers of NeoCon betrayal.  America First is the only standard that is worthy of a free people.  Supporters and proponents of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) are the true anti-Americans.  Where is the outrage from the Amen Corner over the AIPAC-Franklin spy scandal?  Counselor Zak fails to mention the treason of fifth column spies.  Justin Raimondo reports the correct fact:  "So far, the commentariat and blogosphere (both left and right sides) have been curiously quiet about the news that Pentagon official Larry Franklin was arrested for improperly passing classified information to AIPAC."  If Steven Zak was bound by the rules of evidence, he would be required to honor his oath and stipulate that opposition to the Zionist state of Israel is certainly NOT equivalent with anti-Semitism.    


If Zak wants to condemn Ernst Zundel for being a defender of his race, where is the indignation for Israeli racism towards the Palestinians that are herded in walled ghettos?  The hypocrisy of the NeoCons is only superceded by their arrogance.  There is nothing American about licking the boots of a kosher quisling.  It’s far overdue to take back this country as our own.  A total break with a nuclear rogue state that call themselves Israel is the only policy that can restore the prospects of national security for our own people.  Israel-First advocates forfeit their claim to be a fellow American.  No longer can such turncoats be called dual-loyalists because they seek the destruction of all things American.     


The hideous pretense used to foster and impose a Star of David flag over the stars and stripes is the central conflict that brought the war of terror to our shores.  The federal government is embedded with NeoCon and NeoLib agents dedicated to a Zionist empire that dominates not only the Middle East but enforces its dictates upon the rest of the globe.  Opposing such a political despotism is essentially the same struggle that ignited the American Revolution.  Let no traitor claim that Israel must come before America.  However, that is exactly the mantra of the sub-rosa infiltrators that pervert our true national interests.  


The only Nazis in this country are socialists who want to eliminate individual independent sovereignty.  Let those who share that viewpoint emigrate to the promised land.  America needs to free herself from all foreign usurpers, no matter what country or what ethnic group that bears their mark.  Armageddon is a battle that NeoCons are eager to wage.  According to official policy, there is no limit of Americans that would be offered up as a sacrifice upon the altar of Baal.  Yes, my fellow American you are at war.  It is time to discover just who is the enemy. 


SARTRE – May 16, 2005   

"For many years I have felt that the situation in the Middle East was very nearly hopeless.  The fundamental problem for us is that we have lost our freedom of action in the Middle East and are committed to policies that promote neither our own national interest nor the cause of peace.  AIPAC (the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee) and its allied organizations have effective working control of the electoral process.  They can elect or defeat nearly any congressman or senator that they wish, with their money and coordinated organization"


Senator William Fulbright

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