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Subterfuge that deceives parents

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Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed. 
 Joseph Stalin


Subterfuge that deceives parents

Pack the luggage with the kid
Sending them to school could mean a long trip

Is it just a simple response to comply with federal regulations or is it a synergetic graduation into the next phase of the police state? Government schools have long had the primary function of socialization into the post modern age of compliance, but now these seminaries of docility, have become direct agents of the gendarme entente. According to one New York State school district, parents have become mere temporary custodians for their children. Could this be the exception, or is this the mindset that will educate another generation into accepting that there is no higher calling than to blindly accept the latest pronouncement from prevailing authorities?

In order to understand the nature of bureaucratic conduct, one must recognize that written directives and procedures seldom tell the entire story. What is told to the staff, even while they pretend to be professionals, serves more like following orders than skilled teaching. Let’s make no mistake about it, public schools are government agencies, rapidly becoming federal bureaus of indoctrination. Yes, this is the intemperate FBI - the Department of Education - where the task of real enforcement takes place.

That great protector of national security, the color alert; has evermore refinements within the coding of protection. From a recent memorandum sent to teachers from one school district, the outlined procedure for safety and school protective action plan, reveals the measures that are now official policy. Concerns about red alerts clearly indicate that the district is preparing for the worse. All parents can easily comprehend that their children are subject to rules and regulations concerning conduct, while in school. But how many understand that they may not be able to leave, call home or may well be bused to undisclosed locations?

At stated in the notice to parents, under a Red Alert, categories 3 and 4, No children will be released. Under both designations, the school is locked down, and parents are not able to enter and retrieve their children. Students are refused exit from the school. That’s what is stated in the notice, but what was told to teachers, was withheld from parents. Written by hand as a supplement to the teachers’ version of the notice, specifically says: “Do not share this with parents”. The superintendent indicates that the program was reviewed with the administrative staff and they have specific procedures within each of these levels of red alert. Teachers were directed to seek clarification if desired.

As Paul Harvey asks, are you ready for the rest of the story?

After making further inquires teachers were told that with a lock down level 3 or 4 red alert, staff would not be able to leave their class, have any outside contact with anyone, could not call their families and would be required to stay with their students indefinitely. If told that evacuation was ordered, they would be transported with their students to a government facility and kept there until further notice.

Step back and think about the significance of this policy. What you have is a public admission that martial law is now the stated procedure for a major school district. We are not talking about an emergency plan based upon threatening circumstances for a specific school. No, what you have is a calculated policy designed to control an entire school district population, based upon arbitrary government alerts, and without any consent from the parties affected. That’s the essence of a police state!

A society does not have to execute dissenters to effectuate the lock down of individual rights. If the abstract of globalist centralization is too ambiguous to comprehend, how about bringing the peril down to the most personal of all levels - your own family? This is the question that hits home for all of us. Are you willing to accept that your children can be kidnapped by your local school district and interned at a government facility and separated from you under ANY circumstance? Forget about assertions of legality, can this pass the standard of common sense?

If your public schools were really accountable to the local community, how in the world could such plans be created? Back from the school district’s mailing to parents: “Trust the schools. If the media advises schools are in lock down, you will not be permitted access to the building. Law enforcement may be on site to block access.”

Now analyze for yourself the underlying mindset that could write such a notice. You are supposed to rely on a bureaucracy that follows orders based upon media announcements as police impose force to separate you from your children. Now we know what is actually meant by all those political ploys - “its for the children” . . .

This example may seem innocuous and innocent to the easygoing folks who still trust that schools have a beneficial mission. But is this a valid assumption when the evidence is clear that their charge has little to do with the safety and education of students? A general coercive policy that denies the right of parents to rescue their own children is so hideous and repulsive that one should question the love of any parent, that is willing to accept such a fiat pronouncement.

And what about all those teachers that grant compliance to such dictatorial policies? Is their job and pension so dear that they are amenable to become prison guards for their students, while they abandon their own families? Be honest and get real!

What is the point of public education if is has become reducible to facilitating detention camps, under the guise of protection and safety. Can you reasonably place your trust in any institution which deems and commands that color alerts can render security?

Where are the genuine educators, and why are they not rebelling? Why aren’t parents taking their children out of government schools. When will administrators and superintendents be replaced for betraying their public trust? Evidently, the correct answers are absent from this particular school district and the community, which they are reputed to serve.

We all know that public education has failed the student miserably, while excelling in their role of socialization. But now it should be apparent that educators are willing to become a sensitive Sergeant Schultz in a 21st century Hogan's Heroes compound. Will fences guard against an escape and will dogs patrol the perimeters or will parents be able to make a red cross inspection? If you don’t believe this account, check out for yourselves what your local school districts have in store for your family and your kids. Maybe we now know the real meaning of:  "a mind is a terrible thing to waste"? Especially, when it is taught at governmental agencies, under bureaucratic superintendents, by house of detention guardians . . .

SARTRE - April 23, 2003

Anyone who has passed through the regular gradations of classical education, and is not made a fool by it, may consider himself as having had a very narrow escape. 
William Hazlitt

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