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UN transparency and accountability

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Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order;

tomorrow they will be grateful.

Henry Kissinger


UN transparency and accountability

As the Iraq quagmire deepens and the ensuing civil war broadens, what is the role of the United Nations? Specific steps that need to be taken are less important than the underpinnings that make up the formula for “peace keeping” by the global community. The charter for the UN rests not in a document of international agreement, but resides within the quackery that gave substance to the creation of this world body.
The movement to construct a global union, not only as a forum for debate and dialogue, but as a super structure to administer and compel sovereign nation states, is the crux of the fraud.  Do you know your history? Woodrow Wilson is given the accolades as patron for the League of Nations, but it was Edward Mandell House who was the power that assembled the Philip Dru: Administrator concept that drove the ship of state. Bearing the honorary title of "colonel," which was conferred upon him in appreciation of his skill in managing gubernatorial campaigns in Texas, House played the game of politics cannily, and he played to win. Sound familiar?

Hiss in a long line of traitors
UN Chapter - transport into tyranny

Without Wilson, internationalism would have a very different face. Despised for its disguise as benevolence, the world has suffered under the despotism of global governance as a direct result of this hoax. Only the good sense of the U.S. Senate rejected the first attempt, but succumbed to the Alger Hiss insurgent influence at the San Francisco Conference that adopted the U.N. Charter. Just look at the record, since the scheme was financed by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. with the largess to the United Nations of $8.5 million in 1946 to purchase the land on which the UN headquarters now sits.

You should know the drill by now, but that doesn’t prevent self effacing politicians from invoking their support for the U.N. when they have no other answers. The latest obscenity from this band of globocrat thieves is the oil for food scam. Long chastised for their opposition to this world parasite of elitist diplomats, in service to their global masters, has been the John Birch Society. Polite "PC’ company demands labeling a Bircher a political leper. Why do the media magnates of the popular culture fear the writings of a William F. Jasper? The full details about the UN Oil-for-Food Program: Scams R Us are presented for your review. Are the facts so difficult to internalize that they must be denied in order to maintain your own personal comfort zone?

Jasper writes: "It is bad enough that the gigantic fraud involved in the UN-administered oil-for-food program robbed Iraqi and Kurdish children of life-saving food and medicine and lined the pockets of UN kleptocrats. But there may be much more to concern us as well. According to some of the documents that have surfaced, large sums of money from the program went to the Baathist Party militants and the terrorists who have been murdering and wounding U.S. soldiers in Iraq".

The systemic corruption within the U.N. organization is an observable fact. Since the uproar over Kofi Annan’s stewardship has been virtually mute, what are the prospects that enough courageous citizens would demand that the United States abandon the entire notion that a global union is desirable? Intrepid action is the only answer to fake transparency and absent accountability. The U.N. can’t be reformed, it needs to be dissolved, it’s the worst beast yet devised.

A Karl Rove residence is a modern day co-op of a "White Washed House". The same title of Colonel is not necessary, when the interventionist religion is practiced. Proclaiming that Middle East policy is a beneficial unilateral national security strategy of necessity is insulting. The trickery used is that the U.N. will be ignored, even at the risk of a coalition of one . . . Nation building will be accomplished using the deplorable delusions of the NeoCons employing the muscle of the bipartisan War Party. How well is this tactic doing, but more important, how does this course enhance your liberty and ensure a better life for your children?

The U.N. is a horrible relic of sick minds. Wilson’s visions are Bush’s excuses. The real war criminals are the Kofi Annan’s. Now we are told to endure further indignity. President George W. Bush announced his intention to loan the United Nations $1.2 billion to refurbish the UN headquarters in New York City. The loan is contained in the President’s 2005 Foreign Operations budget which totals $31.5 billion. Although UN officials lobbied for an interest-free loan, the U.S. proposes to charge 5.5 percent interest on the 30-year loan which would have to be approved by the U.S. Congress and the UN General Assembly. Are Americans so stupid to think that assessments like the Tobin Tax aren’t part of the globalist plan to impoverish the productive and finance further intrusion? Internationalism is the basis for the intellectual foundation of benign totalitarianism.

Who could forget Condoleezza Rice: "Had this president been aware that terrorists would have used airplanes as missiles and attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, he would have acted on it". The question that should be asked: What if one of those "airplane missiles" had its guidance trajectory set for the U.N. tower? Would there be less jingoism and would American troops be targeted occupiers now in Iraq? Just maybe there would be a more sober motivation for displaying all those flags!

A New American is needed to convince his confused citizen neighbors, that only traditional solutions will work, that being the rejection of Wilson’s legacy. Cleaning house - of all the little colonels - is an obligation of every real American. Annan could be the last Secretary-General, only if the U.S. terminates a terminable relationship. A valid foreign policy must advance a republic not a global gulag. Transparency and accountability originates within our own waters edge. That’s the true battleground for the "War of Terror" being waged upon our own people. Send the U.N to hell . . .

SARTRE - April 11, 2004

I solemnly affirm to exercise in all loyalty, discretion and conscience ... in the interest of the United Nations ... and not to seek or accept instructions ... from any government or other authority external to the organization... 
United Nations' Loyalty Oath

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