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The Real Threat to National Security

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The Real Threat to National Security

"Why of course the people don't want war ... But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ...Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."

--Hermann Goering, Nazi leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II


The Real Threat to National Security


Is the threat from foreign terrorists the undertaking of homeland insecurity?  The preoccupation since 911 with a self-serving “War of Terror” has been masked under the appearance of national security.  Tracking down targeted Jihad terrorists and waging regional search and destroy missions has become the growth industry of the new millennium.  The rationale and justification for such a protracted conflict rests upon a cowardly attack on American soil.  If you listen to the official version of events anyone who questions the validity of blaming Islamic Fascists must be unpatriotic.     


Poor Charlie Sheen – how dare he shown his recklessness for going public with silly skepticism!  Fact checking has never been the strong suit of myth building.  The hubbub surely shows that fictitious Navy Seals can undertake a false operation.  Obeying orders is more important then rescuing national honor for it has become a crime to challenge the script for history that actors are supposed to read.  The fact is that performers now hold public office or direct the bureaucracy of national delusion.


Such epic spectacles coming from the dream machine for global distribution do not seek the people’s choice award, they only want the rewards of controlling the vision of their science fiction reality.  The boardrooms of moguls pan conspiracy theories while the discriminating seek the facts of the conspiracy.  Paul Joseph Watson has a smash hit in his critique of the Betsy Hart’s fan club. 


"The threat of Islamic terrorism is so frightening, so unpredictable, so unknowable that in some ways it's easier and more manageable for some folks to think that our government is behind it all", writes Hart in a piece for Scripps Howard News Service.  “Well, that explains it all for me! How convenient, now I can restore my unbridled trust in the all-loving government, watch American Idol and go back to sleep!”


No Wag the Dog for the bleeding hearts in her audience.  No wonder that Sheen will need to live on residuals if the producers of the back lot have their way.  Investigative documentaries have no place in the entertainment illusion from government films. 


Think about Zacarias Moussaoui and Richard Reed as masterminds behind interminable terror.  Such nut cases make al-Qaida a flop.  But we all are told that the holy war against terrorism is a noble cause and that the enemy is formable.  So what explains the lack of any serious attacks on U.S. soil since 911?  Could it really be that fighting them over there, keeps them from bombing us over here?  If all the military might of the U.S. foreign legion can’t protect themselves from being blown up in Iraq, by what miracle of security has there been no sequel to the smash hit of the WTC fable? 


Why hasn’t a franchise developed that plays in all your local theaters?  Well, it must be the competence of an effective homeland security agency.  Managers like Brian J. Doyle must be responsible for such deeds!  Preventing al-Qaida from soliciting domestic recruits must be serious business.  Color coded alerts and the expertise gained from Katrina must explain the skills needed to root out the enemy and banish them from our shores.  FEMA rescue coordination with state and local municipalities must share in the achievement.  NSA snooping has to provide the intelligence to weed out the plotters.  Dedicated FBI enforcers must stake their claim to arrest coconspirators - Waco was good experience.    


But don’t forget or leave out the NeoCons who developed and enacted the strategy to fight the perpetual and permanent war abroad to make our country safe from democracy.  OIL – oil, Israel and lies fuels this fairy tale that 911 has placed America in a state of war.  Pre-emption is now accepted military doctrine because forged evidence requires compulsory acceptance.  In order to be successful, proof is not necessary, only vigorous compliance is expected.  Making an example out of Sheen makes good party line policy.

It has come to this !!!

Missed in all this misdirection is the real war that is being lost.  Imaginary offshore enemies provide the deceptive cover to ignore the current flood of Aztlan revolutionaries invading across our borders.  It defies good judgment to base national security on al-Qaida fantasies while the demographic of extinction is in full play.  The maps tell the tale:  Los Angeles County in Southern California has undergone startling demographic changes especially as it concerns the Latino population which is mostly of Mexican descent. The following seven maps show graphically how the racial/ethnic populations have changed from 1940 to 2000 according to the decennial censuses. The maps were prepared at the University of California at Los Angeles.”  


What started decades ago as a trickle has become a tsunami.  Seminal shifts in national preoccupations like 911 are seldom beneficial.  But cataleptic apathy toward endemic invasion is suicidal.  Irrational fear about al-Qaida disregards the massive risk from fanatic Reconquista hordes.  Only in America can the public be sold a bill of goods - Hollywood style - that defending the country means sending troops overseas when divisions of culturally hostile conquistadors walk across a pretend border.


At the crux of this disconnect from lucidness is the insane weight given to the absurd linkage that inflamed retribution is more important than national identity.  In order to confront the true threat from acculturation, that will undoubtedly destroy the fundamental tenets of authentic American heritage, the stuck on stupid war on terror must reject the 911 dishonest mythology.  In order to focus on the immediate war the imaginary one needs to end. 


Dennis Joyce of the SIP of Texas states the legal underpinning correctly:  “A Sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in the County and is elected by the people and is therefore responsive to the people.  Sheriffs do not need Federal laws or edicts to act nor do they even need orders from their respective States to act.  They are empowered to act for the people of their County and may even arrest Federal Agents who might try to interfere.   If a Sheriff won’t act to protect his own people of his county, that Sheriff should be recalled and a new Sheriff should be put in their place.”


As long as the central federal government ignores the will of the overwhelming indigenous citizenry, the task to fight the battle to save America needs to be fought at the local level.


Go back to the words of Betsy Hart with some key (in bold text) substitutions - The threat of Reconquista invasion is so frightening, so unpredictable, so unknowable that in some ways it's easier and more manageable for some folks to think that our government is behind it all."  Well, the inevitability of unchecked incursion is clearly known – the systemic destruction of America.  And no serious person would deny that the government is a prime protector of open borders.  So why is it so hard to accept that there are no limits to the extent that the ruling regime will use to sell out our country? 


If convincing is still necessary that honest patriotism requires concerted opposition to disastrous political policies, then you must be a Betsy Hart groupie.  If you refuse to demand that the banditos from the south be deported you probably like the ring in the name Carlos Irwin Estevez and would vote for President Bartlett under his real name Ramon Estevez (a.k.a. Martin Sheen).


At what point will legitimate outrage be directed at the scoundrels that sold out our nation in the name of a suspect national security?  The winds of war, a rightful civil war, blow from a southerly direction.  When they hit the capital, and shatter the illusive tranquility of the protected political class the populace will rejoice.  Don’t be surprised at that point.  Osama bin Laden will be pranced out in chains as vindication of triumph so that the country’s new flag can be raised in placed of old glory.  Answer the question: Has the War of Terror been worth it?


SARTRE – April 10, 2006  

The American Southwest “...seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot." July 20, 1982, Carlos Loret de Mola

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