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Outsourcing - worst of Crony Capitalism

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Outsourcing - worst of Crony Capitalism
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Economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward, an incentive, a payment, a value; political power is exercised by means of a negative, by the threat of punishment, injury, imprisonment, destruction. The businessman's tool is values; the bureaucrat's tool is fear. 
Ayn Rand


Outsourcing - the worst of Crony Capitalism

Employer of last resort - GOVERNMENT

If you want to understand politics, you better educate yourself about crony capitalism. Free enterprise is the engine of wealth creation, but the merging of an economy into State/Capitalism is the formula for companion elitism. Companions in control is the method of globalism. The goal is uncomplicated. Globalism = no middle class anywhere on the planet . . . Increases in productivity produce affluence, but distributing enhanced profits is seldom shared proportionately. As a principle of private property, ye who owns the gold, makes the rules.

However, is this an absolute standard that best serves your self interest, when the means of earning a living are under a systematic assault? Outsourcing is highly profitable for the select few who manipulate the financial markets. The foremost monopoly is the global system of distorted trade that lines the pockets of cronies that have access to serious capital. They maximize their corporate reach, built upon the lowest cost of production or service costs. Moving the venture to the next futile pasture, means that the next herd of sheep can graze and deplete the grass. The stock price jumps because earnings are sheltered by the unencumbered flow of imports not subject to domestic tariffs.

This falsehood for commerce is certainly not free for the consumers who have lost the means to earn a decent living. The reason that billionaires protect this charade and form a super elite rests upon their ability to penalize the vast majority by draining the life from middle class affluence. You say what else is new! The twist is that the remaining few who still are able to keep their heads above the waves, mostly work for transnational firms, derive funding from these corporations or are government bureaucrats.

It’s all one big buddy system. Free trade is designed to be anti-competitive for domestic enterprises. That’s the entire point of the experiment. Probe the meaning of the inference of the national trade association for the high-tech industry - offshore outsourcing on U.S. joblessness has been exaggerated and that attempts to legislate a solution would backfire because foreign retaliation would curb U.S exports. This AeA trade organization wants to discredit a study by Forrester Research, that concludes that 3.3 million U.S. service jobs will be lost offshore by 2015. What are the exports that the AeA allude?  JOBS !!!

If the goal is to swell sales at the lowest possible cost, sure move offshore. However, a business does not possess rights, for a corporation is an artificial invention that lawyers dreamt up to confuse the public and shelter the privileged. Doing business and conducting worthwhile commerce that benefits an entire society is the laudable objective. Most people understand greed, but how many are willing to admit that self-defeating altruism is used to defend outsourcing?

Consider the argument of Kevin Schmiesing, published on the Catholic Exchange, when he cites: “Americans, including those temporarily hurt by outsourcing, need to keep their own economic situation in perspective. New Republic writer Gregg Easterbrook in his recent book, The Progress Paradox, calculates that even poor Americans have a better material living standard than 99.4 percent of the estimated 80 billion people who have ever lived”. Mr Schmiesing summation reaps of a doctrine of guilt:  “The impulse to protect American workers is praiseworthy. But such an impulse, if it leads to policies that ignore economic principles and the demands of justice, ends by doing harm, even to those intended to benefit”.

What are the economic principles that are being abused? If struggling to eke out a better life is an offense against Christianity, leaving that church proved correct. The distinction between voluntary charity and compelled sacrifice should be self evident, but seems to have been is lost during Mr Schmiesing’s advanced education.

Economic principles, in order for them to be valid, must stand the test of the real world. Human self interest defines economic transactions. Morality is not abandoned by charging a fair and equable cost for a business deal. However, it is a profound violation of your own self respect to place a burden of fabricated duty in a dress of social justice.

If the policy diminishes the economic opportunity of our own citizens, it runs contrary to the benefit of our nation. This is a standard that builds and maintains a free society. Willingly accepting the consequence of unavoidable poverty from a conscious strategy to outsource is just dumb.

The flack that Lou Dobbs gets for standing up for a strong and self sustaining domestic economy, usually comes from the favored and vested interests of a corrupt corporate/state axis of globalism. These are the facts that Dobbs’ critics refuse to dispute:

Number one: We're not creating jobs in the private sector, and that's never happened before in our history. Our economists and politicians need to be coming up with answers, not dogma.

Number two: We haven't had a trade surplus in this country in more than two decades, and our trade deficit continues to soar.

Number three: We've lost three million jobs in this country over the last three years, and millions more American jobs are at risk of being outsourced to cheap overseas labor markets.

Libertarian purists are intellectually dishonest or caught in a blind spot. Advocacy of a pro American middle class self sufficient populism is based upon sound economics. Avoid debt, retain and save the earnings of honest work and trade with your neighbor so that prosperity can be shared among your community. Charitable efforts to offer a helping hand does not mean you need to cut off your own fist at the wrist, to establish your virtue.

Global trade is desirable when it conforms to the lost principles that so confuse Mr Schmiesing. Lou Dobbs sets the record straight. “Our principal trading partners, Canada, China, Japan and the European Union, all typically maintain annual trade surpluses and pursue balanced trade. Why don't my critics call them protectionists? Why not call them economic isolationists?” The Financial Times currently reports: Japan's trade surplus highest in five years, exceeded market forecasts by jumping 51.7. If you are unable to draw the distinction between a free enterprise model and the orchestrated cartel of an impious cabal that shifts the production from Mexico to China and on to India, you better sell all your derivatives. If you believe you are not already invested in such instruments, loosing you own job won’t hurt; for you are already severely crippled, with economic dementia.

But if your sustenance filters down from a Fortune 500 or you draw a check from some branch of government, why should you care. Kevin Schmiesing’s social justice will outsource your needs and the AeA will keep you entertained with re-educational programs, hard circuited and wired to your brain. As the middle class shrinks, your liberty expires. What is an acceptable substitute for self sufficiency - INTERDEPENDENCE ? If you can live with that alternative, protectionism is moot; America would have expired and you are already a serf in the NWO.

SARTRE - March 26, 2004

...we see that there are two different kinds of...societies: (a) parasitic societies and (b) producing societies. The former are those which live from hunting, fishing, or merely gleaning. By their economic activities they do not increase, but rather decrease, the amount of wealth in the world. The second kind of societies, producing societies, live by agricultural and pastoral activities. By these activities they seek to increase the amount of wealth in the world.
Carroll Quigley

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