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Gravitas best achieved when Embedded

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Gravitas best achieved when Embedded
Liberation whether you want it or not
How much fun is this war?
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Treason Is Not Patriotic
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USrael and Armageddon
Hamas, Israel and the United States
Martyring Voltaire
The Real Threat to National Security

Good wine needs no bush, and perhaps products that people really want need no hard-sell or soft-sell TV push. Why not? Look at pot. - Ogden Nash


Gravitas best achieved when Embedded

“The real power in the world today is not in the western technology, economy or military. Rather it is in images and their use in a system of communication called symbolism.”

John Fraim

Symbols like waving an American flag, many now made in China, passes the muster with most Americans. As long as its red, white and blue - you can’t go wrong! Or can you? Back during that other invasion in the swamps of that Southeast Asian delta, the Garnett Newspaper chain would run a section on their lead page called, “The War at a Glance”. Now on one particular 24 hour news channel with all those good looking babes, a retired general pops up with the latest - “Your Military Minute”. Now this is reporting we can all be proud of and believe . . .  Or is it?

“One of the real tragedies from the events of September 2001 is that the power of America to create symbols will be used against her own people, to brainwash them with propaganda. More of the same formula of the past. But in the weird postmodern world, so much better if this vast power of America could be directed outward at the real enemies of America. Right now, American media needs to contemplate more than ever the possibility that American citizens are not the ultimate enemies of American government and media. The enemy is truly outside.”  Comments like these, by John Fraim from a source called post modern village, demonstrate the nature of the war we really are faced with and the one that is seldom reported.

We all know that Joseph Goebbels perfected the political lie. We were all warned by George Orwell that animals like us, are kept on a farm and fed a conditioned diet. But how many truly believe that what we read, hear and view from virtually every notable news source is the product of Madison Avenue mind control? Pray tell, just the mention that information is controlled, conducted and constructed - bears the risk of being called that C word . . . Conspiracy is not a four letter word, when the collusion culture is the very standard that drives the media program schedule.

What is gravitas? The formality in bearing and appearance, "he behaved with great dignity". How many times did you hear that cultural chant from the talking points of celebrity journalists? The press superstars used this worn out and tired term ad nauseam for years. While making reference to politicians, they sought to infer a perception of dignity upon themselves. Now we are privileged to be introduced to the concept of being embedded. Almost sounds like a kind of function that the herd back on the ranch, is subjected to, in their routine course of being animals! But the closer you look, embedded means to become inserted as an integral part of a surrounding whole. What an efficient method to produce those continuous “Military Minutes” . . .

Propaganda about war coverage is nothing new. Gullible populations are all too eager to equate excitable emotionalism with nationalism. Moreover, their intense programming leaves little room to make crucial distinctions. The most important being - that your Nation is not the same as the bureaucracy that rules the pen of sheeple. Blind acceptance of government policy is the most successful product ever sold by admirers of the Barnum circus. Phineas could not image the advancements in advertisement; it’s now called ‘embedded journalism’. What an improvement from investigative reporting!

The key element in all media empires is the adherence to manipulate the news to extend the message that expands the power of the enterprise. Sure, its about commerce; but politics is the most serious business of all, and perfecting the gravitas of the network assures the favor of the ruling regime. Embedded company with the conquerors, fosters a uniformed transmission of the approved image and account of events. Main street just loves the rally - patriotism defined as jingoism - sells big time . . .  Symbolism over reality wins every time, when perception is managed to ensure the desired outcome.

Reread the last sentence from that Fraim quote: “The enemy is truly outside”. Is that really so? Before the dust settled from the collapse of the WTC, we were told more than any reasonable person, would assume was possible, about the terrorists. But when it came to conducting a comprehensive investigation of the debris, it was carted off - post haste. Where are the aspiring Woodward’s and Bernstein’s for this story? (not that they are the standard, but you get the idea) One can’t forget that “deep throat”, if one ever existed, was supposedly a government snitch. Since one needs to embed oneself to reach the rarefied strata of gravitas, we should not expect too much from those professional journalists, turned weekend warrior.

But the TV says the war is good
Just can't believe there is a NWO

The enemy is us, Pogo; for swallowing the slop fodder back at the barn. You should instinctively know this to be true. So why are you so forgiving when friends and family insist upon parroting the inane distortion that passes for objective news?

If you were presented with a scholarly treatise on the internal mechanism and practices of PsyOps News, would you reject that message or is your brand loyalty so strong that it is unthinkable to switch to another product? Yes; propaganda is a product, dumped upon you all hours of the day and night. In an age when government schools prides themselves upon how dumbed down they can program and then graduate students, the task of the embedded reporter looks like an easy job. Well, it is!  Edward R Murrow and Eric Sevareid, need not apply. Judy Woodward has embedded herself, so closely, to the source that friction won’t even wear off the charm of her talents.

The greatest symbol of them all is the cross -  and the TRUTH will set you free . . . What a unique thought! Speak the truth and those symbols will no longer brainwash you with their propaganda. For those who trust in a flag, any flag, over the cross; are all too content back on the farm. The idea of providing your own food for thought is too unsettling for domestic animals. It’s much easier to wait for “Your Military Minute” update. Who knows, you may have another day’s reprieve, before its you turn to go to the slaughter . . . Or do you just prefer listening to Goebbels news from the Bush NWO network?

SARTRE - March 26, 2003

It is pretty obvious that the debasement of the human mind caused by a constant flow of fraudulent advertising is no trivial thing. There is more than one way to conquer a country.
Raymond Chandler

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