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Immigration Ends the Nation State

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"We must return immigration to a logical, orderly process where people fill out their applications and wait for approval. We must make sure illegal immigrants stop storming our borders. We must establiesh the correct criteria, such as our need for certain job skills or education, for granting the right to immigrate into the United States." - H. Ross Perot


Immigration Ends the Nation State

The real terrorists just walk across the borders

Nations were once formed around common culture, same language, related races, similiar communities, shared political values and communal religious beliefs. Governments were organized to administer basic functions for a stable society. Diversity was viewed in the character of each different country. Today diversity  has come to mean the practice of obliterating the unique nature of an established society and substituting an amalgamation of the ‘blender community’.

Many people fear a serious discussion about open borders because it risks offending burgeoning populations.  They are more concerned about sensitivity than national survival. As attention is diverted to world affairs, they ignore the destruction of their own neighborhoods. Up close and personal has a new meaning and it doesn’t include assimilation classes. If you think this dilemma is solely confined to the United States, just look at what is happening across the pond in England.

As reported in the Sun:

A RECORD 110,700 asylum seekers — more than the entire British Army — flooded into Britain last year.

Yet only 13,335 were kicked out, shock Home Office figures showed yesterday.

The number of migrants pouring in has more than DOUBLED since Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997.

Experts fear the true number of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers in Britain could be three million.

Shadow Home Secretary Oliver Letwin said: “These are pretty dreadful figures to put it mildly. They represent the bankruptcy of the tactics which the Government has used over the past five years. The only thing to do now is to scrap the entire asylum system and replace it.”

Not a bad idea! Why won’t the United States heed this warning and adopt strong measures to put our own house in order? The obvious reason should be apparent to any thoughtful observer. The elites that govern the United States are bent on destroying the common bonds of national unity and substituting a perverse form of regional and Pan-American hemisphere homogenization. Their plan is manifest in this immigration plague - caused by current policy of unrestricted entry -  “Open Borders”.  The answer to overturn this plot may evade most, but is really quite simple. We should encourage the break up of a union that no longer has a common purpose. All the forces that drive bureaucratic conformity to a continent wide authority, should be used to accomplish their preliminary objective. Dissolution of the union is inevitable, only what replaces it is up for grabs. The key in the continual struggle against centralized power is to hasten the breakup of the United States and turn that upheaval into an opportunity to re-establish the individual rightful authority and sovereignty of each independent state.

It is time to deal with reality! Population trends and unimpeded incursions into our land have doomed our way of life. Is there any serious person left that cannot see the marking of internal disembowelment of the national fabric? Can anyone speak with authority that this eventuality can be stopped? It is wholly unreasonable to fight a battle to save the American establishment system, when it was that very hierarchy that voluntarily and willingly, set in place and continually allows this immigration invasion. Closing the borders has been the correct response for years. Why will this clearly beneficial action never be allowed to happen?

Plainly, our way of life, our American values and strong tradition of individual freedom and liberty, is not the shared experience that the political class wants to preserve. That’s the fundamental actuality that most Americans are reluctant to consider or address. But that timidity, does not stop the hordes from crossing the borders, or flying into airports. The REAL 'Third World' War, is upon us and it trumps any contrived “war on terror”. Once America was one nation. Today she has lost her national identity, and has reverted to competing factions that have little in common, and even less desire to assimilate into or accept our traditional society. Only the multiculturalist will argue that the union is more important than self dignity. Those who seek to defend a failed social society are hardly legitimate conservatives or patriotic loyalists. Seldom will you ever hear an elected official condemn the cesspool of rainbow politics - they all want to be reelected!

Where are the Oliver Letwin’s within American politics? For every Tom Tancredo you have hundreds of Congressmen that give only lip service or are silent on the issue. When Rep. George Gekas, now chairman of the House immigration subcommittee, says we should and will have "more enforcement of the existing [immigration] laws [and] tightening of our borders." That's swell, but he also tells us that of course that doesn't mean we can't have amnesty. He told the Washington Post he saw no reason to drop from the House agenda a bill that would allow illegal aliens with family or business sponsors here to apply for permanent residency.

Mexico’s President Vicente Fox is virtually steering U.S. immigration policy, and President Bush is betraying our national sovereignty. Normal political pressure and lobbying is ineffective in changing their attitudes and policies. When elected leaders favor a global economy, cheap foreign labor and expatriation of domestic manufacturing, you have nothing worth preserving. So why not use the momentum that is in place to remake America? The trick is to reshape the plan and strive to accomplish another approach. The Free State Project is one good example to take back control. Individual states and local communities need to demonstrate their independence from federal mandates and intimidation. Serious resistance within indigenous culturally similar municipalities, can present critical obstacles to the New World Order plan for total domination.

If the alternative is to wait for another meaningless election cycle, all the ballots will have multi-languaged instructions.  Isn’t your nation worth the effort to repel the real terror - the invasion of refugee seekers that are turning our country into their form of the asylum? As long as your government won’t protect us from real dangers, and continues to foster illusory security and foreign adventures; what worth is there in supporting any of their policies?

If Tony Blair has doubled the influx of security risks into the UK, just think what George Bush is actively doing to us? All in the name of diversity, when the real agenda of the globalists is to break down all traditional American heritage, and merge everyone into one pool of muddled confusion, requiring the guidance of central authority. That goal sure sounds like terror, so why not fight it and avoid the other phony war? The single act that would establish more authentic security is to stop the immigration railroad now. The Nation is being systematically destroyed and what will sprout out of the chaos is a New World Order. We all know what that means.

SARTRE - March 5, 2003

"So let us take our fair share of the true refugees and act responsible as a government in providing for their necessary expenses. Let us stop skewing the whole process by taking some folks who are not truly refugees in order simply to meet our foreign policy needs or domestic policy demands. There has to be a better way to meet those needs and demands than we are doing now. I think it is embarrassing to all of us who truly know the mission of the Refugee Act." - Senator Alan Simpson

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