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CAFTA: Wall Street vs Main Street

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The first condition for the establishment of perpetual peace
is the general adoption of the principles of laissez-faire capitalism. 
Ludwig von Mises


CAFTA: Wall Street vs Main Street

Globalist oppose laissez-faire capitalism - want only the Corporate/STATE

Have you heard of CAFTA - Central America Free Trade Accord? Well, if you are glued to the 24 hour news cycle, you still might have missed that this agreement is starting to move on the fast track. But for those who are familiar with this extension of the NAFTA disaster, south of the Mexican border, you might wonder where are the voices of mainstream conservatives? The noise that does exist, mostly comes out of the “progressive” left, if not the liberal side of the Congressional aisle. How come?

Costa Rica has joined and  signed on with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. The U.S. Congress is ready to take up the treaty this spring. The absence of opposition is evident, with Kucinich and Sharpton directly expressing their objection. Edwards pronounced: “I didn't vote for NAFTA. I campaigned against NAFTA. I voted against the Chilean trade agreement, against the Caribbean trade agreement, against the Singapore trade agreement, against final passage of fast track for this president”.  Dick Gephardt’s reply” “Well, you weren't in Congress when NAFTA came up. But you voted for China”.

Don’t be deceived that they are really Fair Traders. The reasons for their concerns often run parallel with such bleeding heart groups like stop CAFTA org. Let’s be clear. The best argument against the globalization of world trade by unaccountable supranational corporations are not social concerns for the down trodden from the third world. The finest actions come from invoking your own true self interest.

When lefty activists proclaim concern over the environment, inequality, labor rights and diminished public services; our response is go get a real job! Despite, such insensitivity; we promote the re-creation of a viable and thriving domestic employment economy. Americans need to act upon our own best interest and that means you better understand the sinister forces behind the de-industrialization of our country. The misguided motivations of the left opposes the Free Trade agreements for the wrong reasons. Notwithstanding, they are correct to resist such destructive policies.

When you dissect the trade attitudes between George W Bush and John Kerry, there is no substance of disagreement. They both support the Corporate/State model. As reported in the Times-PicayuneJames Derham, the top assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, recently stated the official position: “Though roadblocks and pockets of instability and violence remain, Latin America has seen its politics and its business environment stabilize and prosper in ways that would have been unthinkable a quarter-century ago . . . The political liberalization we've seen there would not have been possible without economic modernization and that, in turn, would not have been possible without NAFTA". Under a Kerry regime, nothing will change. Mr Derham could retain his post!

Now compare the damage that CAFTA will reap. “Trade officials enthuse that at least four textile companies are interested in moving to Nicaragua as well as a US company considering whether to base its prefabricated housing production in the country. Chiquita (United Brands) has said it is interested in moving its pineapple production to Nicaragua”. Do you really think that ‘John Boy’ Edwards would keep those textile jobs in his home state?

According to Toni Solo - Fortress Western Hemisphere - consists of the Global Energy Development Plc transnational vision. It is a subsidiary of Harken Energy, with the same Houston, Texas address and all but one of its directors, all long time cronies of George W. Bush. He see it as European and US corporate investment buzzards just waiting to strip the natural resources of Central America prize for their own greedy gain.

In contrast the Fair Trader appreciates the mutual benefit that comes from commerce, when wealth creation is the paradigm. Investment with the prospects for an equitable return is essential for a free enterprise system to function. Moreover, that wealth creation entails more than a bottom line entry in a financial report. The economic independence for a society is crucial to the protection and preservation of individual civil liberties. The only beneficiaries from NAFTA have been the financiers on Wall Street. Main Street suffers under the exodus of jobs, record trade deficits and a plunging dollar. The promised idealistic improvement for Mexicans has produced an epic rush to cross the borders and settle in your neighborhood. If this is progress, one would need to be a fool to support such a policy.

Do you really believe that CAFTA will be any different? American jobs, with viable living wages is good business for our country. With Ralph Nader entering the presidential race, a voice will be heard that opposes the nihilism of globalism. The loony left may become energized, with his brand of socialism. However, dumb his solutions are, his outrage is well placed and correct. When Pat Buchanan was directing his campaigns to the same problems and issues about NAFTA and when Ross Perot was warning about that prophetic “sucking sound”, where was main street? Some stepped up, but notably absent was the unholy alliance of both major party establishment patrons.

This next round of meticulous ruin is called CAFTA. Sensible conservatives are supporters of a merchant economy and are champions of the middle class. Economically independent citizens are the life blood of a republic. The oligarchy that runs the global interdependence, zealously wants to stamp out the last bastion of economic freedom. These tools of the ultimate plutocrats are the archenemy of any patriot of liberty. Will America suffer another defeat or will the populace begin to wake up and face reality? When most have never heard of CAFTA and others like NAFTA, the odds are slim. Still, the task is worth the fight.

SARTRE - February 22, 2004

The great crimes of the twentieth century were committed not by money-grubbing capitalists but by dedicated idealists. Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler were contemptuous of money. The passage from the nineteenth to the twentieth century has been a passage from considerations of money to considerations of power. How naive the cliche that money is the root of evil!
Eric Hoffer

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