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NeoCons are a terminal disease

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NeoCons are a terminal disease
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The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it. 
H.L. Mencken


NeoCons are a terminal disease

You know who they are
So what are you going to do about them?

In a seminal essay, Pat Buchanan - No End to War - the real enemy of America is exposed. Once and for all the plague of the Neoconservative is laid bare for all to see. Specifically, the book - An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror - by David Frum and Richard Perle is examined. Mr Buchanan expresses hope: “on putting down Perle’s new book the thought recurs: the neoconservative moment may be over. For they are not only losing their hold on power, they are losing their grip on reality”.

Oh, how much we wish Pat is right. However, our dread is that this clique of betrayers will just crawl under another rock and emerge in a different form of their reptile cousins.

More important than a critique of yet another propaganda newspeak from Statists, is Buchanan’s historic account of why their vision for an imperial empire is so dishonest. The American Conservative has fulfilled its mission with this classic account. We urge you to read this Buchanan article and reflect upon the underlying reason why Pat has been attacked so viscously throughout his career. He is one of the very few willing to condemn the cabal of traitors who have taken control of American foreign policy.

Listing the sordid record of Richard Perle is a daunting task for any article. The depth and breadth of his sinister influence deserves a much greater disclosure. Therefore, it is our intention to create and entire site, devoted to the perverted philosophy and evil deeds of this anti-American faction, that has seized decided influence and definitive direction over public policy. “NeoCon Watch” will accept the challenge and produce the goods. For those who understand the nature of the eternal struggle and hunger for a return to a traditional American First world view, we invite your participation.

Briefly, the reason why the neoconservatives are so dangerous, centers in the deception used to steal valid issues and corrupt rational goals. The method that Bill Clinton practiced, “Triangulation”, is a basic tactic used to co-opt core issues, and introduce destructive false solutions. The NeoCon has no loyalty towards principle. They despise the traditional heritage, that created a unique nation, where the liberty of citizens was the ultimate goal for the country. Their idea of patriotism requires the systematic dismantling of protecting our own country and the forfeiture of our civil liberties. The cold hard facts are that this group of thieves are out to rob you and your family of a future worth living.

Here’s why! Fabricating phony enemies, while protecting suspect friends is the centerpiece of the foreign policy. There is no canon within our heritage that deems that America has the responsibility to foster the interests of any other foreign country. However, that is exactly the goal of the NeoCons. The question is simple, can you name one such scalawag scoundrel that would not trade the safety and treasure of our country for the benefit of the Zionist despotism of Israel? It starts here and ends over this issue. There can be no common ground, as long as, supporters and sympathizers for an indefensible and corrupt regime, seek to master our own politics. Placing their fidelity for Israel above our own Nation, means that they have denuded themselves of being a true American.

It isn’t anymore complicated than this assertion. The reality of current events, clearly demonstrates that our country is paying a terrible price to expand the regional domination of a country that is consistently against the best interest of our own citizens. While this is the core motivation of NeoCons, the lust for expanding the power of centralized rule, is not far behind. Neoconservatives are devoted Statists and detest limited government, and especially State Rights. The concept that people should be able to live their lives locally, and have the effective ability to reject the “metropolitik” of the urbane cultural of coercion, is unfamiliar to the tyrants. There is nothing remotely conservative within the cult of the NeoCon.

Just look at the extent of their duplicity in their defense of a failed viceroy. George Bush is a surrogate in service of a New World Order. He has not been an honorable national leader, but has been an obedient servant of the Globalists. Neoconservatives are internationalists, devoted and intended to intervene, worldwide. Now they adopt preemption. No stretch of coherence can absorb such a departure from the Founders of this Republic. Again, the NeoCon is a Wilsonian internationalist, not fit company to associate with or engage with for useful dialogue.

Free Trade at the price of fostering domestic unemployment, with the methodical destruction of native self sufficient independence, benefits only the Corporate/STATE. A genuine conservative appreciates the value of fair trade, and opposes the rush to export our wealth, while running up a debt that can never be serviced.

The neoconservative advances open borders, while they spend our treasure on the fruitless folly of overseas nation building. They also adopt the progressive social agenda and call it compassionate. Sorry, it doesn’t wash . . . these phony establishment proponents care nothing of true social justice or individual freedom. Perle and Frum are examples of a sickness that is cancerous. If America wants to survive, the remnant, needs to work together to cut out the tumor. There is no quarter intended for the traitor. If Buchanan is correct that “conceit, which may prove the neocons’ fatal flaw”, let the defect hasten the demise. However, the prospects that this subversion will go quietly, is unlikely. If they implode, let the fallout cover their own community.

This is a crusade against the infidel. There is no need to travel long distance to confront the double-crosser. The NeoCon has infested your own neighborhood. The Perle’s should be held accountable for their crimes. The Frum’s should retreat back in Canada and be denied entry from returning. All the other dual loyalists, whether they are students of Leo Strauss, closet Trotskyites or confused premillennial dispensationalists, need to be unveiled as false messengers of the true revealed scripture. Pat Buchanan sets the standard for courage and common sense. Learn your history, so you can defend your country. The quest for the NeoCon Watch will seek to accomplish both . . .

SARTRE - February 20, 2004

Politics are about power; we cannot evade that truth or its consequences. We dream of a better world but it is in Utopia- that is, nowhere. 
Denis William Brogan

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