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NASA and the Masada Complex

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It is the nature of slavery to render its victims so abject that at last, fearing to be free, they multiply their own chains. You can liberate a freeman, but you cannot liberate a slave.
Louis J. Halle


NASA and the Masada Complex


In 1790, Congress chose the name, District of Columbia, for the site of the permanent seat of the federal government. While Pierre-Charles L'Enfant is credited for the city's basic plan, its name was selected to honor Christopher Columbus. Much of the American experience has been picturesque - a spirit of challenging the unknown and searching frontiers of discovery. It seems fitting that NASA shuttles would so frequently take their names from such a tradition.

But somewhere along the way the esprit of intrepid inquiry and courageous daring has been transfigured into a perverse adoration of science and technology. Progress has been carved in an image that invention is admirable and advances in capabilities are virtuous. Associating achievements in technology as inherently noble is idiocy. The intrinsic nature of a body of knowledge that explains the working of the universe is neutral, in its own essence. The applications used by man to employ that science to build systems of technical potential to direct capacities over human influence - contains the moral or immoral element. NASA claims to be on a mission of applied science. Since it is a creature of government design, its ‘applied agenda’ is steered to fulfill political objectives.

You will hear countless reports, speculations and inquiries about the details that caused the disaster. No one would be amazed with endless tributes or shocked if we hear about suggestions that another national holiday be created to remember all fallen space heroes. The media culture is not bound by the laws of physics, for they float their reality, unfettered from the constraints of gravity; when they circumscribe the meaning of events. When will the real questions be asked?

NASA is a mere small segment in the big picture. The actual significance begs the inescapable query of the use of technology itself. Have the tech developments of the last century improved the lot of mankind? Or have those inventions given the capability to render the disposition of human dignity under the will of a global control? The essential question asks if our common condition - the need to be free - has been enhanced by modern technology or has it become our master and has placed us in a confining prison?

Masada is a symbol of valiant resistance. As legend has it, fate selected those who would be the last to live. Praise for mass suicide in the face of certain ruin, has been depicted as supreme defiance. We are told the Zealots’ brave defense of Herod's royal citadel, was a pyrrhic victory of the spirit, gained at too great a cost. Others say that it was not in vain or hollow in defeat.  But what is ignored in the tale is that the Roman General Flavius Silva, possessed the superior technology.

The tenth legion was excellently equipped, his siege engines and ramps were ingenious and the skills of his engineers were effective. Rome won the day and re-established their rule, the victory brought severe reprisal upon all of Jewish society. The proficiency of the Roman census edicts facilitated the identification of those revolting against Vespasian, the current Caesar, at that time. Roman roads allowed for the rapid transportation of legions - while mining, smelting and blacksmithing forged the famous "Gladius Hispaniensis" blades. Rome was the undisputed master of the known world.

Any doubt that the empire was built upon conquest, subjugation and slavery - fueled with the most sophisticated technology of the era? The greatness of Rome was not found in imperial dominance, but in her Republic. The technology that constructed the aqueducts, provided the water to flood the coliseum, creating a lake for their flotilla fleet to wage gladiatorial combat. Did the citizens of Rome benefit from the carnage of their circus or were they just distracted from the melody of the lyre? While Nero plays the harp, the city burns.


“The United States Air Force and NASA are beefing up their cooperative efforts to develop reusable launch vehicle technologies in an effort to assure the American military's dominance and control of space for national security purposes.”

“Next-generation launch vehicles, enhanced use of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite constellations, telecommunications, and radar surveillance from space – all these and other technologies are to be moved forward given growth of a NASA-military alliance called the Partnership Council.”

Particle beams, nukes, lasers, microwave and pulse weapons -  mighty tools perfected from technology, designed for a Pax American globe. Space-based weapons are only a segment of the bounty that technocrat devotion brings. This modern day pagan idol worship has brought you the total surveillance society, chips to control every function, medicines that induces tranquil submission, chemtrails to contaminate our resistance, implants for identification, digital tracking devices and computer software that allows for regulating behavior and monitoring your every movement. While the science that creates the technology is inert, its unearthing grants limitless methods to perfect man’s corrupt nature. Space age tech allows for unrestrained mass imprisonment. The new Rome has conquered the entire globe and their gulag is in high definition.

The self-slaughter that took place at Masada was confined to less than a thousand. They were resigned to their fate and chose to commit their version of seppuku. Today, the prospects of mass suicide inundates the entire world, and is imposed upon us as a necessary cost in the defense of the New World Order. NASA uses science to perfect domination technology. Their firmament is no nirvana. We were told that the fear in the first moon mission landing might bring back from unknown sources a plague - that could infect and cause a human epidemic. Well, the disease that NASA transported is a contagion that their capabilities - that “right stuff” - has benefited mankind. Teflon and tang does not outweigh pin point irradiation, designed to obliterate every opposing zealot.

The Epistemology that is used to justify the continued pursuit of learning for the direct purpose of inventing applied technology is specious. Columbia was not about discovery, for the benefit of mankind, it was in the service of the plutocrats that reside back in that district of megalomania, who seek to become Caesar. We can stipulate that the genie of science will always push to be released from the bottle of constraint, but what about the unbroken record that always uses the next progression in technology for evil ends?

Exploring space through the astronauts of the human specie is like defiling the galaxy with the smallpox of a Genghis Khan conquest. The mass suicide of self induced empire building is pandemic and engulfs the entire planet. Ilan Ramon was a zealot of the technocrat serpent. Instead of showing contempt, he was one of seven who advanced the toxin of misused technology. Some attribute the same blame to Christopher Columbus, but his exploration was a journey into the unknown. NASA’s mission is to circumnavigate our globe with a protective shield, with an intended purpose to evaporate any Masada sanctuaries, that exist outside the sphere of control of the new Roman Empire.

Let’s admit reality. The venture into space and the obsession with technology has resulted in a world less free and in greater danger of planetary destruction. Is this the true definition of PROGRESS? Or do earthlings just have an inherent and deranged death wish? The NWO won’t come to the rescue - it is the cause - the benefactor - and the executioner; of this plan. Resisters will be labeled dangerous fanatics and encircled, starved and eliminated. The new tech world makes it possible and the depravity of the oligarchy makes it’s use certain. Just who are the real zealots? This demise aspiration complex must end.

SARTRE - February 5, 2003

The right of a nation to determine its own form of government does not include the right to establish a slave society (that is, to legalize the enslavement of some men by others). There is no such thing as "the right to enslave." A nation can do it, just as a man can become a criminal- but neither can do it by right.
Ayn Rand

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