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Hamas, Israel and the United States

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Hamas, Israel and the United States
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"Cooperation [with Israel] on the security and economic fields was a disaster for the Palestinians." "Our economic status was destroyed by the linkage of our economy with Israel... as the 1993 Oslo accords and the 1994 Paris agreement  [gave] Israel economic advantages at the Palestinians' expense."
Tom Ball


Israel created the injustice

Hamas, Israel and
the United States


Much has been written about the recent Palestinian election that has Hamas the victor.  If elections have any connections with the public will at a given point in time, it can be concluded that political change was the motive for such a bombshell vote.  It should be clear that unrest from Fatah factions demonstrates their unwillingness to readily accept the outcome of Palestinian sentiment.  With this internal conflict there is a larger lesson.  Fatah will be remembered as a corrupt regime, determined to maintain the managed chaos.  What Hamas becomes may well surprise even the most hardened of critics. 


The Bush administration likes to use the thesis that people want freedom.  Well, the irony that an election can and will produce a result that spoils the outcome that NeoCons desire only proves the ridiculous hoax that the NWO believes in democracy.  A savvy summary comes from Dr. Sedat Laciner, head of the International Strategic Research Organization (USAK - ISRO). 


“He accused Israel and United States for the election results in Palestine: “The wrong policies left no room for moderate politicians in the Palestinian politics. Yasser Arafat and his men were eliminated by the Americans and Tel Aviv. Then the Israeli offensive policies and abuses have not been questioned by the international community. In fact Bush Administration has fully supported the Israeli wrongs in Palestine with no question. The Israeli wall and other security measures increased poverty in Palestine. As a matter of fact that Israel has done anything possible to undermine the moderate politicians in Palestine. And now they say that the results were surprise. The results are not surprise, because the Palestinians had no way but to elect the extremists, because now all Palestinians are extremists. They need house, they need job, they need anything anyone needs in Israel. And Hamas like the Republican Party in the US is a party which reflects the needs of the people in that country. If Hamas is extremist and unacceptable for the Israelis or the Americans, so it means that the majority of the Palestinians are not acceptable for US and Israel. The world has to break this vicious-circle.”


Contrast an assessment of the fundamental nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with that from George W. Bush as reported in the Washington Post:  “He reiterated that he will not work with Hamas, formally known at the Islamic Resistance Movement, as a "partner of peace" until it renounces its goal of destroying Israel and disarms its militias.”  In order to conduct a serious resolution to an everlasting feud, the process of denial must be rejected.  The notion that Israel has a right to exist is absurd.  If that argument had merit, it could be used to prove that every group can claim sovereignty over any area they occupy. 


Did Abraham Lincoln honor the legitimate autonomy of Southern States or did the dictator of the Union force his benevolent reunification upon the Confederate region?  Like the tyrannical sycophant who used annihilation warfare to impose the psychosis of central dominance, Bush eagerly promotes the fantasy that Israel is a special country.  What is even more illogical is that Israel is a friend and ally of America.  Khazar occupiers and Talmudic rule is contradictory and mutually exclusive with the true interests of our own nation.  Quacks like Hal Lindsay ramp up the delusion as the Farwell’s and Robertson’s preach the creed of their chosen deceit.  Nothing is new about apostates, but when a President of the United States becomes a heretic of national self-interest public policy, the entire country is doomed to a hell under Zionist supremacy.     


A regional dispute over land that was stolen with the blessing of Western Democracies is and always has been the nucleus of the eventual holocaust.  What Americans are so unwilling to accept is that our own country has no duty or moral imperative to arbitrate between eternal enemies.  It is a local conflict that can only destroy our own land by intervening.  Making matters much worse are foreign policies that the United States acts as a neutral broker for peace.  Dispel any illusions, Bush makes it unequivocally clear that he is a worshipper of Baal.  Fools who believe and support such lunacy betray the principles of our founding as a nation.


A Hamas government will force the Neocons and Likudnicks into the cesspool of their own crap.  Achieving peace is not possible without justice.  Frankly peace as an all encompassing goal is nothing more than a slogan for perpetual and permanent suppression of legitimate grievances.  It should be self-evident that Zionists and Palestinians cannot co-exist together.  Bibi Netanyahu is no friend of America.  Israelis that rally to him as a counterweight to the ascendancy of Hamas will only pour higher octane fuel on a bonfire of Semitic design.  The intensity of emotional hatred can only be tempered by the logic of pragmatic reality.  Yes, the establishment of the State of Israel is a fact of history.  But there is no power on earth that will protect and preserve a demonic government from divine retribution. 


If reason and logic are basic human traits, it seems to have missed the genetic seed of fanatics and zealots bent on total destruction for their respective societies.  Why stop the inevitable?  America has a far greater justification to wash her hands of the entire insanity that seeks to take us down into the abyss, than Pilate had for succumbing to bullying Pharisees.  When Jews say the next world is called Olam HaEmet - "the World of Truth," they certainly don’t lack effort to commandeer their version of a worldly kingdom.  The existence of the afterlife is not stated explicitly in the Torah itself, because as human beings we have to focus on our task in this world.  So says the rabbi.  Is it demented to inflict phony guilt upon naive Christians to support a rogue regime as a test of belief in our Savior?  This disconnect from reality, guised in religious heresy, is pure evil. 


And “do gooders” fault Hamas for resisting the Israeli hyperpower madness under the sponsorship from an American global hegemon military umbrella!  Such is the expression of the popular will of a sick and dying political culture of internationalism.  America should welcome the opportunity of Hamas as a legitimate successor to Fatah.  Break the chains of Zionism and adopt an evenhanded Middle East policy.  Truth in this World is rare.  You won’t find much of it coming out of Bush, the NeoCon cabal or their Khazar masters.  The future is now, face reality for the sake of America.  Dump the USrael alliance.


SARTRE – January 30, 2006

'One of the dramatic mistakes of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority was to consider negotiating with the Israelis as a strategic goal in its own right. We believe that negotiation is just one method. Our strategic aim is to liberate our lands, to rebuild what has been destroyed by the occupation and put Palestine at a new beginning.'
Dr Mahmoud Zahar

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