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November 2000

Ready To Be Told The Truth?

Remember the oldies but goodies, George Stephanopoulos, Dee Dee Myers, Mike McCurry, and Joe Lockhart? Well, I hope you do. For you are going to see a different kind of Press Spokesman in Ari Fleischer. During this long campaign nightmare, you have been consistently lied to by those in power. You should not be surprised! This has been the record for the last eight years. The 'Hall of Shame' fabricators, 'Big Mike' and 'Little Joe', had the task to twist the perception of events into so many curves and turns, that a Formula One driver couldn't navigate the road. The memory of their years as mouthpieces is one of disbelief and disgust. Short whit Georgie, left the party early and poor Dee Dee, broke in the territory under the desk for Monica. Whatever, you think of this crowd, you can't doubt that you were led down the path of insincere misrepresentation. Its time to grow up and listen to the facts and discard the spin.

Ari is just the ticket. He may not become the eventual Press Secretary, but he should be. This is a guy that will look you in the eye and tell you the way it is. You may not like what you hear, but that's the point. You NEED to hear it. The time is long gone to sugar coat the message. The market in going in the tank and the recession is just around the corner. You will need a government spokesman that has the courage, and the talent, to gently explain the long process in cleaning the house that Bill stained. He is just one among the many that will be tapped to serve, not plunder. I differ with the policies that, Bush will be presenting, but I commend the names that have been leaked as those who will be part of the new administration.

Tomorrow is the big day! The National Soap Opera will play itself out. The Supreme's can put an end to this banter. For if they don't, the streets will become the next arena for the drama to be performed. The DemoRATS will start to flee the ship, as the plague of the Gore disease, gets the Top Court cure. If the battle continues in Judge Nikki Clark's court, you will reap the Seminole curse. The FLA Legislature will step in if needed, and Jessie and his boys will flood the capital. Folks, I'm the one that advocates civil disobedience; but not civil partisan anarchy. If civil conflict is in the future, so be it. But learn what is at stake! And its not a new high on the Dow . . .

Would you get the facts from 'Joe Friday' Lockhart? Would you get to the bottom, from the charming 'don't ask me that question' Big Mike? No you would not, is the resounding answer. Ari will step up to the plate and tell you the sorry and sorted tale of the loyal opposition gone amuck. Will you listen, or will you still want to be seduced into a false stupor of euphoria. This Nation is going through a hang over, and there is no simple remedy for the throbbing. But one thing is sure. You need to cease consuming the 'evil spirits', and start taking the AAA treatment. Ari will be the first step . . .

SARTRE - November 30, 2000

Proof In Two Tales

For those of you who keep wanting proof of the bias and corruption within this system, just look at these two examples. The media has such a bent in the favor of the Gore viewpoint for government, that they hide nothing any longer. Our favorite network, NBC, once again shows her stripes. This article from Drudge says it all. And its in the form of a written memo: "If you are carrying the movie Titanic, please do NOT dump out of the movie, you will get an update from NBC News as part of the show later".

DON'T AIR THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF GEORGE W. BUSH, as he addressees the nation after the certification by the State of Florida. Surely, you remember the coverage that NBC gave to the two press announcement that the 'Bore Man' gave Monday and Tuesday.

Do you see a trend, people? Any connection with the calling of Florida going to Gore before the polls were closed? When will you start to get the picture? Its obvious that the Corportate/State is hell bent on maintaining their grip on the levers of power. No one is naive that Bush represents, true change; but it should be obvious to even the most patrician DemoRAT, that the distortion of the public perception has risen to a high art form. Why do you watch, much less accept the reporting of these mediacrats? They want you to dumb down to the level of those pathetic brain dead fools, who testified that they are outraged that they couldn't understand how to punch a hole in a ballot. Wake you folks, smell that coffee . . . Its NOT the aroma of a blend of character, but the odor of the stench of NBC decay.

NBC ORDERED AFFILIATES NOT TO CARRY BUSH SPEECH IN MEMO BALLOTS "RECREATED" IN PALM BEACH Anyone who suffered through the coverage of the Leon County Circuit Court, and watched the arrogant Bois tell Judge Sanders Saul, how this process needs to unfold, should be appalled. The reason is clear for the urgency to transfer those ballots immediately. Larry Klaymen wants to examine, those 3,300 ballots, for fraud and tampering. Pray tell, get them out of town now. And did you hear the recommended mode of transportation? Keep them in the custody of the Dade - Miami police. Why would the Miami drug traffic protectors, get the nod to drive the caravan? This is the same bunch of 'Protectors' that Reno was sleeping with. This stink is even more foul than the NBC brew. Judge Saul has ruled, Saturday is the day. But Larry has been left out in the cold. I WONDER WHY ? ? ? When Jerry Nadler charges that the whiff of Fascism is in the air, just who is raising their arm in salute? When Bois lies to the courts, just who is doing the bidding for his leader? Don't be fooled folks, the would be Fuher is man who won't leave, and his name is Gore. SARTRE - November 29, 2000

More Sour Grapes, Anyone ?

With the address to the Nation last night and the repeated press announcement by Gore this afternoon, we know the polling is going against the liar. The plea for more recounts is insulting to all of us. The court actions are just more clutter to a process that has run its course. Now that doesn't mean that it has come to and end, but that the decision as to who won has been heard. So what will happen, now that the Gore camp refuses to hear that message?

The posture of the Klinton/Gore administration exposes the true legacy of the most corrupt band of habitual criminals that has ever occupied the halls of government. These people are proving to all who have eyes to see, that they are the tyrants that you have been told they are for so many years. Their deeds speak volumes for their lack of respect for the election ritual. The calls for Gore to concede are coming in! Its long overdue for what is left of a Democratic Party, that loyal opposition, to raise their standard and put this charade to bed. The rumor is that former Senator Sam Nunn will be offered the Secretary of Defense in a Bush administration. Well, Mr Nunn; where is your call to concede?

Since NBC aired the Gore broadcast last night, they should be in the vanguard to make the announcement. Gee, where were you the night before, when Bush addresses the Nation? One would think you were sailing on the icy waters of the North Atlantic? Well; Jack Welch, now that your successor has been picked, does that mean that NBC will begin to have a balanced political coverage? Oh, yes; I know, GE doesn't get involved with NBC programming . . . I'll remember that the next time your medical division chief tells us that those diagnostic devices can weed out malignant diseases that he will apply that same objective to our National Political comedy.

Karen Hughes just said, its over; deal with it. The days for an orderly transition are slipping by. The market is going in the tank. The anxiety will continue to mount. The keys to the transition office are not being surrendered. When will this ridiculous temper tantrum come to an end? One would think that you are a 'sore loser'! The time is now to listento the public. Finally, they got it right. You lost. LEAVE!

As this play out over the next few weeks, you should reflect just what kind of country this Nation has become. You are living through a radical shift of power to the beltway, during the last eight years. It's time to put the gears in reverse and travel in another direction. Step up and make your demand for closure, now. Let's hear your voice . . .

SARTRE - November 28, 2000

Ode to Allie Joe

In olden times it could be decades before major events were cast in verse. The Great 2000 election controversy is so big that a bunch of all-star poets have come out ofretirement to quickly set the story to rhyme.

For starters, history buff Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

Listen, my children, don't dare ignore The midnight actions of Bush and Gore In early November, the year ought-ought, Hard to believe the mess they wrought. Two billion bucks of campaign bounty All came down to Palm Beach County. What result could have been horrider Than the situation we found in Florider?

Edgar Allen Poe is his usual gloomy self:

Once upon a campaign dreary, one which left us weak and weary O'er many a quaint and curious promise of political lore, While we nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a yapping, As of some votes overlapping, energy-zapping to the core. "Tis a mess here," we all muttered, as the network anchors stuttered, Stuttered over Bush and Gore. Could there be another election with such a case of misdirection, yet fraught with tension to the core? Quoth the ravers, "Nevermore."

Britain's Edward Lear's limerick is lighter:

There once was a U.S. election That called for some expert detection: How thousands of pollers Could become two-holers Like outhouses of recollection.

Ditto Ogden Nash:

I regret to admit that all my knowledge is What I learned at Electoral Colleges, So tell me, please, though I hate to troublya, Will the winner be Al, or will it be Dubya?

Joyce Kilmer's a media analyst:

I thought that I would never see The networks all so up a tree.

Walt Whitman is lyrical, as always:

O' Captain! My Captain! Our fearful trip's not done The ship has weather'd every rack, but nobody knows who's won.

Alfred Noyes rhythmically rumbles:

And still of an autumn night they say, with the White House on the line, When the campaign's a ghostly galleon and both candidates cry, "'Tis mine!" When the road is a ribbon of ballots, all within easy reach, A highwayman comes riding, Riding, Riding, A highwayman comes riding and punches two holes in each.

Dr. Seuss takes a look at election officials:

I cannot count them in a box. I cannot count them with a fox. I cannot count them by computer. I will not with a Roto-Rooter. I cannot count them card-by-card. I will not 'cause it's way too hard. I cannot count them on my fingers, I will not while suspicion lingers. I'll leave the country in a jam. I can't count ballots, Sam-I-Am.

Clement Moore adopts a holiday theme:

'Twas the month before Christmas, when all through the courts, all the plaintiffs made stirring bad ballot reports.

Which leaves the problem: Perhaps the best way to stop complaints that are raucous is Start over again, with the Iowa caucuses.


HELLO! It's Over . .

The certification has been completed and the party is now over for the DemoRAT'S. But will they face reality or will the delusion continue? Having watched the dual citizen Loserman' talk about "We Have NO Choice", in contesting the election; is the only message you need to take to heart from this comedy. Those who are now in power, are not leaving easily. The question is whether they will face up to FACTS, or will they drag this country through even more suffering? I think you know the answer to this query.

When 'Pizza Hut' Jerrold Nadler, whines about the count not coming out to his satisfaction, you would think he is losing his job. Hey, fat man; you were just re-elected to Congress. You won't miss a meal ticket. When Senator Tom Daschle says: "I've talked with most of my colleagues over the last several days and there isn't any interest in conceding anything at this point", you get the real picture of this Party of the Asses. And when attorney David Boies says: "The Gore camp would challenge the Miami-Dade County decision to call off the hand recount", you have all the proof you need that they will not slip away into the night . . . .

And when will the Press face the Truth of the circumstances? Don't hold your breath. Where was NBC news when Bush made his comments this evening? Nowhere to be found. The spin from the Gore folks make them all, 'Bore Whores'. So what is a good liberal suppose to do? Simple, deny Reality even more!

Prince Albert will address the Nation tomorrow. You can be sure that NBC will be front and center for this one. What will we hear from him? Boies sells Microsoft short to contribute to my campaign? Gerry hordes coupons for the buy one, get one free, pizza special? Or maybe good old Joe is going to run for a Knesset seat so he can vote for more US aide to pay for larger retirement benefits for government officials? Don't expect anything that will help resolve this election. Gore will demonstrate his true colors and the wrappings that his handlers have spun around him. See him for what he is, and face the Facts. It's over . . . "Get out of Cheney's house!"

SARTRE - November 26, 2000

Time for War

As the Supreme's jump into the fray, we are presented with not a rush to judgment, but a romp up Sand Juan Hill. The line are drawn and the battle cry is shouted! Who will win this struggle for the soul of America? What is this all about when it comes down to the final blows? A voice who speaks for sense and reason offers her assessment. Take the time to read these comments:

Peg of my Heart

Now that you tummy is full and your are content, its time to be brought back to the real world of torment. You lost your voice in the Nation's affairs, because you delegated your consent to those who decide whatever they dare. The barrister's seek to influence, while you wait to know how it will turn. But you have abdicated your rights, and wonder why you never learn. The fault is yours for allowing the power to flee from where it needs to reside. The legislature is where you have a say. Only if you are willing to speak and shout; nay . . . .

But that's not the way you wish it to be. For you might have to be inconvenienced and risk your cup of tea. So you leave to others when the choice is really yours. And complain about it cause the screen strikes to the core. You know its absurd and hate every twist. But you will never lift a finger because you fear you will be dissed. The rabbi just spoke and blamed all those who brought attention to the fix of the count. While his henchmen go out and trash all who demand that the results be replete, and have this process brought to a final complete. How many more fuzzy votes can be found, depends upon how corrupt your counters will go down. Change the rules to suit whatever you want, and scream at all who challenge that way. For none of us are ever suppose to have any say.

The elite's rule and the little men obey, becomes the standard that we all know is true. And if it will someday come to change, it won't be because of you. That's not the way is should be, but how can we expect anything different from people like you and me. Its time to gather the gumption to show, that something means more to you than just more dough. I hear you already, saying don't bother me with that kind of stuff. I still have plenty of food in the frig, and if you don't that is just tuff. So let those princes of the bar convene. 'We the People' only care if we ever become lean. As each day marches on, we get another notch turned up on this con. Its time to bring up the reserves and let them stand firm. Its all about the rule of law and who among us can say, that the lawyers are the way to save the day?

SARTRE - November 24, 2000

Elian Wins !

We have the winner in this election, and the voice of the child speaks out. Oh, what a sight: "Just Say No". When dissent turns to action, how beautiful it becomes. Read those signs new campaign signs, Sore - Loserman . . . What you have is the 'Will Of The People' making itself known. What will a rebuffed court do next? How long will it be before Reno calls in her SWAT team to get that count back on track?

Events are running fast, but the fall out has just begun. 'Big Time' on the side line, in need of a tune up! New federal suit for Atlanta judges to that revenge on those descendants of Sherman? Time to make their own march to the sea, and clean out that clog in that upper plumbing known as the panhandle. And the spin just keeps on turning as the wind blows to gail level. Count every vote, is the cry you still hear. But don't allow those mailings without that postmark seal. Dimples are kool, if they pop for Gore. But squeeze them out if they mush for Bush.

The answer is clear that Fidel should intervene. He has the experience how elections should be. Don't let those rabble rousers get their way. Force them to count on turkey day. Now we have the legislature ready to enter the seen, it's going to be, oh so keen. Tell those folks in those black robs, that the people still count and are not the real dupes. You will get another chance to prove just how arrogant you wish to be. But your legislature may just have something to say, and put you back in your place. So crawl back under that rock where you reside, with the rest of your DemoRAT'S cronies.

During this season where Thanksgiving is due. What can we say about a guy like you? You send out your minions to steal the prize, while the rest of us are just suppose to believe all your lies. Well those South Florida folks have sent you a message, and spoke it loud and clear. That people like you are not wanted here. That boy may be back from where he came. And your will be going to join him in much the same. Cry if you will, for none of us care. You are a sad excuse of for all of us who still dare . . .

SARTRE - November 22, 2000

Solomon Sets The Rules

Any one listening to these markets? Full confidence in the wisdom of the tribunal, is surely being felt! Isn't an activist court just the monarch you always wanted? Ah, but take heart, this isn't over with just yet. The baby hasn't been sliced in half yet . . . And you know that will have to be the course, since the pretender will not give up the child. Count those votes, over and over, again; till you get it right. And if you come up short, just count again. Never mind those absentee, we have had years of experience in reading the mail and now is the time to put those skills to use.

Your questions were great, if you want to know how to extend that reign of those loyal subjects on the Coast of Gold. Give them their due, for they will protect you. All is well, in this kingdom of sin, as we watch with glee, since we all are kin. Yes, business as usual in South Florida continues. And the outcome will surprise no one. Don't miss that final date for certification, cause all those other citizens in your great state, may want to have their electors vote. Surely, you would not want to be disqualified and give the challenger the prize through the back door?

We don't want all those fine government mates to apply with monster.com and flood the market at the same time; now do we? Let's keep them in their place and help your friend. Don't worry what the law says, it's not your job to be concern. Make it up as you go along. It becomes high theater and all stand erect. To see just how you will you make your cut, and what part of the lad will go to whom. A few more weeks of this and we will have even more fun, when the top of the 'Street' sinks into the 'Glades' of your swamps. Don't worry, your check comes from the folks, who do all the work and even if they are out of luck, you will still draw on your account.

A fine way to run a system of law, that tells us to obey, whatever you claim. For who are we to question your deeds, for you are Solomon and we all know what that means. When your Prince mounts his horse in victory, it will be a hollow pyrrhic event. For the rest of us will know that all your gold will not bring sight back to that lady who wears that veil. She dons that blindfold to give equality to all, but now will need to see for herself, the kind of mockery you are making of your decrees. The seal of his office, will bear the stain of your recreancy. And your legacy will bear the shame of your tribe. Is this the wisdom that we all wish you would show? Or is this just another, who lusts for more gold . . .

SARTRE - November 20, 2000

PC - Ballot Battles

So we keep on hearing that all the votes must be counted. But why are those three counties are the only ones in play? You say Prince Albert has offered to have a hand count for the entire state? But hold your horses! Florida State law doesn't grant that authority to the DemoRAT pretender, to make such an offer. You then hear that servility needs to be brought back to the process. And then you hear Alan Dershowitz blast Katherine Harris. And what about that remake that she was acting like a commissar, by that other hack? Funny about all those pregnant ballots they keep finding. Why didn't they get a 'right to choose'? Where is the fair play for 'dimples and chads'? But the best is still, Bob Beckel. The man who will make a deal whatever the price.

Counting Chads

Now with all this going on, what are we being told? The tone offends. The arguments insult. The conclusions defy common sense. But that is the new Reality, in the Twilight Zone of American Politics. Let no one question this process. When Scott McClellan, said there was "clear and compelling evidence" that a Democrat was about to count 1,043 votes for Gore when the Republican counterpart challenged the number, a check showed there were actually only 493 votes; let him be silenced. When Marc Racicot, the Republican governor of Montana, called the process "completely untrustworthy", and blamed Democrats for "a targeted effort" that had succeeded in having as many as 1,100 of the votes, many of which are from military personnel, thrown out; let him be called a radical. And even the recently defrock Rabbi Lieberman tip toes around the fat Timmy Tubba on today's 'Meet the Mess', we are suppose to raise the level of cooperation.

Just who are they all kidding. I don't have a 'dog in this fight'! But any thinking person has to get nauseous with this obvious manilupation of a fair count. Don't you think the line needs to be drawn when they trash 'Storman Norman'? The efforts to disqualify the ballots from the military is the apex of insults. But I forget; they are now UN Troops, and may have relinquished their right to vote. Sure glad those jail birds came along at the right time to take their place . . .

I have been sing this same song for years. Are you ready to hear it now? What more needs to take place for you to wake up? Are you so wraped up in getting along, that you will accept this PC version of the last week? Time to make a stand. I ask, what would you say when its your turn on 'Face the Nation'?

SARTRE - November 19, 2000

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

What happens when you extend an invitation to a visitor, and your guest stays too long? Well, we seem to be in the mist of this dilemma. For years we have had the daily ranting and ravings of the current occupier of our public arena and we just can't seem to put an end to this abuse. We keep listening to all the reports that the outcome is still in question, but we already have a sour feeling in our stomach that this irritation will linger. What is a man suppose to do?

He came for conversation with promises of help, and we hoped his motives were sincere and pure. But as time began to dash ahead, we came to realize that all was not well. What was a plea for bread for all, became a toll for more dough baked from your own kitchen. Has the hungry been satisfied, or do they demand; still to be feed? Yes, feed by you when the abundance of your cupboard depletes. And what does our guest tell us? Just a little bit more . . .

So you take control and voice your disdain, but all you get is a raw discomfort, as the days march on. Is this from food poisoning or just from the rap? When will this end? Let's get it over, becomes the cry. But will it, be over? The question must be asked, will this rude guest heed the message and leave on his own? As they say, the jury is still out. But the point is that a jury will never hear this case. The evidence will be set aside and all will be urged to unite and forget. It's just the 'Will of the People' no matter how many time the facts say different. And in the event that the final tally can't be confirmed, we will hear just bring on the next course.

And if we this discord continues at this culinary banquet, who will be the one to blame? For we have misjudged, and invited a free loader who just will not leave. Who do we call to escort him out? He won't pay his bill much less leave a tip. He came as a guest and, now wants to become your partner. He will micromanage and change the menu. And as anyone knows, there is only one chief in the kitchen. For he want more than just your food or money; he wants to usurp your very sustenance, the reason that you live and breath, much less the need to eat. How do we get him to go?

SARTRE - November 18, 2000

Art of Political War

We have been told for a long time that perception is reality. That facts are secondary to what people think is authentic, at any given time. What is being played out is open warfare of the highest order for the capture of the Psyche of the public. So far the strategy has been in the courts and in the media. But this game will soon start to shift into hand to hand combat in the trenches. With the latest intervention of the Florida Supreme Court, we see the escalation in intensity that will continue for the indefinite future. The public wants a conclusion and closure. But what they will get is turmoil and chaos.

Only the foolish of mind would claim to predict the actual outcome, but what we can say is that the final armistice will not produce peace. Like in most wars, no true victory will emerge. The landscape will be scared and the peasants will become displaced. There will be an occupying army to patrol the borders, but there will be no contentment in the homes of the vanquished. America has entered into a no man's land where the mine fields are lethal and there are no maps where they are laid. Is this the legacy of we wish to endow to our prodigy?

The Six Principles of Political War

The most severe devastation that is being waged is to the mental health of any remaining loyal citizen to the Republic. The media has finally found a substitute for OJ. The endless dribble from inane buffoon talking heads, make us jaded and disgruntled. And all the while the 'black knights' in the service of the feudal lords pillage the serfs that live on this manor of discontent. Is the prize worth all this plunder? Or will we all just need to pay more tribute as the price for this combat? There is no King Richard here to give us hope. But only his malefactor brother, who lust for the throne. We have our own King John, and his name is Prince Albert. And we long for a Robin Hood to bring faith back. And who will you serve? Will you accept this fraud, or will you join me in Sherwood Forest? Our dragon is known, his destruction is felt. Its time for war, before the chains of his sheriff become the bracelets for your wrists.

SARTRE - November 17, 2000

Dick the Butcher

A man we may not know, but he surely knew his foe

They call him a killer and part of the plot Joining another more famous than not That pretender to the throne who toils at his trade Banding together those rabble rousers he made

Most think he was the one who spoke those words But Dick was the man who said no more lords Even though another wears the coat, it was but a fad For the Butcher is the one who is real the Cade

Cade: Be brave, then; for your captain is brave and vows reformation. There shall be in England seven halfpenny loaves sold for a penny. (Cheap bread) the three hooped pot shall have ten hoops, (Pots will hold much more liquor) and I will make it felony to drink small beer. All the realm shall be common; (the same) and when I am King there shall be no money; all shall eat and drink on my score; (at his expense) and I will apparel them all in one livery; (all dress alike) that they may agree like brothers and worship me their lord.


Cade: Nay, that I mean to do. Is not this a lamentable thing, that of the skin of an innocent lamb should be made parchment, being scribbled o'er, should undo a man: Some say the bee stings; but I say, "tis the bee's wax: for I did but seal once to a thing, and I was never mine own man since."

Henry VI, part 2 - William Shakespeare

SARTRE - November 16, 2000

Sanity on the Cheap

Mr. Kocher's series addresses a central question that haunts our society. Just who is normal, and just who suffers from self delusions? A primary reason that our 'Civilization' has broken into millions of parts, is that there is no longer any generally accepted view of 'Reality'. Who communicates with confidence that our thought are understood by our fellow neighbor? People hear only that which they wish to accept. The bearer of unsettling news is ushered into a back corner of their psychic, and is portrayed as not one of us. But who is us, any longer? Words have lost their meaning and purpose. Demagogues mold perception because standard understanding of ideas has been stripped from the culture. So just who is sane, and who is daft?

The answer is not a difficult one. But to reach this insight, one must possess an acceptance into the traditional meaning of what our common human experience represents for the last several millenniums. In the most recent past, this was not in question. But for the last century and a half, we have been on a continual road to annihilation. The patient is sick, and his diagnosis is a chronic affliction that if not treated, will become terminable. But as with most incapacitating illness, the invalid is unable to achieve wellness on their own. However, the prescription of their physicians are viewed with apprehension when they require a change in lifestyle. No wonder that so many opt for the snake oil, votary promises of the witch doctor.

Are you sick of this condition? Do you really want stability of the conscious mind to return to our Nation? Well, if you do, listen to the optometrist for this blind land. Recline on the couch and allow your inner most fears and dreams to be spoken. And heed the advise and take the medicine, and restore your health. I know that I will eagerly await each episode in this series. The challenge to you is to read them and learn. If you are serious in wanting to help put an end to this American Tragedy, you will need to know who is part of the solution, and who IS the problem. For some of you, the dye has already been cast, and the bottle is sealed. But for those who still have doubts, drink your caster oil. It may taste bitter, but it will heal you. You have been drinking that 'Kool Aide' for too long. You should remember how that congregation turned out?

Will you resolve to heal thyself? Or are you content to slowly wither on the vine of hopes unfulfilled? Once and for all, I challenge you to confront your own demons and test yourself. Are you SANE?

SARTRE - November 15, 2000

We Know what 'IS', "IS" same as Arbitrarily

Its late, Its late; what time is it? I'm going to be late . . . Well Alice, we are looking into through that glass and the room is all out of whack. Pray tell what are we going to do? So glad that Boss Daley has confidence in the wisdom of Florida judges. Then why are you suing all these Counties? I must be missing something. Can anyone help out, and explain all this?

There was one man who made sense today. A man who I vigorously disagree on Foreign Policy, but will certainly give credit to a measured and prudent approach now that the War has been brought to our own shores. Sec Baker, you were the portrait of confidence. Too bad that the RepubliCAN'TS get their act together. When will you guys 'Get It'? The point of this playground squabble is that the DemoRAT'S team is not about to give up the home field advantage. They have the sportscasters on their side and those sideline reporters are use to chat in the locker room. But most striking is that the umpires have several rule books to refer to. One that favors the home offense and another when the visiting team has the ball. But if by fluke, the Elephants seem to be driving to the goal; they can always call a penalty for unsportsman like conduct. Who could doubt that the stubborn don't rule the day? They may call you Asses, but you seem to have a better memory than your counterpart. And they have a reputation for remembering? Ill founded, by any standard.

So what does a deadline mean? Answer, not enough to settle the dispute. So were is this thing going? No one can say for sure, but one FACT is true. The enemy have the keys to the kingdom. Their name is on the letterhead. They have all those business cards. Who is going to tell them to give it all up? If 'IS', is no longer "IS", what will they say about a much larger phrase, like its time to leave? Maybe, just maybe, they will not understand! Will they appeal to the Queen of Hearts to settle this mess? Now we are on to something.

Its late, its late; and we all know what time it is. But will you Sec Baker, send into the game your first team, or will you be satisfy in playing touch ball? You are all free agents, and the owners of this team are willing to pay a big bonus for scoring the winning TD. You boys have a reputation for fumbling

the ball. This game is in overtime and may well be settled by a fieldgoal. Its late, its late; what time is left? Get serious and suck it up! Have your men block that line. This is the big one, the real Superbowl. Is late, its late; and the clock is ticking down. Who will be the hero? Who will kick that last fieldgoal? Please Sec Baker, tell me that Scott Norwood is not on the team?

SARTRE - November 14, 2000

Time For Debate Is Over

Has your wealth suffered a step decline this week? Well, not as much as your rights as an American. For those of you who have heard my warnings over and over, it seems that you need to face up to the 'Reality' that has overcome us all. The seriousness of this crisis is obvious. Surely, you can no longer deny what is happening. But do you care? What will it take to wake you up? A knock on your door is no longer unthinkable. The actions of this junta only lack the tanks in the streets. Their ruthless, arbitrary and deceitful methods to control and manipulate events can no longer be denied. People, you are living under an Old Regime; one that promises you 'Cake', but will give you the spectacle of the mob, while it steals your birth right. No man of 'Good Will' should tolerate this assault upon our traditional institutions.

They scheme not for a cause of individual freedom or personal dignity! But they run rough shot over the civil order solely for their own retention of power. They will not leave. They will not concede. And they will destroy anyone that will stand in their way. There is no nobility in their intent, and surely, not in their deeds. What will emerge is a 'Terror'. One that will seep into every crevice of society and strike fear, deep into the hearts of all. I spoke these words earlier in the year: "As for myself, I am an ordinary, lawful American citizen who has witnessed for the past thirty years, the systematic, ruthless and devastating erosion of our liberties by a government behaving in an unconstitutional and corrupt manner. The bottom line is that I shall not tolerate further infringements on my inalienable rights. - What a shame that you don't agree with these words. For you are still among those in the 'grazing meadows of sweet-grass'.


Reaching The Point Of No Return by Sergei Hoff. Read again, or for the first time. The conditions that we are living under sets to rest any concerns of the weak knee and the shy apathetic. The reasons we need to protect ourselves is clear. No one will protect you but yourself. Your Government is busy in the practice of extortion, and you are the hostage, and no one will pay the ransom. Folks, it has all come down to THEM and US. But I am not sure that some of you are among the 'Minutemen' that will defend that bridge. Prince Albert has just spoken. The gauntlet has been thrown down and it spans a river called the 'Rubicon'. He wants to be a Robespierre and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. What will you do? What will you say to your grandchildren, when asked what did you do when the Republic died and the Empire brought Lady Liberty to the guillotine?

SARTRE - November 13, 2000

Realpolitik and the Media

Are you listening to the yarn that is being woven? Are you looking at the material from which it is spun? No better example is needed than that stalwart protector of Democracy, the host of 'Meet the Press'. Tim Tim ! How could you allow that old prune to stare into that lens and let it be know to all, that only the coronation of Prince Albert is acceptable to your hordes? You just heard Sec Baker embrace reasonable and sane conduct, so why would you let that bearer of false truths, Sec Christopher announce that power will not be relinquished? So it has come to end this charade, and finally admit to the public, that the Emperor will proclaim the Dictatorship.

It certainly looks like Huxley was right: "In the democratic West there is economic censorship and the media of mass communication are controlled by members of the Power Elite." Where is the balance that every fellow citizen deserves? Has the dormant viewers been lulled into such a deep sleep that they no longer know or care, when abuse and theft happens in front of their own eyes? I blame you and your ilk. You have help create this propaganda monster that feeds on deceit and subterfuge, while the Nation becomes the fatal causality to this conflict. Some of us are not naive, we have know this for years. But now the circumstance is so deplete that no camouflage is needed any longer. Just issue another 'Executive Order' . . . .

What happen to the independent reporter? We both know, don't we Tim? He is as forlorn as an honest man, counting punch whole ballots. Perception has now become Reality to most. Truth is no where to be found. No where can we find servants to the 'Public Trust', and no longer will we be able to rely on practitioners that foster the 'Common Good'. And, all the while, you keep breaking bread with all these guardians of the Nation.

Who would believe that Huxley has been watching your program so many years ago? Where are the voices of the discontent? You said just the other week, yourself: "Drudge is NOT a creditable source". Well, are you worthy of this sacred public trust? Was it not one of your fellow networks who forced that lonely voice off the air waves? Think real hard, Tim; or maybe you might want that warn out lawyer to answer for you. Isn't it true that your profession, of which you are still a part of; is trained in the techniques of the fabrication? Not much different from your normal pattern, now is it Tim?

"Censorship by rising costs and the concentration of communication power in the hands of a few big concerns is less objectionable than State ownership and government propaganda; but certainly it is not something of which a Jeffersonian democrat could possibly approve." HELLO, Aldous . . . . Guess what we have now! A profession of Big Mike's and Little Joe's that clone into a Tom, Dan or Peter, with easy. Yes old Tom Jefferson himself would think that the country morphed into a vision of Hamilton on the Baghdad. And you know Tim, he and Aldie would be right.

SARTRE - November 12, 2000

The Last Hurrah

So you are getting sick from watching the sausage being made? Is this the Prime Cut that you wish to dine on? Or is it being made from the residue from the South Side stock yards? Stamped with the Daley kosher seal of approval! Well, this infested carcass is the latest vestige of the Old Big City Politics at work. How appropriate to cry out again: "The Whole World is Watching", Boss Daley . . . .

And some of you condemn the Electoral College for not reflecting the Will of the People? Think again. Making the 'Machine' the final judge of what is a fair election is like giving the keys to your house to your neighborhood rapist. So you say those Republicans should accept additional tallies. But what comes from such folly? Just more opportunities to bring out the Cook County morgue list. Where is that famous saying we all heard for over a year: "Let Just Move On?"

Count all the absentee ballots and certify the vote. The psychological warfare that is being employed against the American System is obvious to any thinking person. How long will it before 'El Presidente' will just void the election? You say that's impossible! Well, that is exactly what is going on when you allow this sick perversion of the judiciary. The filings of the Republicans are most unfortunate, but the forces of the cabal must be prevented from destroying the orderly selection of a new President. Let the chips falls as they may.

Look at the map below. Those blue areas are the swamps of the enemy. They are not confined to just Florida. They exist in every metropolitan region, where the reptiles seek to prey upon the weak and careless. Its no wonder that the civilize world rebukes the snake. The antidote for bites from these vipers is available to all if they wish to save their lives. Cast them out of your 'Community'. Restore sense and sanity to the process. Hold 'Boss Daley' accountable for his thievery and make him just as unwelcome in our political arena as did the patron of his ancestry homeland, drove out his kind from its land . . . St Patrick, your work is not yet done.

SARTRE - November 11, 2000

A Country Divided

What lesson can be drawn from the election results? You may not hear this discussion in the Press or in the Media, but it should be clear to all that this is no longer 'ONE NATION'. Both coast are

very different worlds from the Heartland. Their values and view of government are now diametrically opposte to each other. Why then do people play this charade that our devotion should be to a Central Government that no longer reflects our principles and traditions? Are you one of the many that are willing to sell out your heritage, for the feeble promise of a 'Craddle to Grave' future? Well, I'm not one of the many . . .

It is insane to continue on this road of self induced pseudology. This Nation has become the Balkins. The solution is to allow for its breakup. But this notion is the ultimate heresy to your masters. They will tell you that your duty is to THEM, and not to the vision of America. They will insist you don't have the right to live under an authority that you freely give your consent too. At present, you are THEIR'S; they know it, and they refuse to allow you to resist.

Our National debate should center on the fundamental question of 'Self Rule', and how we can make it our live's work? You may say it can never happen! Well, just look around the world. This same struggle continues everywhere, and on everyday. When will you wake up to the 'Reality' that you have become chattel property to the Daley's and Christopher's of this world.

The Heartland has the means within their control. Shut down all transportation roads, rails and water avenues to both coast and all major cities. The enemy reside in their protected bastions as fedual lords, and depend upon their serfs for the necessarities of life. Deprive them of their requirements. Let them feed upon their own lies and deceit. Let their beloved Media spin the yarn for their clothing. And let their home be heated from the hot air that their lawyers and politicians belch. The Hope for Freedom is at hand, if you have the courage to become your own emancipator. Close down air traffic across the Heartland and let the plutocrats sail through the Panama Canal and pay tribute to their allies . . .

SARTRE - November 10, 2000

The Raw Underside of POWER

The ugliness is for all to see! The process is being torn apart. The insanity of the arguments are being exposed for their absurd perversion of logic. The ignorant whine because they are stupid. So what makes them qualified to vote in the first place? And the news media presents the most bias crusade for their 'Collectivist' masters. Now are you accepting what you are being told? Or are you willing to investigate what is really happening?

The fraud that is being inflicted upon all of us is the final insult to our Nation. The reins of power will not be willingly surrendered. The forces of subversion contiue to deceive! Its 'YOUR' government at work, preventing even the most minor attempt at change. The Republicans aren't about to turn this country upside down, but the Democrats surely want to destroy the last remnant of this Republic. Are you willing to allow the judiciary to decide an election and virtually Rule, without any pretence? Are you willing to allow the two parties to control the entire election process? I submit that a truly independent body, void of ALL political affiliations, lawyers and ANY government personal; be established to design, run, and tabulate all future elections. WAR has been declared upon the 'Rule of Law'. Those who are entrusted to administer that process, ARE the real criminals.

I would rather select citizens by lot to run this emerging 'Banana Republic', than to keep the current crowd. Why can't you accept that this is the abyss, and Reno may yet emerge to enforce the will of the 'establishment', upon the rest of us. Just start calling me Elian Gonzalez! Its going to be a bumpy ride.

SARTRE - November 9, 2000

First Thoughts on the Loss of the REPUBLIC

It is far too early to project the final out come to this Constitutional crisis. But make no mistake about it, its NOT 'Business as Usual'. I urge you to read THE FIRST AMERICAN COUP D'ETAT article on next

page. Lazamataz is correct on the new authority that has been put in the hands of Reno. The Electoral College is our Constitutional protection against the tyranny of the majority. And have no doubt about it, the public will NOT decide this outcome with their ballot. The power of the Elite's will be seen in its raw form as seldom before, as this crisis plays itself out.

You will be told by the controlled media that you must support the outcome of this FRAUD, that will be forced upon all of us. What you are seeing is the 'Cultural War' in its true form. Its the beginning of the end of the Two Party System. The struggle is not whether Bore or Dush becomes the next President. Its whether ANY of these votes are free of manipulation, distortion and criminal fraud? Can there be any Truth in this process any longer? Could there be any legitimacy left to 'Rationalize', any longer?

I have warned you that Klinton will not surrender power easily. Only the next several months will answer this concern. But what will remain of our REPUBLIC when all the dust settles? The 'Rule of Law' will not be perserved if you rely on Reno to decide this question. I urge you to involve yourself into this process now, before the absurity of the masses force the coronation on a 'Caesar', and the Republic is lost forever. Cicero said it best: "Every evil in the bud is easily crushed: as it grows older, it becomes stronger".

SARTRE - November 8, 2000

December 2000

Two Standards, Let Us Not Forget!

Now that the count is in and the outcome assured, can we say it's really over? Well, the election is settled, but what can we conclude about the nightmare of the last eight years? Let's start with the little stuff. A eight plus million dollars advance for a book. No ethics problem here, she's hasn't taken the oath yet! What has changed? NOTHING. Where is Mr David E. Bonior, DemocRAT whip for equally applying the Newt, don't influence me, standards? Nowhere to be found. Next we have reports that the Criminal in Chief wants his own TV interview show. Move over Rosie, the man is coming to town. Yes you guest it, good old NBC in negotiations. And finally we have the real estate agents on the prowl in Georgetown for a new shack for the wicked witch. Money no object, just a mere four mill, and a house with a history too. Funny that this crew, had not a pot to their name when they first came to town. The LBJ tradition, holds true.

The question that needs your attention, is why the media shows so much pretension? I trust you know what few will admit. That the bias is clear and that anointed one's always get the fix. If you want to change the status that only knows its quo. You will get the double barrel treatment rate up your own nose. The Creep could act any old way. And no one would ever have a bad word to say. But let one of those reformers dare to make good. And all of us will show him how wrong he was. To forget that the image is made by us. Never do we need to be fair, cause we control all that could.

So who should we blame for this culture of shame? Any time you allow the powerful to walk. You get an even more corrupt replacement who know the same talk. The people don't care, they are doing OK. Just keep they amused and convinced them all do the same. Reward the crooks for this is OUR town. And let no one enter, who wears a frown. Its a party for all who plays the game. And woe to those who seek to make it tame. We love our own, and hate the rest. They don't live here, they are all at points due west. Spread the money around and look the other way. We all have careers and need our own pay. Never worry when others question the details. We'll keep them off the tract with more of our confusion. The real sins will never be seen, for they are but allusions.

You folks accept this pattern of deceit and close your eyes to felonies galore. For you don't want to upset your world which is such a bore. Never demand that justice be found. It may require that you will have to shed a few pounds. Keep the double standard in place at all cost. We love the RATS and need to beat up on the CANT'S. So I ask if this condition is what you are willing to accept? Or could there be a better solution. If only a few of you cared about ending this delusion. My doubts that you will fight for that which is right. Is the reason that we all share in, this dire plight. As long as the rules favor the few. No one with get out of this deadly stew. Hang the wicked from the highest tree. Its the only way we will get what is right for you and me . . .

SARTRE - December 18, 2000

What Powell and Rice Will Bring?

With the naming of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice to head up the Foreign Policy team, what should we expect from the Bush administration? The simple answer, not much of a change in any fundamental direction. Now you say, what's wrong with that? Well, I urge you to read the interview with Rudolph Rummel on the Critique Page, but for our purpose, I'll submit the following quotation:

"During this century's wars, there were some 38 million battle deaths, but almost four times more people - at least 170 million - were killed by governments for ethnic, racial, tribal, religious, or political reasons. I call this phenomenon democide, and it means that authoritarian and totalitarian governments are more deadly than war."

Since this is the chronicle of the methods of government policy towards their own citizens, what should we expect that the 'Colossus of the World' to do about this reality? Some may advocate that 'WE' must not allow this record to continue, even if it requires going to war! For those, I ask: "Just point out where ANY efforts of military aggression has brought about an end to this madness?" The nature of the beast is the issue, and that BEAST is the concept of government, as it presently exists, in most of the world. Democracy is but a hollow abstraction, in a world where force rules. But the compliance that is demanded by most regimes, rely not on the bullets and batons, that we seldom see when they are used, in our main stream media; but more by the fear and self imposed acceptance of a fate that is demeaning and controlled.

The people of the world, intuitively; know the facts that Mr Rummel has researched. And into this mix we see a changing of the guard in American Foreign Policy. Will the U.S. take a hard line against continual power accumulation by the U.N.? Will the State Department bring the troops home from the Balkans? And just what about that Bush nemesis from Iraq? Yes, more money will be spent on the military and intensity will increase on the latest version of Star Wars, but what about a real change in the direction of more then the last half century? Powell says it's now a mosaic! To whatever degree that has any meaning, just what picture does it portray? Is it the vision of hope, or just more of the same suffering? For those who are willing to reply to my question, include examples where U.S. intervention has achieved any of the same desire results. I'm sure that the people in Iraq would like to know where the successes have been . . . .

SARTRE - December 17, 2000

Albert Gore Is My Name by Gene Callahan and Stu Morgenstern

Wednesday night in his concession speech, Al Gore said that he was going Back to Tennessee to "mend fences, both figuratively and literally." When we heard those words, an image began to form in our minds, a tune to flutter at the fringes of our memories... What was it, that melody we remembered oh so well? Ah, The Band! - "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down." Suddenly, we saw Gore transformed to a mythic figure, a Virgil Caine for the modern age:

Albert Gore is my name I worked out a great campaign Till Dubya's lawyers came And threw out my votes again I was the winner I am quite certain I know the true intent of those behind the curtain December 12, the Supreme Court fell That's a night I remember oh so well

The night they drove old Al Gore down All the pundits were grieving The night they drove old Al Gore down Jesse Jackson's still believing They went, "Waah, waah-waah, waah-waah-waah Waah-waah waah-waah, waah-waah waah-waah-waah"

Back with Tipper in Tennessee When one day she calls to me Albert, quick come see There goes another Bushie Now I don't mind mendin' fences I'm not quite in my right senses You can take the Midwest, even take Kentucky But they never should have taken my state from me!

The night they drove old Al Gore down The Democrats were shouting The night they drove old Al Gore down Paul Begala couldn't stop pouting They went, "Waah, waah-waah, waah-waah-waah Waah-waah waah-waah, waah-waah waah-waah-waah"

Like my father before me, I am a DC man, Like my father above me, who took a rebel stand. He was just 62, proud and brave, When a GOP dog dug his political grave, I swear by the chads down below my feet, You can't keep a Gore down even in defeat.

The night they drove old Al Gore down Despite David Boies' fees The night they drove old Al Gore down Despite Paul Krugman's pleas They went, "Waah, waah-waah, waah-waah-waah Waah-waah waah-waah, waah-waah waah-waah-waah"

December 16, 2000

Ode to the Completed Election by Gary North

The spectacle has run its course; it's time for celebration. The networks now will shift concern to the inauguration. Perhaps the viewers will forget and not seek to embarrass The jerks who confused exit polls with word from Mrs. Harris.

The teams of lawyers will go home; they've made their point quite strongly. The courts must get involved, or else the public will choose wrongly. They've let us know we're little more than children sucking licorice: Paralyzed and helpless until lawyers get their vigorish.

Al Gore will second-guess himself, re-thinking every motion. A surfer who just missed the wave in the electors' ocean. But now the wave has passed him by, too painful to be funny. Along the shore, so blonde and sore, struts New York's own surf bunny.

"If only this, if only that": these thoughts will drive him bonkers. He had so hoped to choose among the status-seeking wonkers. He served so faithfully, he thinks, through China and Lewinsky. And, in return, his boss's wife is now the big butt-inski.

When games go into overtime, the players know that winners Will be the saints, which always leaves the losers as the sinners. And there sits Al Gore on the bench, his head low and dejected. He'll spend years watching replays where no vote is resurrected.

He told us all that he was sure that earth hung in the balance. And spent a month complaining like a kid with no allowance. The fate of Mother Earth, it seems, was really very simple. But now she's doomed, and just because a vote is not a dimple!

So Al must live with the results of the electors' college. To bear in silence recollections of unspoken knowledge. He needed just three votes to trim the Bushes' dreams of glory. The four votes from New Hampshire - Ralph deflected - wrote the story.

And so we leave Al Gore to ruminate about the judges. The vote was sharply five to four, but seven-two with smudges. The folks in robes behind closed doors gave blurred opinions, filled-in With footnotes that turned poor Al Gore into Samuel J. Tilden.

The nation now has dynasties that offer us our choices. The Bushes, Gores, and Kennedies: they speak with solemn voices. And maybe now a new one, for a public so benighted, Assuming he stays out of jail, and she won't get indicted.

December 15, 2000

Suck Eggs

Now that the first round of assessments are in, what can be said? The Republicans need to prove that the CAN'TS in their name doesn't apply to passing legislation, but needs to be disproved that they are unwilling to hold onto principles. The agenda is theirs to lose. The DemoRAT'S 'Lost the Election'. The call for no more partisanship is an euphemism for accepting the progressive program. Now is the time to hold firm, set the direction and let them scream all they wish. The goal isn't passing more laws, but to change the direction on the rudder of the ship.

If you want to dish up an omelet, you need to break eggs. So let the cooking begin. The chefs in this kitchen know the recipe for the mix. The heat of the stove is at a high temperature, the ingredients are all in place, so will the cook break the yoke or just drop the egg into a pan of water and settle for a hard-boiled?

The vote if held today, would favor those who won even more. Its fine to heal, but being nice is not the standard. Doing business is the method that needs to be used. Make a deal when it makes sense, and take a walk when you get the same old jive. Do you remember the way it was not so long ago? Speaker Tom Foley and Sen leader George Mitchell, were the most vitriol of any recent task masters. They never showed one ounce of reasonableness during their reign. Learn from the accomplished perverts and push your plan and wear down the opposition. You have the bloody pulpit, USE IT.

And what would be so bad if nothing got done. All that have passed before have not been fun. You are the boss, so act like you know how. The outs will just claim you never meant what you said, anyhow. Lay out the plan you wish to sell. The people are patience if you only will tell. Forget all that media bump and run. They will never love your, my son. Put the best around in the cabinet of your choice. The conformation process will be but a small annoyance. As long as you don't call for unanimous anointment. The country awaits your call to fame. Don't let us down with all that has been the same. Break those eggs and we will eat them raw. All we want is for your to obey the law.

SARTRE - December 14, 2000

Is It Really Over?

With all the accolades coming from the talking heads for Gore and his speech, we are finally getting the real story behind the reporting. Their lament is showing through. Their sorrow is being revealed. Their cause has suffered defeat, if but temporary. But he has become like yesterday's news. Wrap him in the paper and throw him out with the remains of all the rest of the dead fish. He lost because of the residue of Klinton. Gore's comments after the impeachment supporting Klinton cost him his home state of Tennessee and the election. Its over for him and justice has been served.

So we can turn our attentions to that other guy. Who will he appoint to this administration of inclusion? He's the list that will overshadow events to come. Brother Neil for Sec of Treasury, the man who puts silver back in the dough (remember Silvardo?) Another brother Jed to head up immigration policy. He will set standards for citizenship and extradite those dumb Florida voters who don't know the meaning of a chad. Loyal wife Laura will be assigned the dirty task of delousing the new homestead. Big Momma Bush will face the odorous stench of the all knowing press, as she relates story successes in learning how to read. Papa will take charge of the former business and start selling tickets to pay for the team's top salary star.

The rest of the team will see Jim Baker get to be the ambassador to Israel! A dream that the hard liners deserve. Corlin will get extra duties! Negotiate and set down the law, with foreign elements within your own shores called JJ. Ms Rice will seek to restore respect for the gentle gender after the nose who never knew her family. Ari will attempt to answer a question instead of deny. And Frank K. will get a shot at putting the SWAT'S back in their place. If you have any doubts who is at the top, Dick is in charge to sort it all out. As for the rest of the squad of want-a-bees, there will be plenty of chances to put a new face on shame.

My own recommendation for the very first act. Is to reeve up those engines of that big blue bird and send the Baldwin clan back, with all the rest of the terds. The nerds are coming and the landscape will have a new face. But don't hold your breath for any meaningful change. Its going to be a very slow pace. The Congress will take the lead to inflict a new gridlock. A condition that should be seen as a turn in the country's luck. The less that gets done, the fewer the mistakes. For what we have gone through, has all been fake. Keep your hopes tempered at best. For what we will get has yet to pass the test. If you think the tables have changed for the good. You sure are not a brother from the hood. Time will tell what the future will bring. As for me, I'm going to have a great fling.

SARTRE - December 13, 2000

What A Christmas It Could Have Been!

HUMAN EVENTS - Jackson Accuses Jeb of Civil Rights Violations

As the Florida Supremes come to their senses with allowing the Lewis and Clark decisions to stand we see the light shining from that tunnel void. Now all we need to get this behind us is to have the Federal robes say 'Aye'. But what kind of seasons cheer could it have been? The children could have had, their presents stolen from under their trees as their parents would have sucked down another round of holiday bliss. As the movie houses are packed for another hit, we could have had a different star on that marquee.

Who says that good things don't happen during the Christmas Season? How different it could have been! Just look at the comments of the Rev. Jesse Jackson: "We will take to the streets right now, we will delegitimize Bush, discredit him, do whatever it takes, but never accept him."

What a message during the celebration of brother love. No wonder the father has joined the son on the list of infamy. And let us not forget that the preacher of platitudes have been in daily talks with the Gorinch himself, by his own admission. Pray tell, what might they be talking about? Food for the troops while the campaign is being planned? Well, now it starts to make sense. They would spread the plenty around from the sacrifices of the kids, who really don't need that present from under the tree. Its all for the children; remember? So let them share in the community spirit and help the folks to expose this foe. Bush won't be my main man, we need not let him get a helping hand. Our boy has been slighted and we will not stand still. For such a reverse of the bennies, that will get such a chill. Bring in the Rev with all his clout. We need him to lead and have him shout.

No matter what the court will say. We never accept that which, doesn't pay. We know where to vote and who to support. For if we don't, it could be back with another court tort. Its just that you didn't tell us how to punch that chad. We were not told just how, we might be had. Now we know and we want it made right. Even if it takes the ruin of the kids fun all night. You owe us big and we want it paid up front. Or you will get the rest of us for all the next month. Never accept that cowboy hat dude, he's not one of us and must be a prude. The Gorinch man is hip and swings when he hops. And looks so fine after we pass the next pop. Tell them Rev, we are behind you all the way. I sure can't wait for another day. We want it now and not tomorrow. And this other guy will never make the moola keep comin. Just who he thinks, us guys aren't funnin.

So children be safe and don't worry. The Gorinch has lost and his band of merry friends will just make a lot of noise. Don't be afraid or be concern. Have a great Christmas and learn.

SARTRE - December 12, 2000

Are Sick Of This Banter, Yet?

Now that the arguments are done and the briefs submitted, its just a short wait to get a decision. I don't know about you, but I want to get this over, once and for all and start on more important topics. Its time to look at the Bush Administration and project where we go from here. You haven't heard much about the surplus lately, have you? Is there anyone who still thinks there is really all that much of a windfall, coming on the horizon? And who among us would bet on a tax cut that will be real? The point is that the business of the Nation has not changed, nor is it likely that anything of true substance will come about. The squabbles that will fill the days, weeks and months to come are diversions to the core struggle.

It will be great sport to witness the patronage that will be dished out. Novak talks about Sen. John Ashcroft could be up for Attorney General! Such a reward for losing to a dead man . . . and succeeding a zombie witch. Keeping Sen. Trent Lott as majority leader, just means that the Democrats will get the keys to the offices with a view. And where is that brave soul Dick Armey for the last few years? No where to be found and certainly seldom heard. The strategy for playing it safe has brought the House down upon the 'lots' of them, with an 'army' of the enemy entering the home of the content.

So where do you want this country to go from here? Do you want more government or less? I hope you will be so feed up by now that you recognize the value of having a diminished role of the forces of control. But sad as it is, there is very little likelihood that ANY meaningful change in the direction of this ship will be made. The context that I offer for your consideration is summed up within the question: "Who benefits from all this Turmoil?" I will leave the answer to that question up to your scrutiny. Its not for me to provide the answers. You need to start the process of thinking for yourself. For if you made this task a regular part of your daily life, we all may not have found ourselves in this dilemma. It matters what each of us desire for the future. Some may have learned a profound lesson from the last several month, while others have just entrenched themselves in their own self pity. Which will it be for you?

Watch closely the debate and the personalities. View the traditional media with the greatest trepidation. Recognize that your apathy has allowed these manipulators to foster their slanted sham upon all or us. Don't beg of and fall back to sleep. The public debate affects you and your loved one. And if the polemics are left to the few, the many will suffer. Do you really think that any of this crowd cares about your best interests? Let's 'GET REAL' !!! Start your own search for the information that is accurate and ignore the propaganda that the 'Gray Lady' and their kind will shove upon you. The record of the media should be clear to all, by now. The contest for information has many new sources. Start listening to them. And get involved in this war of ideas that ultimately will rule the day. Let's hear from you and debate the future you truly want . . .

SARTRE - December 11, 2000

The Florida Vote

For any of you who still are of a mind that this political systems works, you just got slapped in the face. We have heard all our life that this is a Nation of laws. Well, the Florida Supreme Court has just proved to all, that a 'Court' in the most obscene, illogical and inane ruling I have ever seen, has decided that four of their ilk are ability to RULE over any entire nation. This is a joke that even you should get . . .

It matters little that their former ruling is contradicted. It matters even less that they ignore the stern rebuke of the Federal Supremes. But the most tragic aspect, is that the canons of the law has lost all meaning. The asylum that you see, reaches out and touches you. Will you open your window, and scream out load: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore". Or will you just take another sip from your beer can? Oh, how long will it be for Reno to ride to the rescue? A national emergency is unfolding and the final outcome is clear. Its clear that the loser is the Republic and the rule of law. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO BECOMES PRESIDENT !!! The federal government will, in the all its branches assume even greater powers. A final resolution will come about.

A new count is meaningless. The results from such a charade is folly. The open warfare that will ensue among the Florida legislature and their top court, the Federal Supremes, the Congress and the Klinton Administration will guarantee a divison within this nation that you have not seen since Viet Nam. I hope you will view this eruption of political sentiment as an opportunity. Its time to take sides. Its time to take back the institutions of this country. Its time to hold traitors to the Constitution accountable. 'Tar and Feathering' was once an accepted practice. But your 'PC' society would be offended by such a thought. Public humiliation and mortification is not enough. Make these lepers unwelcome in all of society. Drive them from shores! Back their bags and send them on their way . . .

The break up of America has started. Accept the 'Reality' that the union is OVER. This is all about 'Who Rules' ! John Marshall is turning in his grave with the perversion of him most famous case, Marbury vs. Madison. How sad and tragic that you sit there and accept this insanity with such nonchalance. Julian Beck would be proud of your insipid participation in his theater. The more you lean back, the greater the madness. The street will reflect the megalomania. But in it's portrayal of life, you will find those who 'Wish to be King', to be the real inmates in this sanitarium. And none of us are on the road to recovery as long as this cadre of tyrants are allowed to reshape the rules, far after the fact. The Law is too important to allow only the few to decide the fate of a Nation. The Law is NOT Supreme, when you make it up as you go along. And if you can't see that, you are ready to perform with the Beck troop . . .

SARTRE - December 8, 2000

Lewis and Clark Run the Rapids

Who is this Julian Beck person that scared all of us to death?

As with any expedition into the unknown, you need to be prepared for whatever that comes your way. You need a compass to point the direction. Well, what did we hear today? Those brave explorers are going to talk to one another! Funny, I was always told the a judge deliberating a decision doesn't discuss the case with others? I must have missed something along the way. But, then; I'm not the one running those perilous currents of the Big Mo.

But don't fear, Sacagawea will show the way. She knows that Seminole tribe speaks with a fork tongue. And that the prize over the great divide is worth the journey. A whole county lays before you! The destiny of a Nation will be fulfilled with the treasures of a new land as your reward. Don't lose faith, continue on. Many have considered your goal, too dangerous to seek. And most would just prefer to forget that you have made this trip. For who would want to upset our own well run ship. Don't tell or show us of what we do not know. For we are unwilling to give up the reins to our hated foe.

Somehow your bosses will keep you from going too far. For they will not be happy to let you break par. They will have the final say, unless that Top Court shouts nay. And we will have to seek relief from that band of legislative creeps. They stand for all that smart one's like us all know. Is rotten and spoiled for they just will not go with the flow. Just who do they think they really represent? Surely it can't be 'US', that they resent! The people's house can't be allowed. To let stand a count that has gone afoul. We will step in to set it all straight. Who could dare, get in 'OUR' face. So Lew and Kik, don't travel too far afield. You both know well your place is with 'US' heals. The unknown is bad and needs to be avoided. Don't surprise 'US' with any contrary views. For if you do, you will never paid your dues.

So will the frontier become open to all. Or will it remain the province for those who sit in that big hall? Rule as you must, but never forget. That you can be placed back from where you have once came. And our 'Man' will be glad to see you get no fame. You risk in this journey the loss of all you have known. If you venture off that tract that we all have flown. Stay on the reservation and let others explore. You are one of 'US' and could be even more. Forget that prize that a Nation needs. Its only a false notion of LIBERTY. So talk to each other and get your stories straight. We are depending on you to seal 'OUR' Boy's fate. Don't let that red skin lead you astray. We need you to help 'US' carry the day. That river has always taken a very high toll. Don't let yourselves be just another lost in that current. Break with the law and side with 'US'. You will be remembered not for what you discovered, but for your devotion to those who only LUST . . .

SARTRE - December 7, 2000

Bush Disappoints as Expected

"I have all the confidence in the world that the Clinton administration and the next administration, which I hope is the Bush administration, will do whatever it takes to send a chilling signal to terrorists that we'll protect our property and our people."

So says George W. Bush. So the cruise missiles production line will run overtime. And you wonder why I would never support this kind of policy? The circumstances may vary, but will the results of responses change. Of course it won't. Why? Its the POLICY, stupid . . .

No sane citizen seeks terrorism to come to their shore. But why would anyone be surprised when it does come with all its horror? The reason that America is loaded in so much of the world is exactly because of this attitude. Just what is the interests of America in world affairs? When the Trilateralists direct the administration, you will pay in the end. Do the American people benefit from the foreign policy that has held this Nation hostage for the entire last century? Think about it. Answer that question for yourself. Don't accept my position, nor should you ignore it; but you do have an obligation to answer that question.

I would firmly support a strong DEFENSE of the shores of America, but totally reject that the resources and the blood of misguided believers need to be shed for the betterment of the Corporate/State. To protect oneself from terrorism at home, don't commit it against other nations, yourself. Bush is the same old, same old. The long awaited reversal in direction will never come about, if you are willing to accept these kind of statements and then settle down for your evening dinner. The choice is yours, and why am I not surprised when you reply, who cares! It won't be me at risk. Well, think again, and remember that when you abdicate your morality, you become an accessory to the terror.

SARTRE - December 6, 2000

Where The Action Will Be

With all eyes turned to the Florida Courts again today, most are missing where the real action will be this next year. In Congress! And especially in the Senate. Since the gauntlet has been set, the struggle for organization and assignments will take center stage. Don't look for any cooperation from the DemoRAT'S to work with the RepubCANT'S. Its not in the nature of the Statists to be reasonable, on either side of the coin of power. And that's the main point. Both parties want to sit in the chair, and neither cares about helping the other side. If only this reaction was based upon REAL differences? But they are not, and are more about who will get the bigger office.

Now is this situation bad for the Nation? I say not. No doubt there are many areas that any government should address, but those valid avenues of involvement are almost never sought. What you will hear is that Congress needs to pass more laws! But that approach has begotten the gridlock that we have seen for the last decade. So what is the proper course to persuade. I offer up that the first order for Congress is to pass a comprehensive Sunset Bill. WHAT, you say? With all the problems facing the Nation! Yes, is my reply, since many of those urgent needs are cries for true reform. And reform of the systems of government is at the core of the many of our public problems.

Sorry to lament, the chances for such a prudent course are slime to non. Why is that? Simple put the shared ethos of politicians reject the light of accountability. With the likes of Barnie Frank, who are use to the practice of accepting cooperative proposals, only where the sun has never been seen; you get a culture where its my way or no way. Its the highway for you interlopers. No meddling into my vision for more State control. And all the while you have a country that sleeps, while the charlatans perfect their craft.

You want stability? Well, so do I; but not at the cost of relying on taking my meals from a jailer. The Nasduq jumped over ten percent in one day. Moves only seen in unstable societies. Is there anyone who doesn't see the relationship to this election limbo? The question to ask on the markets is this: Where did all the money come from to be able to take the index up 10% in one day? If trillions have been lost during the last year, where did all this NEW money come from? People, wake up. It didn't come out of CD's. And when you understand this subject, you may be ready to tackle how to get the Sun to bring the benefits of life to Barney and the rest of the crew . . .

SARTRE - December 5, 2000

The System Wins Again

This contest has never been a legal issue. It has always been a political matter. With the double gun explosion to the Bore case, you have a crisis for the politico's that have rallied around the pretender. Its time to cut bait. Will he concede soon? We will see, if this crew will turn over the keys, or will there be another manufactured emergency that demands the continuation of the lease.

Who won? As in most cases, the System has extracted its pound of flesh from the complainant. Even when holding the seats that pull the levers, you attempted to change the direction of the flow in the river, at your own risk. A lesson that most experienced operatives have learned some time age, you never do. Two outs have been registered in this ninth inning, the third is rapidly on its way. It's OVER . . .

So what do we hear on the tube. Legal error! The Florida Supreme Court needs to correct this injustice. Well, you Elite's arrogant pompous harlot; you can?ut it without the power of the DoJ behind you . . . The 'Good Old Boy' took you to school. When you insult the intelligence of all those who have examined the facts, you expose yourself as the snake oil salesman you truly are. Time to tuck your trail between your legs and drag your client off the stage and go do the Oprah's show. You could tout that new book: How I almost stole a country.

The initial reaction of the markets was positive. But that means little in the long run. What will make a difference is a total cleaning out of the garbage that resides in the corridors of the current administration. This is the test to watch. Who goes out, and who comes in. How long will it be before the blanket pardons start to be signed by the 'commander and thief'? So when the dust settles, keep asking yourself, who benefits from these decisions? The System wins as usual. And the layers of that dam were shown that all the concrete in the world, can't stop the rage of waters that are rolling downhill. Collect your unemployment benefits and start up for 2002. There still is plenty of money to be spread around.

SARTRE - December 4, 2000


Federal To Florida Supremes

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"From March 10 to November 25, the Bloomberg Internet Index of 280 stocks lost $2 trillion in market capitalization, more than twice its current value of $912 billion" - Elliott Wave Theorist, Dec. 1, 2000

Stop In the Name of Love!

I never liked to get into the prediction business, but lets have a go . . . How will the Supreme's rule? It has been long rumored that two if not three members of the court are looking to retire. Two would be part of the conservative wing, and one in the middle. If this is true, would you think that their personal desire may just come into account with the decision that is before the court? Who would want to be the one to aid Prince Albert, when the opportunity to turn off the switch to his power is within their grasp? Let's get real. This is exactly how the world works and for this reason alone, I would submit that the discussion behind closed doors will be couched in multiple motivations.

The entertainment for this afternoon has been outstanding. Those Bushie lawyers shredded the first two witnesses for the Boies team. Could there be an early dismissal of this case by judge Sauls? And what about that butterfly suit? "WITH PREJUDICE" Music to my ears. Another one bites the dust. So what do we get from the media today! Hired gun Daley to be named to be chief of staff. RIGHT, and pigs fly . . . Oops! One airline took them.

Let's hope this Sauls trial last, at least, through next week. The networks should run sweep week with all this programming. No wonder the Olympics loose money, but these elections rack up record revenue. Only in a Banana Republic! Could those Columbia boys be persuaded to practice their trade locally? Might have been a solution to that 50 - 50 tie? The Sunday shows will most likely have 'Ex-Rabbi Joe', all over the map. The Bore man himself made five appearances in one night to sell his Infomercial wares. Can't wait for Klinton to start his Servicemaster 'Spots'. All we got from this election is a full employment policy for the trial pimps.

But lets get back to the 'Top Star Chamber'. The best argument to rule against Gore is that Tribe would like to be picked for the court. Need I say any more? No Laurence need apply, should be the sign on the door. Come on Bill, Tony and Tom 'The MAN'. You guys can get two more vote on this one. Can't you? Remember I will bear any price, any burden, and all that other stuff. Time to pull out those old tape recording and send a reminder to those who wish to forget. If you don't, we just might hear that Bob Beckel is up for Speaker of the House. You don't have to be a member of Congress to be selected Mr Speaker . . . And he may want to trade some electors for his first real job. So sing a sweet song, and show your luv, baby.

SARTRE- December 2, 2000

January 2001

Church and State, which Church is YOUR State?

Make no mistake about it, this IS the only game that matters. The entire political struggle that has molded public life for our entire lifetime, rest upon how you answer this question. The initiatives of Bush for using faith based organizations to deliver social services, is particle and prudent. Any thinking American would conclude that government has failed miserably during the last forty years on their mission to eradicate poverty and despair from the society. The only accomplishment has been the Great Black Hole. So why the resistance to implement an alternative that has shown proven results?

That old red herring, Church and State separation is the rational that you hear over and over again. The like of Barry Lynn, who is head of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Columnist Michael Kinsley, the urbane editor of Slate and ex Crossfire commentator, will whine and mourn all night about the First Amendment protection to keep a line in the sand between the two opposite poles. Well, folks; nothing could be further from the Truth within our heritage and laws. America was created as a Christian Nation; PERIOD. If you disagree, you fluke history 101. The account is so clear on this reality that the worshipers of Government have spent the better part of the last century to confuse and distort the issue and record. The Culture War that is the battle for our will and soul, is a conflict that no one can escape. There is no gray area that passes the smell test. You either accept the Government as the god of the Lynn's and Kinsley's, or you recognize the Right of each person to worship in their own way; EVEN if that means within the traditional churches that profess a belief in a biblical GOD.

The Constitution prohibits the establishment of a STATE Religion. And that is exactly what the ultra crazies of the Secular Humanism political persuasion are so willing to force upon the rest of us. The Bush approach funds low cost venders for social services. It diminishes the role of a failed bureaucracy, and places the functions of delivery of services in the hands of those who can do the most good. Wake up to Reality! The detractors of this approach are the high priests of the godless prison that has been the cause of so much despair to those who need help the most. The time is long overdue for an enlightenment in understanding, for what and who, are the profiteers of poverty. The future for a Just Society rests upon a foundation of a Spiritual Life. This is the missing ingredient that has been so absent for so long. It's time to restore the hope that the dream is real, and can be achieved. Only Faith will reach that goal. Give GOD a chance.

SARTRE - January 30, 2001

First Ten Days

ITEM: Bush's Inaugural Speech recognizes God's influence upon the US. Klinton crew steals from last flight to NYC on Presidential 747.

ITEM: Bush Ball celebrations with festive dignity. Klinton crew trashes White House Offices.

ITEM: Bush reinstates former ban of federal funds for foreign abortion. Klinton pardons foreign national Marc Rich, who renounced US citizenship and fled US prosecution.

ITEM: Bush nominates John Ashcroft to restore the rule of law at DoJ. Klinton releases White House staff from self imposed five year ban on lobbying after leaving government.

ITEM: Bush puts forth Education as the first priority in his administration. Klinton's take White House furniture to furnish their two properties.

ITEM: Bush meets with ninety members of Congress to establish personal relationships. Klinton's accept solitude gifts from house warming registry.

ITEM: Bush offers limited help with California's self created energy shortages. Klinton leases entire floor on NYC suites for offices at $650,000 a year.

ITEM: Bush's most diversity ever nominees for Cabinet Offices begin to be approved. Klinton pardons for Jewish criminal secure total support for Hillary, while all similar communities vote against her.

ITEM: Bush meets with press to answer questions and defend decisions. Mrs. Klinton refuses to answer the NY Press as to her involvement at meetings with New Square pardon seekers.

ITEM: Bush staff moves quickly to restore highest ethic standards and accountability. Klinton uses Bruce Lindsay to screen all pardons, circumventing normal channels.

With such a dramatic difference within the last two weeks, could there really be hope that a shift in substance may just be possible. Maybe the return to Constitutional Government has not yet been restored, but at least the hemorrhage has been controlled. The day of reckoning for HilLAIRy the witch, will be found within the rules of the Senate. Its only a matter of time before the chickens will come home to roust. And censorship will be the least that will be her fate. John Ashcroft, if you really had integrity, you would file true criminal charged against this crook. But that ITEM isn't on this list, and most likely will never be.

SARTRE - January 29, 2001

Style or Substance?

The first several days of the new administration has certainly demonstrated a change in form. No one can say that the rules of expectation have not been altered! On time for meetings, may sound like a trite point, but the value of projecting an image that order is back in place should not be lost. Restoring the former policies to those of the Reagan Bush era, from the radical departure of the last eight years is a breath of fresh air. But for all these pleasant appearance, will the real changes in policy be the order of the day? Or will it the same powerful interests get their way, once again? Lets hope for the best, and be prepared for the disappointment that has eventually occurred.

Leadership has been absent from the reins of government for so long, that even cynics, like me, welcome the common sense that has achieved in so short of time. Will the DemoRAT'S allow a comprehensive reform education policy to be put in place? Or will they recognize that tax relief is long overdue, and agree to reduce the obscene levels of confiscation that currently exist?

Bush has a sly manner that recognizes much of the genius of Reagan. I question his sincerity, until proven. But what he has already shown, is an acceptance of allowing talented people do their job and resist the temptation to micro manage. Anyone who doubts the value of this approach, has never led an organization. Now it's up to us to demand the highest standards from all those who seek government positions. And force the media to report on facts, and not slant the news from their bias political 'Ideology'. You know the drill, it's up to you to play out the dance.

The exit of the last crew has all the marks of mortification and shame. The pardons are the telling legacy. Marc Rich, the ultimate tax protector. Who says the Future Traders lose ninety percent of the time? I'm surprised that Robert Vesco and Bernie Cornfield weren't on the list. And poor old Susan, how much she has suffered! Maybe pal Web should have been included, afterall. His dear wife has a big mouth. But the best is the James Riady deal that slipped away. Could John Ashcroft's approval be cause for it's delay because he needs to commit to only a slap on Riady's wrists?

Class all the way, to the very end. UNREAL . . . . Beware of a Congress with no disharmony. That only means that the enemy are winning. George, show me the 'Beef'.

SARTRE - January 23, 2001

The Nation Nightmare is Finally Over ?

The Communist Mole, is finally out of office. The Traitor of the Republic has taken his exit. How sad it's not a journey directly to jail. The sludge in this cesspool has left a stench that needs to be aired, with the Truth of the last eight years. As he departs with full fanfare and pomp, you observe the depths of the corruption that has overtaken this land. His accomplishments are a record shame. And his 'True Believers' applauds his going. As long as these fools and fellow lawbreaker exist, our Nation risks further dishonor. He will never go slowly into the night. And the day for reckoning is still calling. It's not over yet. There is a simple matter of JUSTICE . . . .

The distinction in the behavior of the new President is quite a contrast with the prevaricator of deceit. I wish Mr. Bush well, and hope he will surprise. However, the basic notion that this is one country is but a dream, that has weathered from lack of nutrients. If those of you truly accept the meaning of that dream, you will need to reconcile the REQUIREMENT for Justice to be served. In his speech, Bush mentioned the word Justice, only in passing: "Big government is not the answer, but the alternative to bureaucracy is not indifference. It is to put conservative values and conservative ideas into the thick of the fight for justice and opportunity". The call for accountability is absent from all the rhetoric. The illegal conduct of an entire era, goes unpunished. And the rational is all in the name of becoming a healer. Sorry, but that response does not wash. The trauma to the body politik, necessity a purge of the poison that has caused this National malaise. America has been in a coma, and her vital signs have been strained; dangerously close to expire. For Bush to cure this illness, the medicine of answerability is essential. How many of you believe that this will be the course he will chart?

Again, I hope he proves me wrong; however, that expectation to accept that this will come about, is small. What you have just witnessed is a transfer of positions, among the same crowd, who never relinquishes POWER. The uniqueness of America is not that it maintains a peaceful change in administration. It is suppose to be different because her people are able to Rule themselves through their freely elected Representatives! That myth is dead. Its first demise was when the Union defeated the South and prevented a friendly dissolution of the Republic. The following decades consolidated the rule of the few, over the many. And the Klinton administration reached a new peak with the first foreign agent as President. The idea of world citizenry, under the direction of the International Community, has been established on our own shores. So what is really meant when Bush says: "I believe the presidency, the final point of decision in the American government, was made for great purposes"? Are those great visions the same as those goals and reasons why America was forged out of Colonial tyranny? Or is it more in keeping with the pronouncements of his father, in accepting the 'New World Order'?

The laurels of praise that you have heard comes from the weariness and fever that has sapped the strength of our National Conscience. Some may come from the hope for a return to standards that all could be proud. And there may even be some confidence that the Divine hand will guide you to do that which is right. All of these explanations may have merit. But for you to be successful, in spirit as well as deed, you will have to break with the former occupants who sat behind that same oval desk. Yes, Mr. President, that applies to your father, just as much as it does to Klinton. For the nightmare to really come to an end, the policies of the past must be retired. Are you that man to rise above the crowd of Washington Elite's? Or are you really your fathers son? Prove me wrong, Mr. President; for I sincerely wish I am the one, that is in error. But all of your kind, have always disappointed in the past. Follow the lead of the ONE you claim to adore, and bring JUSTICE, through HIS guidance to all those who well deserve to be held accountable.

SARTRE - January 20, 2001

One Last Insult ! ! !

It comes as no surprise that the level of depravity, has sunk to these depths of injustice. Larry, sums it all up: "This deal shows how thoroughly corrupted our legal system has become. The powerful get away with criminal wrongdoing that would send any other person to jail for years," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

By now you have heard the News. The ranks close to protect their own, and the rest of us are told, to move on. The time for moral outrage has long passed. We have evolved into the state of 'Institutional Dual Justice'. The specifics of this deal are shameful, but the message of its agreement is tragic. Our country began its long voyage into disillusion with the conspiracy and cover-up that killed JFK. Now we have reached the status that few countrymen care what the Elite's will do next, and the manner by with they Rule.

America is DEAD, for the rule of law has died. The criminals benefit, once again. The media allows the spin to mask reality. And the defenders of deception, continue to justify deceitful behavior. You have been had. You know I'm correct. And most among you will just shake you head and go back to your normal routine. The problem with that response, is that those who governs, become that much more confident that their next crime can be committed without ANY risk of adverse penalties. So how well will you sleep tonight?

For those who share my concern, speak up and express your assessment! Tell me how you feel at this point? You have seen and heard it all, at this point; but when will the point of no return be faced by you? Have you become so insensitive to your own dignity that you accept this outcome? You have listened to my conclusions many times. When will the rest of us hear from you?

We have moved from having Leaders, to a system that only has RULERS . . .

SARTRE - January 19, 2001

Jessie Bring His 'Rose Lee' to Meet Bubba

Thank God for Drudge! Read this article NOW http://www.drudgereport.com/rjj.htm I trust you will be viewing Bill O'Reilly's 'The Factor' tonight on Fox News tonight. So the 'Bogus Pharisee' follows into the crib of his slain mentor. SURPRISE - SURPRISE Better get the NY Post for the details. Or are you only willing to talk about the new coach?

Well, JJ was the coach for Bubba and helped to map out the 'Defense' from that 'Vast Right Wing'. Maybe the vote scam in Florida is just another opportunity for the rhymer of affirmative action to score his quota? How proud it must be to follow the like of the moral elite's. The saviors of our black brothers and sisters, have seen the light. And they will lead us all into the Promised Land. They have a Dream, and it popped its cork!

The great Dick Cavette now starts the compassion for understanding on IMUS. Why don't they all just shut up? Well, this doesn't negate all the values he stands for, from the current star in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Well Mr Cavette, just what role would you want 'Jessie the Jive' to play with you, in your performance of wholesome entertainment? Loose that cape Sweet transvestite! You have a preacher to minister, to your kind. How grand life can be in sewer city . . .

So as the fair open minded folks, we all are; we will reserve judgment until all the facts are presented. Janet Reno, we now know were you will be driving that pick up truck. This one is right up your corner. Maybe you could send in the INS storm troopers to rescue this little girl from the saving grace and the word, from this Judas. But we are all to aspire to forgive. So when will the healing start? When will we go forward? And when will be get this all behind us? Answer: when the tax exempt status of PUSH is rescinded.

Can any one doubt the columns that will be written to aid the slayer of veracity that will appear in the media with blinding speed? Can't you see Maureen Dowd backsliding with wit and tenderness? Well, for me; I'll wait to hear what Minister Louis Farrakhan says, and forego the apologists for the double standard of Ideology Purity. Enough said, until the FACTS start coming out. What we can now say and conclude, is that the shield of grease and lubrication has been stripped from the extortion master cylinder. The engine has 'sleazed' and a rod has been thrown. The car won't run and must be pushed. And a major overhaul will need to be made. Repairs may prove to be too costly, and fixing the engine may not be prudent. It's time to trade this model in and get a new vehicle. One that has a warranty and made by a trusted craftsman. The JJ machine has failed in the demolition derby, and is long overdue for its place in the junk heap. Only parts can be salvaged and that will take a master mechanic to restore a vehicle worthy to travel the roads to 'See America'. And Jessie, you are no Chevy . . .

SARTRE - January 18, 2001

The 'Bashcroft' of John

He has been a disappointment, and a marshmellow, at best. But where is the demon he is suppose to be. The integrity of the last eight years have tried the souls of any fair minded person. So just where do the DemoRAT'S lynch mob get off trotting out their same old double standards, against their Ideological foes? We all know that this is the motive that slants the miserable spectacle that is going on. It's hard to watch, because it is so obvious; while being even more offensive. The agenda and the methods of the Left is sick. And only the weak, dumb and corrupt would buy into this 'crack' form of discourse. Obedience to the Socialistic program is the litmus test. Character is a liability. And courage is an offense to be condemned. John has flunked the first and last. He has a higher capacity for the second, but it just is not enough. But where does that place the hypocrites who wheels their tools of ridicule and slander, without any regard to FACTS and the record?

So this process is suppose to be about Trust. If that really was so, how can one demand allegiance from an official, when the opposition harbors continual ill will and ranker? The goal to work towards, of less partisan, relationship is a path to defeat. The opposition are not reasonable, nor will they be. They are 'True Believers' in a false doctrine, one of which is bent upon the destruction of America. Is any of this new? Of course it isn't. Then why are you so unwilling to accept this FACT?

The religious questions have little significance. So the comparisons with all the applause for Lieberman, and the condemnation for Ashcroft is an erroneous topic. The hypocrisy is already know. The real point is that the opposition will NEVER by fair. And those who seek accommodation with the unclean, will only soil themselves in that persuade. All we hear is that the public wants an end to the bickering. Nuisance !!! Over half the public view active political participation as useless to begin with. The people want to live their lives with the least amount of interference from the do-gooders that know how everyone should conform to the latest dictate from the experts. The Left are the defenders of the parasite class. They wish that everyone must feed upon the diseased carcass of the rotten meat. And the RepubCANT'S, prove once again, that they are much more willing to go along with the perversions than to make a true principle stand. The Bashing of Bashcroft is more a scolding of the wayward than the duel between good and evil.

The diversions of this second rate melodrama are pale to the real problems. Just when will the California crazies DemoRAT'S be held accountable for the bankruptcy of the power utilities? How about the rising cost of imported oil, because of the cut back in OPEC production and the lack of a National Energy Policy? Now isn't these the issues that need to be discussed? Bring America together is undesirable. Not only will it not happen, but it SHOULD NOT be the goal. It's long overdue to fight the battle that the last three generations have ignored and avoided. Bash Bash Bash . . . Just direct the thrust of the blows upon the stooges of the Corporate/State and their lackeys. Forget throwing mud pies and start the combat in earnest. Sorry John, you failed to carry the banner. This is one Crusade that is worthy of the fight. The infidels are all around us, and the first task is to identify the enemy. When will the real Justice return to the DoJ? A return to Public Hangings, may well be a good start. Surely the current group of Beltway criminals would keep this enterprise working indefinitely. Now that is the kind of Top Cop we really need.

SARTRE - January 17, 2001

Why Change Won't Happen

With the disgraced performances of Kennedy, Schumer and Leahy, today; you witnessed the nature of the ongoing problem. But those ilk will be the subject for tomorrow. The dispirited behavior is that of a conservative and honest man. Ashcroft is like ever Republican lawyer/politician, making the same mistake when viewing the Law, and understand, just what it should and need to be. Consider the definition in the Law Dictionary:

LAW - the legislative pronouncement of the rules which should guide ones actions in society; the aggregate of those rules and principles of conduct promulgated by the legislative authority [court decisions], or established by local custom. Our laws are . . . derived from a combination of the divine or moral laws, the laws of nature, and the human experience, as [each] . . . has been evolved by human intellect influenced by the virtues of the ages. Human laws must therefore of necessity continually change as human experience shall prove the necessity of new laws to meet new evils, or evils which have taken upon themselves new forms, or as the public conscience shall change, thus viewing matters from a different moral viewpoint. Remember this is the view from the legal profession! Where within this synonym is the need for ultimate devotion to legal precedent? Court decisions are but a small part within the equation. And the fundamental failure of all the scholars and practitioners of the trade is that they buy into the culture of the esquire class.

Meaningful change is impossible, from within this kind of fraternal system. All the rhetoric and passion of oratory will never defeat this enemy of the intellect. The Law is not about following the record of previous decisions. Quite to the contrary, its this devotion to codifying the mistakes of the past that prevents the ability to create needed reform. The entire methodology of commitment to the paper trail, especially when it refutes the clear moral imperatives of current circumstances, is the most egregious of all social sins. The error is distinct, and the solution cries out for common sense. The self interests of this class and proponents of this legal 'three card monty' is the curse of the people. It rests as the cornerstone of the forges that shape the shackles we so willing place upon ourselves. Republicans claim to be the champion of the Law. But the Law has been perverted, and have emerged as the engine of social relativism. Precedent won't permit the restoration of the moral principles of the ages. And the evils that have taken new forms is the very method how the courts interrupt the error of the previous magistrate. And within this mix of distortion, bring in that honest man; who commits the same blunder, himself. No wonder that the evil only grows stronger.

When will the fight be taken to the source of the immorality? Have you ever heard the call for true reform from the ranks of this privileged class? Of course you haven't, and you won't . . . . So what is the solution? Go back to their own definition: as the public conscience shall change, thus viewing matters from a different moral viewpoint. A return to the wisdom of the ages will steer this ship back upon the course that has guided mankind to the heights of self government and individual Liberty. If you allow, even a good man, like Ashcroft; to advocate the evils of government errors, because the Law says so, you have fallen into the hole of perpetual darkness. Isn't it high time that the moral standard be raised within the profession of ultimate relativism? The Truth and the 'Public Good', must become the test. We can no longer turn a blind eye to this distortion of the real meaning, that the Law represents. It's too important to allow the lawyers to tell us that the social order of decay and perversion must be upheld, because the courts tell us it must be so. As long as this current systems exists and continues to act in this manner, our chances for true change is but a dream. One that will be ruled out of order, with the gavel of privilege; while the rest of us pay the cost of this masquerade of deception. When will this fraud end?

SARTRE - January 16, 2001

As We Approach The Change In Power

All looks like the transfer of the keys will take place this Saturday. But from judging from the content in the popular media, all hell is at hand. Why are we subjected to this distortion of the FACTS? The consistent theme throughout all recent political debate is that the issues and the topics are defined by the very people who the rest of us oppose. The pundits that foist their views upon us have a plan, a strategy and a method to their verbal assaults. For within their world, reality is viewed from the pink spectacles that cloud their vision of life. Most of all the print and electronic press, maintain a bias that is seldom shaken from within. Few among their ranks will ask the questions that are second nature to ourselves. And even fewer are willing to challenge the most sacred cows that form the bulwark of their society, and outlook of government.

So why do we tolerate such falsehoods? When was the last time you wrote a letter to the editor or sent an email to the Sunday News Programs? You say, it won't do any good! Well, that might be turn in the singular, but how long will these pillars of fabrication continue to prosper if you cease supporting the purchase of their tainted wears? Look at the recent rating declines of CNN for proof that when a genuine choice is provide, those of us who seek to be informed and not insulted, will turn in. Fox News has become that alternative. In print the Washington Times, supplants the Post. And the growth of Internet New sources is the best forum yet. You have been exposed to many of the best political sources for sincere debate within this BATR site. Have you taken the time to review the content from all these resources? If not, WHY NOT?

The success or failure of a Bush regime will be judged within the context of this combat of ideas. It should be obvious to even the causal observer that the fundamental question of the day rests upon our understanding of the proper role of government within today's society. If you are within the camp that believes that this issue has already been decided, you are bind to the nature of the struggle that will take center stage for the next decade. It's not the economy or technology that will shape the destiny of the future. It is the idea of your own human dignity and natural rights that you have been endowed, that will be the ultimate force that will confront the relativism of this age. The need to dream and to act upon that vision is the only force that has no equal. For the real power is within you, and only you are able to release it from its current bondage.

The elements that protect and sustain the system are based upon the same allusion that the media dispenses. It can only be maintained with your support and acceptance. The validity of the premises that provide the glue for these interwoven systems and organizations are suspect. You know in your heart that are, but few will challenge the specifics. It all starts with the lies that your media tell, based upon inaccurate reporting and destructive philosophy. Use the ability that lie within yourself to confront the distortion wherever you find it. Bush will not save you! The Republican Party is not the savior. The capability and willingness of your commitment to only accept the true nature of self reliance and individual worth, is were the answers await your involvement. A good start on this journey, can be made here. Your comments, ideas and engagement are needed to correct this ship who's course has been lost. Only the lack of your will, could defeat this energy. And if you are resigned to walk among the living dead, just tell me what is so important to you, that you are unwilling to enter the arena of shaping your own society. The power is up to you to use, or it will be taken from you, by those who will use you. Is that the life you wish? Or is it the reality that you have helped to make for yourself?

SARTRE - January 15, 2001

Let No One Mistake Who the Enemy Are!

With the agenda being set for battle next week, we must keep in mind what this process is all about. Senator Ashcroft is under assault, not because he has committed misdeeds, but because he will not adhere to the policies and prejudices of the Radical Left. Yes, the discrimination that is evident doesn't come from the Senator, but stems from the cohorts of this deceitful bunch on intolerant bullies. Let's just look at the groups that have assembled to wage this witch-hunting against traditional values:

Abortion Rights groups, have one overwhelming goal and purpose; namely, MURDER is legitimate. NAACP advocates have an agenda to impose preferential treatment by way of extortion and exploitation. The Gay Community seek acceptance by way of forcible imposition of perversion as acceptable conduct. Gun Controllers want a disarmed public that is unable to resist the dictates of the government stooges. And the Environmentalists want to save the earth by destroying the means to produce a bountiful economy, which will keep more people in poverty than any business layoff. So what do these people all have in common? They need an enemy!

Ashcroft has become the symbol for their cause, because Newt is gone. Let no one fail to see the connection. Gingrich, after he became Speaker, never was the champion of the 'Real America', even if some claim he was. He has adopted the Third Wave and all the falsehoods that stem from its distortions. But he did represent a convenient target to place the cross sights upon. For he seldom defended himself and his supposed cause with the vigor and rational that is evidently possible. The Senator, on the other hand, is not controversial at all in comparison to Newt. He is conservative and that is the only sin that one needs to commit for these barbarians! A new sacrifice, needs to be made to their gods. And this confirmation charade will be set to the music of a public hanging.

Remember that the DemoRAT'S chair the committee until the 20th. You will witness the full power of bipartisanship this coming week. The standard for this sorry excuse for Statesmanship, is simply the pandering to the crazies of Radical Left. Let no fair minded person loose sight what is means to get along with this band of whores. Sell out your values and capitulate is the only method to secure the stamp of approval from this lynch mob. Intelligence and common sense are mortal sins for this 'PC' tribunal. That is the real reason that Ashcroft will be 'Newted' and 'Borked'. Will this group of betrayers be successful, once again? The answer depends if you are willing to just standby and accept another injustice. The time to speak out in support of a law and order man who may just have the courage to hold the nefarious residences in the current DoJ accountable is a hope, I urge all of you to believe in. Just maybe, there is no smoking gun in Ashcroft's FBI files? Maybe he can't be blackmailed like Newt? And it just might be possible that justice can return to the department who has the charge for its defense. And in our wildest dreams, RICO indictments might just be filed against the Klinton outlaws.

SARTRE - January 13, 2001

How Long Before The Bodies Are Uncovered ?

With the final end of the most corrupt regime of our lifetime, just how long will it be before all the corpses begin to be discovered? Most are planted in swallow ground and a hard rain storm will raise the water table whereby many can be found breaking the ground cover. But will anyone who might trip over the remains notify the proper authorities? Let us not forget the sorted record of the last eight years and the consequences of denial and blindness.

I need not remind you of all the specific abuses, for that has been done before in great detail. The issue will be, just what you will do when the books flood the market, when the TV interviews begin to be seen and when the movies play in your theaters? Will you still say it doesnt matter? Or will you just conclude that its over and we need to move on?

Well, moving on without accountability is like aiding and abiding the crime itself. Since many of you deny that we have just gone through a period of organized illicit control that the most ruthless crime family would be proud of, then why should we be surprised when you turn your attentions to keeping business as usual? There is very little that I can do to persuade you at this point. You have made the decision that you just don't care what your government does, or how it implements its policies. You have been willing to ignore the real issues and wash them from your mind. Facing the FACTS, is not something that you are willing to do. And acting upon them, is just out of the question. So when the POTUS assembles his shadow forces and the media keeps him in the spotlight, you will just say, how much you miss him afterall.

Never mind all the Schipper evidence, you just dont want to hear that stuff. Forget about an indictment, you like his jokes. And above all, leave the poor guy alone, he has suffered enough! Not much more is necessary to say, when the public abdicates their responsibilities in such a manner. And many of you are squarely in this camp. You have conducted yourself with the distinction of a David Gergan or a Dick Morris. Serve whatever master that is seating in the chair. Take the money, its the same green color. Just go along, you will be rewarded. Where is YOUR shame?

Klinton deserve the revulsion of the American people more than any other living politician. He proved that he is a Traitor, a Crook and a Murderer! His punishment should be the swift, severe and final. But this society is unwilling to live up to the values of LIBERTY and responsibility. At the very least Klinton should be shunned. He should be relegated to the deepest recesses of our public debate. His only memory needs to be that of a nightmare. But this will not be his fate. The media will keep him alive and feed his sickness. You will continue to hear the lies and the deceit, and judging from your former behavior, you will just say nothing. All I ask from you is an explanation why you deserve the respect of our posterity? Your silence serves this diseased culture for acceptance of evil. So tell me why you shouldn't be in the jail cell next to this turncoat? You have more in common with him, than with the Nation you say you love . . .

SARTRE - January 12, 2001

Poor Linda, Poor Us

What has changed within the Beltway? The simple answer, is very little. For those of you who are happy with the way that the Bush Administration is starting off, I have but one question for you. When will the Republicans start to fight? Even the casual observer of the political scene must acknowledge that the agenda of the debate is consistent in one area. Never ask the important questions and keep the topics rapped in confusion. Qualifications for public service should be straight forward and simple to determined. Few among us are so pure and clean that only those who are 'PC' saints can now become the servants to the high priests. The test has become one of fidelity to an Ideology pureness for the Socialist function of government. If you pass, you will never commit the sin of reform.

So why do these 'so called' loyal opposition party members sit back and accept this code of conduct, now that they are back in power? The answer is obvious! They seek, no meaningful change, but only desire to fill the slots for the benefits and perks that come with entering the all powerful bureaucracy. I have long put forth the contention that a fundamental cultural war is at the core of our political arena. This struggle has been waged during the entire last century. This new millennium has been billed as an era of promise and hope. Well, were is the meat? When will the verbal defenders of the tradition of America but meaning behind those words? Sadly, the prospects are slim that you will see any reversal to the direction of this serpentine monster that defines the limits and compliances required in your lives.

Linda Chavez is a great lady. That cannot be said about any of the lap dogs that have been in office and positions of management during the last eight years. Read the following article by Bob Novak that will shine light on the inside background to this shameful episode:

If you can't cross the line and truly propose to correct the errors of the past, just what prospects really exist to raise this Nation out of the clutches of those elite's that are bent upon forcing a single notion of conduct upon the rest of us? The policy is always the issue that matters. And how many of us are willing to focus upon that discussion, and ignore the sideshows? The conduct of the talking heads continue to gag any thinking person. The Statist always are in the attack mode, whether in power or looking into the glass house from the outside. And the Republicans live and operate in fear of the bad press they will get for speaking out. When will they ever learn? You see, folks; they really have no intention to change this Kabuki dance. They are just as much a part of this dodge of reform as the predators of the Republic. The bureaucracy Rules! And no one is willing to tame it.

So what lesson can we draw from this business as usual development? You must know by now, the answer to that one. Good people will be discouraged to accept the call to service and those who do, will be unable to change the direction of this ship of fools. The penalty for proclaiming heresy to the Ideology of this government religion, is for all to see once again. Is it any wonder that my view for meaningful improvement is guarded at best? Well, I hope I would be wrong; but the entire tragic story of all these years suggest that very little will be done to change this culture of servitude, at the hands of both parties. When will you wake up and admit that those who are willing to become part of this fraud, are required to sell out their own best intentions and beliefs to survive within this world of political inquisition? Linda is gone, so how long will it be for the others to follow?

SARTRE - January 11, 2001

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