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 A reformer is a guy who rides through the sewer in a glass bottom boat.
Mayor Jimmy Walker

MAN OF LA MANCHA ... found in NYS?

With all the speculation that Tom Golisano would drop out of the New York State race for governor, we see how the media wants to make you think that business is back as usual. Well, with the just aired and paid announcement, candidate Tom Golisano puts to rest the uncertainty - he will stay in the race. No Ross Perot drop out for this self made billionaire.

After that private phone call and appeal from William Jefferson Clinton to have the Rochester entrepreneur drop out and endorse Carl McCall, we see the savvy that built a major company. No cigar for ‘slick willie’ . . .  The good people of New York State will get an opportunity to register their discontent for the two party clone system that has brought the state to their economic knees.

Why is this important and what scares the career political hacks? Election cycles come and go, and no real choice is ever available. Well, it took an expenditure of over $50,000,000 from the wallet of the Paychex founder, to prove to the NYC/Albany axis that he is serious. Just maybe it might be enough to convince the voter, that they have an opportunity to register their disgust for both major parties.

Think the main candidates are unconcerned? McCall responded to the question on every candidates mind: What happens if Tom Golisano drops out of the race? McCall responded, "Tom Golisano has already had a great impact on the race. His staying in the race should have an impact. Should he choose to get out of the race, that will also have an impact."

A great insight from a controller who could not qualify to do the books for any single division of Paychex.  Golisano registers his assessment of McCall when he says McCall is: "part of the system ... and we need to change it."

But what does this man stand for and what is his plan for a revitalization of the state’s economy? His site details his proposals and direction he would take to restore the viability to the Empire State. He may not be a traditional conservative in the mold that some of us would prefer, but he is a legitimate businessman. It is long overdue that citizens get a real choice other than professional lifelong politicians. Major reforms start with small steps. Just consider what could have happened if Ross Perot did not drop out and then return to the 1992 presidential race.

While we have serious objections to the entire election process as it is now practiced, we would respect any voter who has the courage to make their vote count. Yes, a vote for “none of the above” would satisfy many, but a vote against George E. Pataki and H. Carl McCall sends a meaningful message. Who knows, maybe Tom Golisano can become the heir to Jesse Ventura?

The failed campaign of McCall should prove to the black community that the Democratic Party only takes your vote for granted.  When the opportunity to support one of your own was given, where was the real support?  Will blacks finally wake up that their future will only be found outside the Democratic Party?

The terrified fear coming out of the Pataki camp shows that all those attack ads were saved for the real opponent; namely, Tom Golisano. What is at stake is not just the governorship, but the precedent that the downstate gang can be defeated. For one who served as a legislative aid to a New York State Senator, the dominance of the NYC/Albany axis was unstoppable. Let’s hope that a genuine shake up within the GOP will be the ultimate result of this election.

The people of Upstate New York have been demeaned, ostracized and used for over a century. Our tax burden has risen with every administration, as more money is funneled to rescue the budgets of the metro region. After 911 the drain of resources go directly to benefit the constituents of Senators Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. They don’t represent us, nor does Governor George Pataki.

Tom Golisano took the ex-felon President for a ride. Attention is now focused upon his campaign. His run has changed the political tapestry of New York State politics. The rest is up to the voter. Send the Democratic and Republican Parties a sound message. It is the only opportunity you have, for the rest of their term they will not give you the time of day.

SARTRE - November 3, 2002

He who does not hope to win has already lost.  - Jose Joaquin Olmedo

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