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Often you have to rely on intuition.

Bill Gates

Who said I was a crook ! ! !

The Joy In Micro Ruling The Soft World

Once upon a time there was a shy nerd of a boy,
He was so gifted that all he wanted was to play with toys,
School bored him so that he decided to design codes,
He became so good at this natural talent in all their modes,
That he got some friends to join him to go to work,
And set off to create a place were all would have every perk,
The dream was dreamt, and all the goals were set,
Ready to go we were on the way to get them met.

First step was to make DOS the language for all,
While others were unaware of their coming fall,
The fairy tale hero took Big Blue for all it was worth,
And went on to out smart that copy maker jerk,
Familiar blue screens became the order of the day,
No one could escape the view as hard they may,
Open a window was the way for a breath of fresh air,
All those zeroes and one became too much to bear.

That other Mac was real good and still too easy to use,
Something must be done and find a way to pull their fuse,
Out it comes the 95 revolution all had endured that long wait,
It was the solution for all the operators who knew their fate, 
Not to be outdone pay as you go, that 98 soon followed,
If you want to dig in our sandbox, dare not call us hallowed,
Those who hate the game we created, have but one choice,
Play with me or find another field, where your flag can be hoist.

Those friends who started all those firms to finally compete,
Had a lesson to learn, engage with me or become a delete,
The way I rule is for all to see and only the fool to reject,
Who could be so dumb to pass on working on my project?
Those nets that sought to escape never thought I could go free,
Sure suckered and stopped them by draining their cash tree,
How dare that some complain, the world will be all the same,
I decide the codes for all to use and share only one name.

That government, ninny they are thinking they are the law makers,
Anyone knows who sets the rules and who is the only real player,
Send out for justice and explain that awaited breakup resolution,
Those in the know are happy with no choice, my kind of pollution,
That judge thought he was in charge and would run the show,
Little did he know who really is in control and never has woes,
Markets crashed when you messed with me and at a great cost,
About time to make amends and look to me to make up the loss.

The world ahead is one for all to see, nothing will long be free,
XP is rent a program for awhile and pay again to keep the key,
The picture is set, the focus is clear, I won and carried the day,
The name of the game has never changed for you still must pay,
Sorry to those who think the outcome was bad, the deal is raw, 
Blame yourself for you have been had, it is but your own law,
When I grow old I'll follow the lead of another great man,
Giving the kids a dime as thanks for giving up all your land,
His trust commanded what he saw and made it all his own,
Common folk remember your flaw, you are paying on the loan.

Thanks again for all your support, because of you it all was sport,
Don't fear the man at the top, he is in charge of all his cohorts,
The team will continue to bring all that needs to be known,
Why bother to think, all you need to do, is become my clone,
The fight is over, the war is won, and the victor is crowned,
Stop your crying and get aboard, no more playing the clown,
Nobody can now challenge the guru of wealth and fame,
He has created a new world order, where all are finally tamed.

Little Billie - The 'Gate Keeper'

SARTRE - November 3, 2001

                Let them hate, so long as they fear.

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