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When a woman behaves like a man why doesn't she behave like a nice man?  Dame Edith Evans

We already know who won the elections!

With the mid term elections just around the corner, there is little suspense as to the outcome. How can you say that with so many races too close to call? Flip a coin - the victory can go either way . . . Well, how often people forget or refuse to learn! Just look at the voting turn out, the kind of people casting a ballot and the candidate choices that are allowed. Some may say that only the baffled could defend this system and protect the process. But that assessment would endow noble motives on those who bestow their consent. While there are many elements that diminish the quality level of the political selection, most are unwilling to address the most glaring.

It is a given that the majority of the electorate are voting their own interests. No doubt that government employees, school teachers, pensioners and AARP retirees turn out in force. But the dirty little secret that must be concealed is that there is another crowd that drives this give away juggernaut more than anyone else. And to our mutual dismay, they are the majority . . .

The number one group in favor of socialism are women. There is no point to soft pedal or to sugar coat the issue. The gang that wishes to be liberated are eager to enslave in order to achieve their own freedom. How foolhardy, their emotionalism guarantees not only their own demise, but that of the entire nation. Feminist politics is a substitute for reason. Their method is to evolve a discredited ‘PC’ culture into a cancerous ‘TC’ totalitarian collectivism.

When Andy Rooney said: "The only thing that really bugs me about television's coverage is those damn women they have down on the sidelines who don't know what the hell they're talking about . . . I mean, I'm not a sexist person, but a woman has no business being down there trying to make some comment about a football game"; he was only partly correct. A more complete statement would be - I resent that feminists are the ultimate sexists when they sanction socialism through their suffrage. If football is a man’s game, than politics is the sport for serious citizens. Most women prefer to turn it into a social club for liberated divas’ who sing the blues while they practice the latest dance steps as they strip and shed their own dignity.

When the tender gender speaks, seldom do they demonstrate they know politics. What they talk about is a fallacious equality, when their true goal is dominance. The movement they invented is based upon a ‘Codependent Nihilism’. Marxism is their economics, sentiment is their partner and the State is their only true lover. Cradle to grave shelter becomes the refuge for feminist. While they say choice, they practice corrosive uniformity. They vote for a sheltering haven society, but weave a pattern that reflects an asylum.

The chronic miscarriage of the 19th Amendment has been the abortion of the Republic. Woman Suffrage equates with rebuke of limited government. While examples can be cited as exceptions, the overwhelming majorities of the female votes are continually cast for expansive government. Objective analysis confirms that the role of women in politics has been a detriment to the defense of Liberty. Complicity in the name of codependency is the pinnacle of denial. But that is exactly the condition that provokes and motivates most woman voters.

So you still question that the results of the election is not already known? Is there any candidate that can speak the truth and gain the support of a troubled electorate? Before the feminine outrage starts screaming in, most men are just as brain dead. But the male is less likely to rely upon self deceit. If women want to mature as a welcomed co-equal in politics, they need to comprehend the real meaning of the American experiment. Continued votes for politicians that deal in pander, keeps and treats women as prostitutes.

Women’s liberation beds down on a socialism mattress. Female voters who think they are not siblings of this wicked sorority, just deceive themselves. Plebiscites that assign office among only correct candidates, is the tea party that most women attend. Celebrity partisans become the standard for selection, as tyranny is endorsed with their vote in every election.

If you challenge this assessment, name me any STATESMEN who are women? The is ‘PC’ free zone and no attempts are made to avoid offending. There are champions like Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum, but would her sisters actually vote for her if she ran for office? Do you doubt that Betsy Ross would be condemned for her sowing skills, today?

The outcome of the coming election is doomed to selecting the acceptable from among the permitted. Only culturally committed are allowed to run and encouraged to vote. The growth of the STATE is the only referendum that is on the ballot. Isn’t it tragic that femininity has come to be popularly accepted as the handmaid of the government master? No wonder that Andy Rooney is disgusted. Too bad his courage is lacking to uphold his original comments. That’s the beauty of being truly independent, free and honest. We can speak the truth and minister tough love . . .

SARTRE - October 27, 2002

Every animal is sad after coitus except the human female and the rooster.
- Claudius Galen

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