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Avarice, the spur of industry.
David Hume

Oil Runs More Than The Economy

Expand the Empire, in order to, divide the pie

The ability to go beyond the simplistic sentiment that anger generates, is an attribute that is in short supply. For those who are determined to get to the source of the current hostilities, a practical approach needs to be employed. As with most violent conflicts, the popular explanation, seldom tells the whole story. Basic human motivations are not restricted to clerics or politicians, but are also imbedded into the fabric of economic commerce.

Greed and Fear are the two great motivators. The American public are preoccupied with the later, while the shapers of world events are focused on the former. Viewing affairs from the microcosm of popular media interpretation is as dangerous as flashing a box cutter while going through airport security.

Underneath the images and tearful reporting lies the real story. Power politics always walks on the dark side, but when it is played on the international arena, it takes on a truly macabre quality. Casts of characters change costumes as the script is performed, while the playwright worries that improvisation will detour from the scenario.

Enter stage right the Chinese dragon. The Russian bear is lowered from the cupola, while Uncle Sam flies in for the engagement. Minor actors have bit parts, but the stars are the center of acclaim for the paying audience. The show will go on, as we all break a leg . . .

Four short months ago the Shanghai Cooperation Organization met to formulate the future of Central Asia. Russia's and China's goal was to thwart the growing influence and design of the U.S. within the region. Prior to 911, significant American military aid was granted to the triplet republics, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Why at this time, with relative accord among the major nations? Could there be a secret agenda that is being hidden from the public?

Robert Karniol, the Asian Editor for Jane's Defense Weekly states: "The rivalry in central Asia is really between the United States and Russia, but I see China and the Russians joining forces against U.S. Foreign Policy on an ad hoc basis."

Mutual alarm about the rise of Islamic unrest has long plagued these two Communist rivals. But with the collapse of the Soviet regime and the emergence of China as the manufacturer for America, there has been a distinct move to retire past feuds. The Chinese have trained there own Muslim force to enter the fray against radical Islam. DEBKAfile reports that fifteen Chinese were killed when fighting on the side of the Taliban. Pakistani sources in Peshawar confirm from their own intelligence reports, their presence and death during recent bombing raids. So why are the Chinese on the side of the fundamental Taliban? Could it be that the Sino giant is more concerned that the U.S. desires Central Asia as a new province?

Might this also explain Bush's new warm friendship with Vladimir Putin! As they ride into the glow of that Texas sunset, when the Russia Czar visits Crawford; what will they be talking about? Maybe George the First, would like to join in and compare notes with another 'Intelligence Community' alumni?

Current governments in Central Asia are eager to accept all the money that is offered, not only to fend off the threat of fundamental radicals, but see a great opportunity to reap benefits from their own natural resources. Oil is still King, especially when the present monarch in the Saudi sands is riding a camel that is traveling on shaky ground. Surely, we need a replacement source for the black gold, if bin Laden returns to his former homeland in a 'Lawrence of Arabia' kafiyyeh . . .

American oil companies are always anxious to locate in any remote corner of the world to drill their prize. Haven't heard much about Anwar lately, have you? Now that the call 'March to Afghanistan' is in full motion, it is not much of a detour to visit the Transcaucasus. Why not, if you have the protection of the U.S. Cavalry and the blessing of 'Mother Russia'.

Strange bedfellows and shifting interests are the only constants in this equation. The one permanent objective is to keep the big money machine in continual motion. Whether it is attending the Moscow Ballet, walking on the Great Wall, or sipping martinis on the banks of the Baghdad on the Hudson. Just maybe the true power players have decided to cut out those quarrelsome sheiks. Where is John Paul Getty when you really need him?

Terrorism is the only topic of the day. The actual story has elements that are going unreported. Money RULES ! Nothing new has been learned in the aftermath of the WTC. Reasons to vindicate financial objectives are often cloaked in clandestine methods and used to point the finger at an accepted villain. If you really believe that the entire story is about a madman living in a cave, you deserve to pay double the price for your gas.

Time to wake up! You are acting like one of those children who accepted that dime from John D. Rockefeller. You don't have to be a cynic to view the world as it is, but you need to have the courage to become a realist. When will the public begin to grow up?

SARTRE - October 23, 2001

Wars and revolutions and battles are due simply and solely to the body and its desires. All wars are undertaken for the acquisition of wealth; and the reason why we have to acquire wealth is the body, because we are slaves in its service.


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