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Minerva save us from the cloying syrup of coercive compassion!
Camille Paglia

Declare Victory, The War has Already Been Decided!

That Old-Time Religion

After on month of reflection from 911, a trend is in place and unbroken. The American public was never in doubt. Their reaction was typical and predictable. The direction of events are moving fast, even if the final outcome is unpredictable. But what is decided, is that the final victory has been realized, already. No, we are not referring to the vanquishing of the al-Qaida and all the offsprings of Terrorism. That will come for the particular, and some partial success for the general, but the real winner is the system of control.

The ultimate loser is the practice of a 'Free Society'. With all the attention directed on achieving justice for the criminals, the communal debate is ignoring the very real changes that are not only happening to our society, but is being demand by the public. It is established that the criminals need to be held accountable and that Terrorism is not a legitimate means of civilized interaction. All that remains is a discussion of HOW to undertake the task of accountability, and method of eradicating future threats.

But when in doubt, we all know that the American public can be relied upon to come through. Following public sentiment, Congress and the Bureaucracy jump at a chance to codify practices that have been conducted for years and denied continually. Security is the cry that goes out through the entire land. Whatever it takes is the call! Intelligence and rational caution, be damned; we want action . . .

Well, that is exactly what you are getting. The best example of this frenzy is epitomized in the comments of a first time newcomer to a call in line, on a recent all news television channel. On the subject of national ID practices, the male caller said: "I have no problem with a national ID card system, as long as I'm not charged $25.00 for an annual fee." The perceptivity of this statement has the clarity of dinning with Hannibal Lector. Just ask Ray Liotta, how's the meal? No spice is needed for this cuisine. What you never had, can't taste bad.

Prior to the Twin Tower massacre, the argument was put forth in a 9/7/01 article that, "Mexican President Vicente Fox will destroy America, long before Osama bin Ladin." The reference is to 'Open Borders'. This conclusion still holds true, and now needs to be extended to the forces from within, that are energized to reduce or eliminate those few remaining protections that are 'Rights' of every citizen. Security, or the lack thereof, resides within your own borders. The problem with international terrorist cells is real, but the solution for this danger, cannot result in the dissolution of our Liberty if we still aspire to be a Free Nation.

If you ask our callin observer, the Bill of Rights, needs to removed with all the rubble from the trade center. The bureaucrat has been invigorated with this tragedy. The objectives of the Terrorist are fulfilled when the practices of the Enforcers are expanded. When the public clamors for an express lane to surrender their birth rights, they are liable and culpable for the kind of country that emerges, from the fall out of this war on terror. Up to this point the battle has been won by the alarmists, who seek the overturn of our Republic and perfect their own version of a 'TC', totalitarian collectivist paradise.

The balance to this rush for surrender, comes from surprise sources. Bush II, is acting more like a Statesman than a Dictator. "If you cough him up, and his people, today, that we'll reconsider what we're doing to your country. You still have a second chance. Just bring him in, and bring his leaders and lieutenants and other thugs and criminals with him", may not be in a diplomatic tone; but its straight talk. That is exactly what we need and deserve. When he says: "We are asking every child in America to earn or give a dollar that will be used to provide food and medical help for the children of Afghanistan", he is acting more like a priest, than a shah. This is one kind of cleric that we all, can and should, agree upon!

He is not appealing to a crass sentimental emotionalism, by biting one's lip. For he is speaking from his, and TO your own heart, of genuine compassion. The real victory lies in retaining a rational and common sense course of pro-action. Avoid the pit falls of hysteria that push for diminished expectations and restrictive freedoms. Support prudent efforts to mold a consensus that is based upon justice for the criminals, coupled with equity for the deserving.

If you need any additional proof why a democracy should be feared, and why a republic is the best protector of Liberty, contrast our caller with our president. Yes, I crossed that line. Bush has became my President, because he has earned it. Succinctly, he is NOT his father's son. He is more like the son of another former president, John Adams. Let us hope and pray that this new trust is not unwarranted.

George senior worshipped upon the altar of the 'New World Order'. In the younger Bush, we have the hope that he listens to a power outside his own family. The public has been listening to the drums for the call to war. The drummer that we all need to hear and follow chants a different word. One that the President is trying to get you to grasp. How will that caller reply, the next time he's on that news show? He's not a novice, any longer; but will he become a sage and speak wisdom? Which victor deserves the triumph? That question must be answered by you . . .

SARTRE - October 12, 2001

Out of compassion I destroy the darkness of their ignorance. From within them I light the lamp of wisdom and dispel all darkness from their lives.

Bhagavad Gita

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