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How perilous it is to free a people who prefer slavery. - Niccolo Machiavelli

Reparations for the Real Slaves?

We are in the midst of the political funny season, with the latest pronouncement from the Chicago City Council voting unanimously to require disclosures from companies that held or issued insurance policies covering slaves. The extortion movement for extracting 'so called' reparations from any enterprise that can be labeled a descendant from a century and a half ago speaks more about the distorted collectivist mindset in today's society than any other political attitude. The notion that wrongs can be rectified through monetary compensation is proof positive that the legal eagles, who would be the prime beneficiaries of this scheme, are just as licentious as the slave masters on any plantation.

What is at play defies common sense and scorns history. Slavery has been part of the human condition since the first day that man decided to apply force over the behavior of their neighbor. Servitude is not unique to the plight of the cotton field pickers. Systemic enslavement is the norm, so what makes slaves from Confederate States any more special from the indentured servants that toiled in New England? In today’s world of fabricated guilt, degrees of injustice are constructed to serve political goals that have little or nothing to do with the underlying grievance.

Justification by advocates of the civic engineering ethos is generally based upon the cry for social justice.  The meaning of true justice is lost to most, since the bill of goods that is being sold is one that is flawed with deceit and inaccuracy. Justice must be founded upon moral righteousness; fair treatment and due reward or penalty based upon individual conduct. The responsibility for achieving the action is based within each person's behavior. When society extols a contorted communal guilt, the absurdity of the argument is only superseded by the harm that such insults foster additional resentment.

To the point with the clarity of frankness. Who cares about the offenses of past generations when we are embroiled with a continued assault against our own dignity, in the here and now! Only those who are weak, foolish or plain stupid will buy into the scam that society will be cleansed when the sons are held to pay for the sins of the fathers. Those people who live under the demented influence of the con artist that seeks political gain and influence through manipulation and distortion, are the sheeple who make our modern day slavery just as hideous as that served up by the overseer. The pain may not be administered directly by the whip or the submission achieved by the linking of chains, but in today's perverted 'PC' environment, the abuser pursues compliance under the guise of social responsibility.

The same argument holds true for all groups. What makes the Jews special to receive favor in their undertaking to shade fault against all those who do not share their plight or their goals? Are Mexicans anymore deserving compensation for the loss of California because of the westward migration? And who could deny that the tenable claims of Native America having the most merit? But does that translate into a public policy of atonement that includes reparations, paid by the innocents of the current generations?

The reality of past transgression cannot be absolved with the creation of assessed tribute payments that become an additional tax upon blameless citizens. Bill O'Reilly has this one right. When a recent guest said that proponents of slavery reparations want an apology, you know darn well it will not stop there. I’m afraid these companies will be held hostage and eventually will have to pay out money and that will drive up the cost of goods and services that these companies provide. So, in the end the consumer will bear the brunt of this extortion. The real winner in all of this will be the lawyers that are pushing it. Oh, and never mind the fact that 70 percent of Americans think this is the wrong thing to do.

Reparations fostered all kinds of benefits after World War I. Compare the resentment that Germans directed toward the Allies and project what would be the sentiments of faultless Americans when they are forced to pay an insane levy to satisfy the figment of moronic idiots that claim that reparations will eradicate the scars of racism. There are few better examples that demonstrate that equality between peoples is but a fools game. Each person is responsible for their own actions. When groups forgo their own identity and falsely substitute that of the group as that of their own, the results will always cause additional sorrow.

The Elder's on the Chicago City Council are playing a very dangerous game. Heightened division will be the only victor, increased resentment will be its legacy and expanded bondage will only increase to serve the latest master - that of the newest 'PC' obligation. See through this swindle for what it really is . . . a racket that insults us all and betrays the very communities that it proclaims to serve.

SARTRE - October 6, 2002

It is the nature of slavery to render its victims so abject that at last, fearing to be free, they multiply their own chains. You can liberate a freeman, but you cannot liberate a slave. - Louis J. Halle

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