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Getting rid of a delusion makes us wiser than getting hold of a truth.

Ludwig Borne

'Cosmic Consciousness' as Practiced For All To See


Witnessing the continuous replays from the massacre and destruction of the Twin Towers, one ordinarily seeks to understand the nature of the Evil that allows the commission of such dreadful crimes. As with most actions, behavior is motivated by the underlying beliefs, goals and aspirations of those involved. In this tragic event, we all have a difficult time accepting that such a callous disregard for innocent life is possible, from the hands of one man against another. So how can such cruelty be explained and how can it be averted from striking us again?

'Cosmic Consciousness', insight into the functional workings of our environment is always understood through the eyes, mind and culture of the observer. Values and world views are not universally shared. Our nature is similar, but our experience can be void of any resemblance from that of other Peoples. This reality of difference is hard to reconcile with the most basic moral principle, Thou Shall Not Kill. Is the taking of another life wrong, or not? Can it be justified, through rationalization or custom, or are we just playing semantic and intellectual masturbation with ourselves in a dangerous game of denial?

The refuge that we all want is a sane world. Or is it? Some societies have a very different outlook of what the world should be to them. The failure to accept that most of the planet does not perceive political life from a Western viewpoint is crucial, if we wish closure of our collective grief and return to rational behavior. The argument for, and the defense of, Civilization; is a constant theme of these appeals. We attempt to use the audacity of offense, to accomplish the persuasion of intellect. Have we returned to that state of 'Normalcy', even if it is only semi rational; or are we still in our own mood of 'Cosmic Consciousness'?

Our Civilization is worthy of being defended. Accountability for ruthless criminals is necessary and justice to achieve. The methods used to accomplish these objectives are important, because we all want the benefit of being successful, safe and secure. So far one of the few to benefit from the events of clashing cultural madness, is Gary Condit. Omission is every bit as significant as active involvement, or the means used can heap additional incendiary combustibles onto an inferno.

Up to this point, temperance has prevailed. Resolution has remained strong, while demonstrating prudence. Let's give JUSTICE a chance . . . Some have called Dubya Bush: 'Shrub'. So far he is acting like the 'HUB'. If there was ever merit in the argument to enlist a coalition to produce a solution, now may well be it. Muslims have rogue and perverted madmen within their ranks. Moral condemnation against these elements is crucial to prevent additional dementia. However, to conclude that this aberration is systemic and is the prime fault within a culture that refuses to adopt Western Values, will never produce the results that we all pursue.

Rambo is alive and well, but he is not in Afghanistan. Those who condemn this message are experiencing their own version of 'Cosmic Consciousness'. Osama bin Laden & Co. are prepared to flood the world with stored stocks of heroin. These folks are not nice customers, but they may have to resort in placing advertisement, to sell their wears into a new market. It seems that many of their regular clientele and most vocal belligerent hawks are already high on their own testosterone hallucinogens.

There is NO equivalency in EVIL between the Terrorists and those who call for accountability. That has never been the issue. As a Nation, America has been violated. But the culpability of those who have a distorted and perverted version of their own 'Cosmic Consciousness', leads the rest of us, and the country that we love, to have a liability from the consequences of their preferred misdeed.

Some go so far as to border upon becoming 'voyeurs' in their lust for blood, anyone's blood. We can hear their call for a Peter Arnett play by play account of lighted skies with Triple A, and exploding 'collateral damage'. Maybe if we are lucky, Bernie Shaw can find another bed to crawl under? I can hear it now, sing it Archie: Boy, those were the days . . . Well I'm no Meathead, just because a sensible policy is advocated.

The little 'Shrub' is growing out of being a Bush, and is starting to bloom into a flower. He is no flower child, nor do we expect him to become one. Action is warranted, but not the kind that the militarist want. At least that's the hope. How many times have we all been disappointed in the past! This one is too important to allow that to happen this time.

So you arm chair Rambo's need to learn from the man in the original 'First Blood'. "They drew first blood, not me...", you say! Well he showed restraint in the beginning and by the end he was saying: "Where is everybody? Who are my friends? Back here there is nothing." Let's hope you will adopt the behavior of patience to achieve honor, so you will need not speak the lament of a lone warrior. One sunk in a sea of sand, in a ruined pursuit of your own version of 'Cosmic Consciousness'.

SARTRE - October 1, 2001

Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true.


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