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However different the holy causes people die for, they perhaps die basically for the same thing. - Eric Hoffer

Courting disaster, as the kingdom declines

Oh, England!
Sick in head and sick in heart,
Sick in whole and every part:
And yet sicker thou art still
For thinking that thou art not ill.


Having made eight prolonged visits over the last dozen years to the British Isles, a pattern of cultural decline becomes more evident. The symbols of tradition remain visible for tourists and history still speaks loud to those who revere its message, but English society is in crisis.

The recent record post War demonstration of over 400,000, mostly rural folks to Whitehall was characterized as a rally in support of fox hunting. Fleet Street's sensationalism would have you believe that 'blood sport' is the issue. What is being kept from the public is the nature of the fundamental struggle that is evident to even the casual observer. Rural life is under attack! The differences between the "City" and the rest of urban London from the Devon and Cornwall countryside are even more stark than that of Manhattan from our own Western New York region.

The punitive tax liabilities of the UK hit the residents of the rural districts harder than the toll taken by the feudal lord from the serfs on the manor. But England is a land that has evolved into a regimented society that accepts the queue as the price of civil conduct. The spirit of a nation of shopkeepers is now void of Englishmen. Only the immigrants from the Empire do the work while the bloodline of the tradition wait for their share of the dole. The remnants of Brit Grit that marched on 10 Downing Street were organized to be polite, who's intent was to register the record tally. They say "sort it out" is a stable of conduct. But the idea that the powers that rule the country has any intention to correct the inequities is as absurd as the cheery attitude that all is lovely . . .

The rudimentary conflict between the interests that dominate the urban society and the citizens that seek to live a traditional life with peace and dignity in a rustic community, is inescapable. The effects of multiculturalism has destroyed the fabric of more than the use of the English languange. The values of freedom and liberty are absent within a 'so called' cosmopolitan society that resembles the untouchable slums of the sub continent. Attire that once reflected refined self respect has been traded for tatoos, multicolored hair and nose piecing. While appearance does not necesarily make a civilization, values and dreams mold a culture. When foreign landlords exalt their over priced fire trap apartments as safe, because the street has total CCTV monitoring cameras, one must question the quality of life that currently remains in the metropolitan envirnoment.

So why are the protectors of the empire so bent upon the disillusion of the nation's character, while they encourage its replacement with a deteriorating nightmare of cultural turmoil? Most of the demonstrators want control of local decisions back into their own hands. That was the real purpose of the march. But the gatekeepers of the NWO have a very different purpose. Destruction of the traditional English values system is part of their ultimate plan to subjugate and extend their political control over ever facet of British society.

The mindless format and content of the BBC has declined to such an extent that Jerry Springer would be considered tame. The affinity for grotesque gore and bloody violence as a stable in their most popular programs, makes the fox hunt an exercise in compassion. The newest entry is Ultimate Force - the saga of the SAS as a noble protector of the Crown against the evil anti globalists. Remember there is no posse comitatus protection in England. The military are the police force of final resort. Square this mental assault with the next demonstration, a week later, that took place against the Blair Iraq War policy. Not nearly as many activists as those riding in on the coach buses from the countryside. But those who appealed to their own government to abandon support for military intervention that only serves the interests of the masters of the world community, are ignored and ridiculed.

Opinion polls clearly show that Brits are warry of Blair's Middle East policy. But this concern has as much chance of reversing foreign policy as the rural communities have of restoring local rule over community issues. The elites rule with disdain over citizens who are treated as mere subjects. The forces of control seek to delude the national culture into a cesspool of alien barbarism. They has succeeded greatly over the years of my visits.

While the cranes of new construction dot the cityscape along the Thames and robust commerce entends the reach of the designers of public policy, is it any wonder that the seeds of terriorism grow within the UK? Her own people are treated as pawns in a sick game of unbriddled immigrantion. Her politicians make no attempt to represent the interests of their constituents. And the underlying dispair of the loss of self determination is masked with false smiles and words of 'fab', 'fantastic' and that old standby - 'brilliant'.

RIGHT !!! The Brits continually say "Sorry" . . . Well, I'm sad for them; not because their is anything they need to be sorry for, unless it is their resignation to accept tyranny. The overwhelmning public acceptance of establishing a national DNA database that moves to collect samples from everyone, is the culmination of serfdom mentality. Only the active promotion of having tracking devices implanted into children, and their endorsement by parents, is more insidious.

Those visits over the last dozen years are a short time span when viewed within their history. But we have witnessed that England has declined measurably in values and spirit, while the forces of self destruction grow. If not understood directly, it is hidden within the subconscious of the rural demonstrators that their country is evaporating before their eyes. Courteous marchers change little. The powers of today are as arrogant as was King Charles I. The Brits are in need of a modern day Oliver Cromwell. The poem rings true today just as much when written. The question for those remaining Englishmen, when will you "give it a go" ? Take back the power that is yours.

SARTRE - September 29, 2002

What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? - Thomas Jefferson

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