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We often pretend to fear what we really despise, and more often despise what we really fear.

Charles Caleb Colton

War Hysteria Has Dire Consequences


Are you sure you are ready for the Truth? Can you handle the TRUTH? Well, the ship is being boarded and will embark very soon. This country will never return to the beacon of light on the hill . . .

What is it within the American character that embraces self delusion? Is it the anti-intellectualism that permeates the culture, or is it the emotional nature of public consensus that rejects the lessons of history and common sense? Yes, we are on a collision course to oblivion.

The Twilight Zone of the absurd has now closed in on our future. A future of causalities that will look pale in comparison to the tragic horror that has snatched the life blood from the Baghdad on the Hudson. The risk of further escalation is assured to bear suffering that will cast a shadow of tragedy over all the land. Is this your aspiration, as the price for retribution?

The courage and spirit of brotherly love of all New Yorkers deserves acclaim and admiration. The world now knows why we are proud to be part of the empire state. "I Love New York" is no hollow jingle. It is our communal essence. While we celebrate the bravery of countless individuals, we should not ignore the causes for hatred that has festered for decades, and made this insanity thinkable!

"The American peoples should remember that no one throughout history had crossed the Atlantic carrying arms against them, but it was they who crossed over carrying with them death, destruction and terrible exploitation to the whole world."

Who said this? With the exception of 1812 and even Pancho Villa, is this assertion true?

No doubt, Americans are the most generous of peoples. But can the same be said for their government? Agreed, that ordinary citizens respect the law and seek peaceful interaction. But can the same be said for their official policy? And it is correct to assert that most Americans are 'Good'. Now can we really claim that same quality for the aftermath in the wake of foreign involvements? 'Good Intentions' don't absolve the burden from committing evil deeds. This same standard applies to any party, every side and all factions.

Do you still view the last remaining superpower as an unwavering defender of freedom? If you do, you must side with those who champion Empire. You should not falsely conclude that any criticism of foreign intervention is the same as being disloyal. Quite to the contrary. It is because of devotion to the principles of LIBERTY, that each citizen has the moral responsibility to hold your public servants accountable to adhere to the wisdom that resides in Washington's farewell address.

Could the author of that quote be correct?

For those who's cosmopolitan experience is confined to having lunch at an EPCOT restaurant, much of the rest of the world does not view the United States as a benevolent neighbor. Yes they will accept our aid and trade their goods, but most of the rest of the planet is ignorant about the genuineness in human concern that is part of the American character. What a majority see; is a tyrant who seeks to extend their domination and control over their culture and systematically exploits their economy. They may be entirely wrong in their assessment, but that does not alter the reality that this perception is what drives their sentiments.

Starting to agree with this fellow speaking this quote; might be on to something?

But you reply that the Marshall Plan proved the generosity of the U.S.! Agreed; but lest you forget, Bomber Harris and Curtis LeMay perfected carpet bombing on civilian targets. The horror of war should never be forgotten. The notion that the U.S. is always on the side of Justice does not square with the record, as seen from exotic and foreign perspectives. They may be totally wrong, but why don't you consider the possibility that their viewpoint COULD have some merit?

The 'blowback' from the coming conflict will toughen every American. Our soil has born the taint of blood. It is understandable that emotions run high with the call for revenge. The criminals involved and their supports need to be held accountable. But will the consequences of 'satiation retaliation', against a target that burrows in the sands of desolation, bring the dead back to life? Justice demands the need to be tempered with prudence and proportionate force. All war validates the evil nature of our species. This one undoubtedly will come back to our side of the oceans, with an abhorrence that few of us can even imagine.

Think this quotation might have some merit if you were one of those being bombed?

Now you say, this time; they brought this upon themselves when they crossed the Atlantic! Well you are probably right . . . Hard to argue that evil must not go unpunished. But the seriousness of the circumstance needs to be realized by all Americans before some go off with blind jingoism and invite a response that will result in mushroom clouds on our horizon.

The stakes cannot be any higher. Consider that U.S. Foreign Policy for the Middle East has never been balanced. Ponder that the arrogance of the 'world community' breeds the enmity and hatred that drives desperate people to accept suicide. Reflect on the culpability of the West, for the continuous and unconscionable suffering that has stripped all hope from generations of stateless nomads.

Then read this quote with a different attitude. For it was spoke by a person who is EVIL. However, the fact that he is a symbol and perpetrator of depravity, does not diminish the significance of his words. Do we really want to wage a new Crusade that will ignite the Apocalypse that most of you secular humanist ridicule? Think again, before hunger for vengeance supersedes your rational judgment. Also, remember that when you HAD the chance to reform U.S. Foreign Policy, you closed your eyes. George Washington was prophetic, we did not listen. Now the crazed and demented are making the decisions, and we are all left to pay the consequences. Diplomacy has failed, the War Party calls the shots, and events are rapidly spinning out of control . . .

If we heeded the message in this quote, would we have done anything different? Sadly, it seems very unlikely.

SARTRE - September 13, 2001

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