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The Budget Shuffle Lacks Any Tussle


With the return of the treacherous lawmakers to Congress, the country is no longer safe. They are back in session. The perennial budget battle is more like a prance than bebop. The beat is the same and that familiar rhythm has been heard before, but where is the sass from those Republican legislatures that always play to this same tempo? In days long past, the party in power would drive a budget through the House and the President would force the Senate to accept the substance of priorities. Today's timidity has Bush playing the role of a fake innocent, while the Democrats discharge the Brando seed into the rear door.

What we have is a 'Tango in Paris', and George Jr auditioning as unsullied. The Paul (Marlon) and Jeanne (Maria Schneider) characters reflect today's political realities. Both want the same power (apartment), but one is vulnerable to being used and is being dominated. The Republicans come out of this relationship much like Jeanne, not clear what they stand to gain from their trysts. So it can be said that the GOP is content in being abused, and it is doubtful that this will be the "Last Tango" that they will dance.

Why is this the case? What infection to the body politick of the RepubCANT'S has inflicted this disease? As the terms for the stalwarts of 'Liberty' run out, can anyone hope to cure this ailment?

With the announcements that Jessie Helms and Phil Gramm will not run for reelection, we are losing our most staunch defenders of freedom. Add Strom Thurmond to the list and you have an end of an era. The prospects that their replacement will stand on principle is highly doubtful. And that is the whole point of our plight. With the passing of each year, the adverse demographic that threatens to destroy this country multiplies. With each succeeding generation of 'Socialized' brainwashed collectivists, the voters demonstrate their ignorance in the elements that has made America unique in the struggle for individual Liberty.

Relying on the ballot box to restore sanity is synonymous with inducing your own mental breakdown. Options to elect loyal representatives have failed. Just look at the results since the Gingrich 'revolution'. Being most generous, we have only been holding a finger in a dike holding back disaster. More of the same while the water builds up behind the dam is suicide. So why are we willing to play only defense?

If you doubt that this assessment is too harsh, explain and defend why Bush is reluctant to support a lowering of the capital gains tax rate? It seems that the dye is cast and 'W' flunks the test. If you want revenues to increase, a drop in capital gains is a guaranteed method to accomplish this task. So why would you want to deny tax relief to the investor? Could it be that you are more comfortable with your DemoRAT suitors than you would have us believe? Maybe you enjoy the posterior maneuvering that you seem content to allow, if not encourage!

No we don't need any more tangos that are choreographed in unison. The pressure from outrage is the only mechanism that the public has to employ. If citizens are unwilling to engage in active dissension, there will never be any prospects for meaningful reform. The likelihood for taxpayer rebellion is slim, but necessary. The longer that people continue to accept indignation, the greater the abuse; that further schemes will inflict.

The rhetoric of the Democrats is echoed by the media to distort the fact that their proposal for tax relief would have deepened the current projected shortfall to fund the Bush budget. Has anyone ever heard that you could reduce the size of government as the prudent method to protect the interests of the People? Such notions of common sense are routinely reduced to the trash heap, since the purpose of these ballroom partners is to dance well into the night.

The stage is set for a showdown. All signs support that a fundamental fight is necessary. The public is polarized, but the window for confrontation is rapidly closing. Without action to force a crisis, we will be get the same incrementalism that slowly strangles our will to resist. The party needs to be cut short.

The budget is the most visible fight that gathers attention. When "Last Tango" was released, the controversy was intense. But it failed in its attempt to explore the depth of human relationships. The charade that passes for political debate is much like the fizzle that attached to the movie. Both are disappointments. Both are indecent in their practices. And both lack attachment that respects human interaction.

Paraphrasing Brando: "I came for a week and stayed years", need not be our fate. We deserve better, and we should be nauseated with the violation that the asses in both parties continue to inflict upon our body politick. By now, we should agree that their stay has lasted far too long. It seems that in DC, time passes more slowly than in Paris. Isn't it overdue to restore our intimacy with a love that is worthy of our affections? If you agree, court 'Lady Liberty', and quit unnatural relationships. Send a message to the wenches of politics, to clean up their act . . .

SARTRE - September 5, 2001

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