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Labor in America Avoids Work


Today's society is turned upside down from the world that once worked. Rewards now go to the most unproductive and those who still toil are penalized. Work continues to retain dignity, but no longer offers benefits. The most desired jobs have become in the employ of the government. While risk takers are beset upon with disproportionate taxes, excessive regulations and constant legal liabilities; most carry on even though their rational side tells them to withdraw from the fray.

It wasn't always like this, and this gradual transformation has been couched in the seduction of extravagant consumerism. Yes; people have more money than ever, but they have paid a very heavy price for the trappings of material comfort. Earning a living now has a disconnect relationship with the amount of work one performs. Putting in time and accepting the hierarchy culture of the organization, is not the same as working. The actual functions of the modern Corporation has more in common with touting a shell game than producing necessary products or services.

Advancement is proportional to the 'PC' purity that one expounds. Innovation and creative thinking takes a back seat to 'getting along to get ahead'. But getting along is no longer based upon constructive relationships and customer satisfaction. No; getting ahead now requires the aptitude to deceive and mislead the consumer, as they play phone tag, in a futile attempt to get satisfaction. The sale has become an inconvenience, interrupting your coffee break.

This kind of attitude has evolved from the unconscious perception that the bond between the Corporation and the employee has been reduced to a functional utility at best. America no longer makes what it consumes. This 'so called' service society is a make believe economy. Tasks are devised and services sold that are totally useless and superfluous. Marginal jobs are constructed to 'make work', where no real need exists. Social Security tribute is extracted and some kind of government credit is granted to the firm that trains incompetent and inadequately educated personnel. It has become a game, and the unaccustomed are told they are on their way to get ahead.

The wrenches that once built a proud Nation are now used for our own home repair of defective products. The skilled tradesman is a rare breed, and deserves our respect. But can we say the same for the IRS staffer who knows less about the tax code than the average citizen? This example is not the exception, but tragically has become the rule. The cause of this lack of awareness is not reducible to a lack of training. It actually is based in the nature of the work itself. When your business is rooted in dubious incongruity, you will never be able to equably administer public policy.

The point of Labor Day is that it is just another three day weekend. Sadly, respect for honest work has evaporated. When savvy workers wake up to the fact that they are working to support those who avoid the trappings of honest labor, their world view is shattered. This is the dilemma that we all find ourselves in, and most of us bear the shame for allowing this treachery, which has been contrived by our elite's. The system greatly benefits a select few, while the tab is left for the rest of us to pay the costs for the distortion and planned exodus of American industry.

Isn't it time to celebrate our own right to keep the fruits of our own labor? Labor Day should be a renewal of our freedom; not from the duties of toil, but from the claws of a silent partner that steals the bulk of your wealth. Your employer is not your enemy, but your government is. When you need to labor for more than five months before you may keep your own money, the political system has broken down. Use your wrenches to fix this problem once and for all. Only the dexterity of the home improvement handyman will solve this problem. The limited warranty that they attach to the purchase of your substandard items will not make you whole. Your representatives will not repair this condition. And your neighbor will not restore your homestead without your own involvement.

If there ever was a need for a STRIKE, the time has come. But the target in not your employer, but the consociate who poses as your benevolent government . . .

SARTRE - August 30, 2001

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