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Time to Solve the Voting Problem


Since the franchise ritual is held up as a sacred right, what is the evidence that our country has been well served with the universal ballot? You say heresy! How can anyone question that every adult has an equal and lawful claim on selecting our political leaders? Well, look at the record . . . You must have heard about that social advancement called the nineteenth amendment, haven't you? The cause of equality finally corrected past wrongs, so what's the problem? Don't let the facts get in the way of your joy; you now are equal. The idea that your involvement has caused real suffering because of suffrage, should not silent your voice. For you are 'Woman' and you are invincible.

Consider the details presented in the Father's Manifesto.

Petition to Repeal the Nineteenth Amendment

Still have doubts?

Feminism and America

And they called the females the weaker sex! Our society is now dominated with cultural mores that reinforce the gender war, which is obliterating all natural distinctions between man and woman. No longer do we revere the family unit as the basis for community life. So how long will this intrinsic relationship continue to exist? The current direction of test tube procreation not only emasculates the male, but offers the prospect that his function is no longer necessary. So what would a world of political Amazons be like?

No more War, equal pay for all sisters, day care at every office; and how about Lifetime and We TV on all channels? Their politics would surely solve all the misdeeds of centuries of excessive testosterone. So what is the problem? The case against universal franchise is strong enough to exclude gender neutral idiots, but is even more valid when irrational, impulsive, and inconsistent behavior is systemic within eugenically challenged females.

Most soccer moms are more in tune with the 'Communist International' than the Star Spangled Banner. The study of hermeneutics strives to understand what is said by going back to its motivation and context. It can be applied to politics just as it is frequently used to investigate ancient cultures. Only if one inquires into the underlying motivation of what is being said that one can hope to grasp its truth. The power of this new voting block is recognized by every politician who seeks office. But with a serious examination of the underlying motives of the female voter, we are appalled with their un-American sympathies.

Their stated quest for equality is really a plea for a government suitor. The self image of the liberal progressive woman is immersed in creating an all secure paramour, that will protect and promote a society were feelings rule over reason. Government is this substitute lover. Politicians of excitable image court those of shallow introspection, while public servants of substance become suspect because of their message of self reliance. The question these harlequins of civic duty ask, would make their idol JFK cringe in his grave. For they seek rights and benefits FROM the State and accept that their task is to entice as much out of government as their vote will buy.

This is the somber condition of every election cycle. Support for a John Edwards because he is cute and has money, vote for John Kerry because he is kool, and that Dick Gephardt has such nice hair. They all will give us free day care, and you know those mean Bob Barr's just want to keep us in the home . . . The problem is not just being dumb, a condition not reserved solely for females; but the inclination to make decisions without the benefit of understanding history, knowledge of natural rights and the ability to scrutinize public lies.

All Votes are NOT equal. We owe a debt of gratitude to the majority who set out most elections. It is time to extend that motor-voter program to establish minimum standards for the franchise. Democracy has been a miserable failure. Representation under a Republic has been ravished with the systematic inclusion of progressively more social collectivists, at the polls. Each generation is taught less about America and more about self-realization. The woman's vote is squarely behind the assimilation of our Nation into the camp of the Socialist. And there are still those who say that loyal Americans can take back our country at the voting booth?

You want solutions? RIGHT . . . What the general public wants, is for the other guy to pay for their own excesses! Public policy is far too important for the spontaneous to decide. And it is certainly not an area for social engineers to breed schemes designed by frustrated femininity. Those woman who are true patriots, enter this debate. A repeal of the 19th Amendment could once and for all establish valid and meaningful standards for voting. Exclusion of inept men is just as desirable, and will serve the best interest of our country. So speak out now, before your senseless half-sister destroys the same Nation that some of us seek to restore.

SARTRE - August 23, 2001

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