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Buckwheat Shuffles Back Home


The 'First Black' President returns to his roots. Well, that in effect is what he said today. As the crowd cheers and the music plays, the first fornicator says he hopes to appear on the Apollo stage! No doubt he will, but whether he plays his saxophone or just refines his soft shoe routine, he will continue to mesmerize the most confused and ignorant. No need to tap dance around this crowd, they all love the pimp and are quite willing to buy his dope. He's the superstar, the man and an example of what jive can produce.

He talks of interdependence and how much we all need each other. How much he brings to the community. And how much he is now at home! Who could resist this guy? How could anyone not follow his lead? All those supporters who were named as friends and part of the Harlem experience were nothing but inspiring. Could anyone not shed a tear when that giant among men, Ron Brown, was mentioned? How much BillieBob misses his dear friend. That tragic plane crash took him from us and who could forget that instant weeping that came to his eye at the funeral? We all lost a real brother in his death, a partner in the family business and a loyal and devoted ally.

How quietly we forget! This poor olde boy came from nothing to keeping a cool million in his checking account. You never know when that dough might be needed. Never worry about writing a check, that stuff will never get you convicted. Buddy Jim McDougal found that out, just before he checked out . . .

Don't mind that the wife could not make the trip, she was on hospital duty and could not leave the one's she loves. Just think, Gary could drop on by and bring his black book. What a hoot we both could have sharing notes!

Senator Chuck and Con man Charlie support this move. By coming to town the real estate rates will rise, just as high as the sweet smell of reefer fills the air. They both know that the bucks will flow into their reelection campaigns, by having a star that brighten up every day. What a deal we taxpayers get, only a slick three fifty large, for all those digs. His office will look upon the empire he built, hoping to return to the address he missed.

Never mind those black panthers' distress. This new militant military-style crew thinks the coming of the chief stinks. Malik Zulu Shabazz wants the dude out of the hood. No 'missionary of gentrification' for this neighborhood. The folk will no longer be able to afford living in their own community. The Harlem Tenants Council agrees, and wants the Ex-Prez to plant his stash and staff in another village. One where it takes the entire quarter to educate the local hamlet.

Those that will follow your lead, will move into our space. And leave us empty to congregate in some other place. Dinning at Sylvia's may be a plus. But eating down home will not make you into one of us. Some of us know just what you really are, no brother to Harlem or friend to those of us who drive a big car.

Those who rally to voice their support should consider that wherever you go the body count increases. We already have enough crime to contend, why should we import another boss to raise the levels of the deceased? Cheers into jeers needs to be the call of the day. More of you will just increase all of our pain. Dance on stage if you will, but don't think your moves are anything but a shill.

Stand by me is the thanks you shower, but your policies never did plant any flowers. Go back to Upper Manhattan with your Wall Street friends. For you ain't welcome in a borough that sees life through a very different lens. Take you interdependence back where it came, we all know all too well your hogwash is so lame. You claim that you turned the economy around and created empowerment zones, so why do we all know that we still can't get a loan? You said: "I think I kept my word to Harlem", flies in the face of what we see. So why should we welcome you to a place where you will do whatever you please.

Stay away and break that lease. Not all of us are fans of your excessive feast. When will we learn the lessons of being had, it comes from every direction and each new fad. Keep that Willie out of our town, it's not much to brag about nor will it secure you a crown. You sold us out and we will not be again duped. By folks like you who stole all the loot. Farewell to the former commander in chief, he blew it while in office, and now wants to be the main man of thieves. Your style insults and demeans our kids, for the children, doesn't means showing how to do lids.

SARTRE - July 30, 2001

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