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The REAL 'Third World' War

Having just completed a journey to the Southwest of America, the indisputable observation is that a foreign land exists within our country. For those who are apologists for the current immigration policy, take the time to make your own visit. Maybe then you could speak from experience and not from emotional bewilderment. Now add the recent Bush consideration for an amnesty for all illegal intruders, and you have the final nail in the coffin of a once proud Nation.

Folks, this country is no longer one Nation! This conclusion is not new, but the stark reality when seen and experienced for yourself provides the proof that no one can any longer deny. Lines have been drawn in the desert of a vast wilderness where people rush to settle in urban environments that resemble a sad imitation of civilization. It is time to confront the most real threat to our way of life. When communities insist upon loyalty to alien cultures and oppose assimilation into traditional mores, you have the recipe for destruction. This is the condition that presently exists and ill guided pandering to a growing demographic invasion is nothing but suicide for our Republic.

Make no mistake. This catastrophe will invariably doom the independence of the individual, while placing even more power in the hands of the central planners. Capitulation to the most sinister elements of the 'TC' Totalitarian Collectivist will be acclaimed by these illegal outsiders because they are unwilling to accept our heritage, institutions and traditional culture. Is that the future you are willing to accept for your country and children?

The Balkanization of America is moving forward. Those who seek to deceive the public with platitudes of compassion are betrayers. Supporting their policies fosters annihilation for those of us who still respect and revere the true meaning of a society where people rule and government obeys. We the people have the Right, of self defense. The legitimate purpose of society is to protect its citizens from dissolution, but our fettered choices in electing representatives and the unaccountable bureaucracy have interests counter to the remaining patriots that reside in a country that is now in the vanguard of this 'New World Order'. If you continue to accept multiculturalism, you are ingesting poison. Why will you not speak out with the convictions of the moral authority that underpins your right to resist seppuku, forced upon us by traitors that seek to destroy America?

For Bush to adopt this amnesty, he will further his fathers desire to merge the United States into a cabal of faceless Elite's that look upon us as incessant serfs to work the manor. Those of us who know the history of the Bush family have always been suspect of Dubya. This is the acid test of his true loyalty. If he endorses 'Open Borders', America will separate into regional camps of varied and distinctly different societies. This reality should not be feared, but encouraged. The only hope any of us will have is to defend our own communities from the disintegration that dismantles our values that come from mongrel cultures and secular humanism. Is this reality too frightful for you to face? Then accept the facts and condemn the propaganda that your media spins of the 'so called' benefits of bestowing citizenship upon the eleven million that have criminally entered the United States.

Yes, this is the real WW III that will obliterate America. It will be destroyed from within and you will watch it happen each night on the evening news. But you will never be told that it is occurring, for the message that is fabricated will seek to deceive you into accepting this induced self-destruction.

Our response is to initiate a serious debate on the merits of dissolving our union. States have the Right to secede, even if the first attempt failed by illegal force. Our experiment and flirtation with a central federal government has been a miserable failure. Any objective appraisal that respects the dignity of the individual will conclude that coercive compliance is the mantra of the present system. So why are you willing to be told what you should believe, how you must act and required to live, by factions that want to control every aspect of your existence?

By nature we all pursue to reside within familiar cultural and community environments. This is a fact of social conduct that is expressed within all groups. The unnatural attempts to force cultural assimilation upon each of us is bogus. It has never worked nor will it. Human Nature is clear that we can respect and even love others of very different values and traditions. But it should be entirely incontrovertible by now that compelling values that repudiate our core beliefs, can and will never, succeed.

Advocacy for Civilization is a universal value worth defending. When trash and litter conditions within the Apache reservation resemble the debris in the 'Third World' society of Morocco, I submit this in not an America of my heritage. Physical appearances are easy to visualize, but cultural identifies are much more difficult to understand. Each group has their own right to subsist in their own way. But no government has the right to force upon another standards that repulse the sensibilities.

It is not in my best interest to condone or to accept as an equal, every alien who maintains allegiance to a culture that will destroy my tradition. Amnesty will hasten the day when the lowest possible standard will become the norm. Have we not sunk far enough in our lifetime, or are you willing to welcome the 'Third World' in your neighborhood? It is time to make your convictions known. Hold Bush to the fire now, or be willing to see voting registration extended to all law breakers who illegally enter before an arbitrary amnesty deadline date! Open Borders is akin to self-immolation. Resist now; time is getting very short . . .

SARTRE - July 21, 2001

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