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CYNIC: One who not only reads bitter lessons from the past, but who is prematurely disappointed with the future.
 - Source Unknown

Summer Disturbed by Media Ratings Wars

The public seeks to ignore the value of their retirement accounts, while they relish in the lull of a political year from the dog day's of summer. Forget about the national pastime, the baseball whores have now become the cable programming bores. More "War on Terror" is only interrupted with the newest 'breaking news' non report about the latest child molestation case. For news junkies, this is a time of the Big Sleep. No wonder that TV executives are retooling their format appealing to the remaining viewership that takes their teeth pulling without an anesthetic.

The Media confuses even seating - Right from Left
You know who you can trust and which one will tell the Truth

MSNBC leads the way. Phil Donahue is being revived from a cryogenic siesta. If his return to media nirvana isn't the sign of the desperation lament, how long will it be before AOL Time Warner hires Jessie Jackson for their next PR campaign? The promotion theme that features the gray haired loony liberal - truth comes from hearing all sides, is about as accurate as the absence of his bleeding heart gushing all over the set. The certainty we know about this Notre Dame grad is that he forgot everything he learned in college. What does it take for the media to admit that the overwhelming bias to their bend is irrefutably Fabian left-wing? So we are led to believe that the basement leader of cable news networks will reverse their hold on the cellar of cesspool sleaze. Forget it folks. This software program has a virus that is embedded into its code - with a worm that resembles that Trojan kind.

Contrast Mr Marlo Thomas with Jerry Nachman. Here is a brash, street smart, flamboyant, a tough-guy editor, veteran newsman and "Lou Grant barking in New York-ese", so says the Washington Post. He has also been called "conservative" in years past . . . while during the 2000 conventions he advised fellow journalists to "wear delegate badges rather than press passes". (Guess what policies the newsies support?) Nachman also was hired to direct its news coverage for MSNBC, along with hosting the 7:00 PM slot talk show and personify their reinvented image. Roger Ailes, the FoxNews general in change of the ‘fair and balanced coverage’, says of Nachman: "I think he's a formidable journalist and an interesting guy". Finally, a poster boy for the obese set! On that bold move alone, Jerry deserves a look. Any clone of mine, warrants big and tall advertiser support.

But why should we care about another musical chairs on a network that turned Alan Keyes into a mouthpiece for the "permanent war for unattainable peace"? Well, here is your answer.

For the first time ever, more people are watching cable television during primetime than are watching the broadcast networks, the New York Daily News reported today, citing ratings results that are due to be released on Thursday for the April-June period by Nielsen Research. The newspaper said that the rating results are expected to show that ad-supported cable channels drew 49 percent of the audience, while the seven broadcast networks (including the WB, UPN and PAX) drew 46 percent.

It is hard to disregard the influence that TV talking heads have upon public opinion. The average stiff pays little attention to the New York Times, but loves to see O'Reilly blast the high and mighty. Let's face it, we all know that we are fed a bait of nightcrawlers, that hook the hunger bottom feeders in the audience. Some of us spit and blow out the snag of the most lethal lure of poison, but most swallow it whole. Collapsing ratings from the same old liberal propaganda is encouraging. But for every step forward, there is usually a few in reverse.

Media Stud on the Rise!

The return of Pat Buchanan for two midday 2-4 hours is great, but can we subscribe to an automatic muting service whenever Bill Press opens his mouth? And who can endure the agony of Curtis and Kuby? Why don't these media gurus get it! The success at FoxNews is not because of the dumb for the dumber - Diane Diamond, David Asman or Fox and Friends. Balance is not what is needed to gain viewship. Truth and courage to speak it, is desperately wanted by the public. Give us Linda Vester for serious reporting! Will "The Nach Cam" become the next voyeur rage as we all sign up for paid for view, inside Jerry series? Maybe; but if you buy into that one, maybe you would make a deal for WorldCom stock! Laurie Dhue, that All-American from the North Carolina swim team, still tops the cheeks chart. Compare her to Ashleigh Banfield's hairstyle hue, one who doesn't have the slightest clue, in yet - another new debut.

When will we ever get some real alternative political programming? When you consider the success of conservative talk radio, one wonders why the gatekeepers who continue to tell us that only ratings and money counts, wouldn't program a real political production? As long as the reporting is driven by the Nachman admonition - "wear delegate badges rather than press passes", we will just get the same old drab and uniform 'PC' version of sanitized news, opinion and commentary that has caused us to snooze another summer season away. Maybe the news networks should take the lead from the baseball players and go on strike! They have a lot in common - wouldn't be missed in the least.

SARTRE - July 15, 2002

Cynicism is the only form in which base souls approach honesty. - Nietzche Evil

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