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Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule--and both commonly succeed, and are right. - H.L. Mencken

Now we know what makes up the ‘Pol’

Real Change from Either?

As the country expresses its public disgust over the insult from the California court, we all seem to relish in the latest round of flag waving. Yes, emotional patriotism is the national sport. No doubt this one is a slam dunk, but why do so many people chime in on this concern, when they ignore the systemic abuses? It is not about the decisions of a few wacky judges, it has always been about the culture of the political class that represents your interests.

But when was the last time your true interests were taken up by your representatives?  A particular attitude, after the pledge of allegiance decision has made the rounds on many sites. It basically argues: "if it were not already obvious why it's a good reason to use the coming elections to make Democrats the minority party of the Senate, it should be clear now."  The appeal to suggest that the Republican need to take back control of the Senate in order to appoint strict constructionists to the federal bench, has been heard all too frequently. It seems so redundant to keep offering all the examples of our great disappointment. Two nominees would do, Earl Warren and David Souter.

Instead of dissecting the ensuing battles that will be fought over impending Supreme Court appointments, we would be better served to examine why this continual warfare has become the normal condition. For those familiar with our assertions, we submit that their is no real difference between the RepubliCANT'S and DemocRATS. Style, image and rhetoric does not make performance. The record of GOP legislators has been abysmal, especially when they hold the majority. Why are we supposed to accept it will be any different, this time around?

It is evident that this message is greeted with hostility from the ranks of the loyal 'true believers'. It is painful to watch the 'so called' conservatives embarrass themselves when they attempt to claim that the actions of their boys and gals in office really make a difference. This central point of disagreement must be confronted if any semblance of practical hope can be restored to undo the trepidation of decades of insane legislation.

We are all recently reminded that George W. Bush is a mere mortal. His scope proves that his residue is common to all. But what those benign polyps from the last colonoscopy won't show is the unfeigned disease that infests the political elite class. It is a virus that is shared by both parties, because they are consumed with swapping their own vital bodily fluids. Politics in the U.S. has the same composition that spreads a contagious and terminal epidemic. The notion of honest compromise with the loyal opposition has been reduced to capitulation to the agenda of Socialism. Official policy has become State worship.

So why should any sane person buy into the figment of the ingenuous imagination of Republican party loyalists, when they smoke the hemp of illusory rationalization? What we have today is a cadre of banner wavers that are deep into self delusion. Defending - that if only we elect upright champions of the constitution - we will be able to reverse the last century of legislative abhorrence, is like inviting the innocent into the ranks of intellectual flagellation. Sorry, folks this pundit does not practice mental masturbation.

Al Gore has just tested the waters for another run for the presidency. You know he wants another chance. But if you examine the big picture and you are honest in your assessment, just were are the material differences between the policies of a Bush/Gore choice?

Disagree all you wish, but the burden of proof rests upon you to demonstrate that the Republicans will fight the real war of terror - the one against the Republic from within the beltway!

Impulsive exhibits of party unity does not guarantee the will to recognize and confront the true enemy. Why are so many so intent on resisting addressing the essential questions? From an essay by Karen De Coster: WHY WE ARE NOT FREE she states: "I believe that radical decentralization of the federal government is imperative if we are to throw the consolidated federal monkey off our backs."

My question to you is why do you refuse to face this core reality? Is there any reasonable likelihood that the conservative cause will be achieved through our Republican representatives? Forget all the detours and false issues. Disregard backing false candidates that betray solemn hopes. We need "RADICAL DECENTRALIZATION". And the only pertinent question is whether your immediate politician will get serious about turning this charade upside down. If you continue to vote for whores, you will be sleeping with the diseased. Your own contagious infection defiles the rest of us. Here are two simple tests to use when casting a ballot. If the candidate is a lawyer, he or she has disqualified themselves from consideration for office.

Both Bush and Gore are non lawyers, but don't consider that as a passing grade. The second standard is never vote for a member of a family from professional politicians. These two clear rules would do more to clean house then electing a Republican Senate that can overcome Democratic obstructionism. It is long overdue to set your thinking back on a proper track. Republicans need to reform their own party, before the trust of the American people will be earned. We want action and not idle talk.

SARTRE - June 30, 2002

Power-lust is a weed that grows only in the vacant lot of an empty mind. - Ayn Rand

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