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Diminished Expectations with Incremental Declivity

When was the last time that your Representatives fought the fight for Freedom and raised the standard for Liberty? Probably not for a very long time! The last effort of courage was by Senator Phil Graham when single handedly, he defeated the Hillary health care take over back in the first Klinton administration. Sure would like to know other examples of bravery and statesmanship. Just can't remember any, lately.

We have all become jaded to the prospects that meaningful defense of individual rights will take place. In its place is a resignation that each successive Administration and Congress will drain another quart of blood from the body politik. The institutional submission to accept the miscarriages of the past and build upon a faulty foundation to erect a squalor encampment of further indignities, is standard operation today. The recent passage of the Education Bill is a prime example that the current régime of Republicans are nothing more than pandering Statists. The federal domination of education is the net effect of the this awful law. Who but the NEA are winners of the Ted Kennedy drafted legislation?

When will those of conservative and traditional convictions face the reality that the walk of their favored representatives, invariably falls short of their rhetoric? You know the drill by now, just suck it up and elect more conservatives in the next election. Well, that never happens, nor do the 'so called' defenders of the American dream ever fight for that vision. It takes more than a growing economy to ensure Freedom. It takes principles.

The first six months of the Bush Administration has returned a needed sense of relief from the continuous onslaught of executive orders and constant expansion of bureaucratic authority. But the direction of ceding more power to central mandate has not been challenged. Some faces may have changed, but the same sordid culture is still intact.

This is not new to those of us who have suffered through the disappointment of the Reagan years. The high point of the last century, was still but a shadow of what should have been. The juggernaut of the all inclusive government grows larger with each succeeding term. Erosion and intrusion into our lives is the only constant result from the toils and efforts from another campaign. Invariable capitulation to the DemoRATS agenda always seems to be the compromised that is reached. Well, why are any of us surprised at this reality? Our dreams have been robbed and in their place are higher taxes and more regulation.

With all the lobby groups, non profit organizations and think tank institutions; where is the impetus to reverse this course? We regularly hope for the next spokesman to pick up the mantel of freedom and become the new champion for the rights of the people. But each time a glimmer of optimism rises, that flicker of expectation is expunged. Our compiled consciousness is systematically diminished, our mutual bond of heritage is dismantled and our confidence that victory can be achieved is destroyed.

With all the discussions on specific issues, we seem to get lost within a forest of diseased trees. The radical 'Greens' of political ideologic purity have been able to divert the debate to inconsequential topics, while the fire goes unattended within the philosophy preserve. All issues relate back to the role of the Individual and that of the State. One is the master and the other is the servant. Our energy would be better directed to settling this question, than going off on more useless discussions of specific legislation.

The tract to improve quality of life needs to be examined from a position of the 'singular citizen'. The spirit of the lone person moves history. We have all too long accepted diminished expectations because the record of government intrusion has been so clear and pronounced. The result is that step by step, the next increment of greater restraint is placed upon our behavior. More intrusive laws are passed, additional social impediments are accepted and further internal obedience is rendered.

Bush has demonstrated that he is a sugar coated practitioner of disguise, and a facilitator of the masquerade that goes as representative democracy. His party cohorts in Congress are even more to blame for their surrender to the forces of bureaucratic dominance. The momentous victory in taking control of the House in 1994 was based upon clear principles of intent to change the status quo. The back slide since that election has been visible to all. As long as muted labels are accepted substitutes for effective policy, we will keep dissipating our rights, as we lose our hope, to restore our dignity. The fight beckons each of us. Few will hear its call and even less will shed their vital fluid of life. It is for them, those who will risk their safety to defend their sacred honor, that the rest of us owe tribute.

SARTRE - June 20, 2001

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