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Mr Senator, Man Without Honor


Politics at its best is the Art of Compromise, and at its worst a Banquet for Vultures. The decision of the 'unprecedented unprincipled', by Senator Jeffords demonstrates the nature of the feast that these trollops dine upon. This cross dresser in a cheap suit has shown the absence of class, that now marks, the most selected club in the world. If any doubts remained about the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party, it is now smashed.

For RepubCANT'S this coup is a nightmare of dread. For DemocRAT'S it is a wet dream. And for the rest of us, hope that gridlock will again triumph! This is the two party system at work, based upon the rule of sheer power. Jeffords was just reelected in November. If he was really a man of esteem honor, why did he not run as a RAT? The example of a true man of respect is Senator Phil Graham, who resigned from the rodent party, and ran as a pachyderm. The contrast is striking, as well as, meaningful.

But what can we expect from a state who has been invaded by foreign hordes and elects bleeding pinko wimps? Vermont is a colony of New York metroplex. The beautiful people love a rural setting to 'toke their stuff' and dream the impossible hallucination. Any state that offers an institution like Middlebury College, must rotate from an elliptical orbit that circles green fields of comatose sages. Mr. Jeffords, we simple mortals, just don't understand your genius!

Conservatives and Libertarian representatives should say good riddance, and take the McCain's, Specter's and Chafee's with you. Integrity and principle means more than passing bad legislation. Losing the control of the Senate is a blessing, if you need to place a seal of approval upon the continued descent into the 'TC' realm. Let the DemocRAT'S carry the Totalitarian Collectivist banner. The people of America need resistance to this horror, not tacit endorsement from your color coated clones of civility.

Coalition government is preferable to two party terror under a single 'Ideology'. That uniformity in the political agenda is the cause of American decline. It should come at no surprise that constitutional defenders are a distinct minority, and have but a handful of allies in government. Victory through the ballot is a fallacy, while the mindless airheads are able to voice their inept stupidity. Vermont today, all of America tomorrow. Folks, it is not far from happening . . .

The passage of the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution inflicted popular majority selection upon the Senate. The Republic is severely crippled, when direct democracy replaces representation. Even disgraceful opportunists like Jeffords should embody their profile. But what happens when the voice from urban bastions drum out the sentiments of rural communities! Is this the kind of duality that represents all the people?

The answer lies in breaking the strangle hold of the two parties and allow for true reflective factions of multiparty composition to speak for their followers. You say that will never happen, the money manipulators will only contribute to their identical twins? But those special interests only cast their own ballot. Each citizen votes only once (ideally; standard does not apply in Cook County). However, the options between the two usually is the lessor of two evils. Until real choice in direction is available, participation in the process will be weak.

If neither party had a majority in the Congress, and required the support of small factions of independent mavericks, we might actually get meaningful reform. Jeffords is NOT a man of autonomous integrity. His decision is based upon raw puissance. The contrast to Jeffords disingenuousness, would be Representative James Traficant's defiance. Progress needs to be judged not in bills passed and new laws invented, but in the defense of the Liberty of all the people.

Reform of the nanny state fosters individual freedom. Is it any wonder that so few politicians campaign to protect your rights, while most acclaim another new give away program? Is this the future you want for your children? A society that is totally dominated by the vested interests, opposed to your own version of the 'pursuit of happiness'. Where is our organized lobby! Certainly our representation seldom rises to the occasion . . . .

Let the DemocRAT'S chair the committees and stonewall the judicial confirmations. Just tell me when was the last time a judge ruled within the conservative tradition? It is hard to remember one. The agenda in Congress under Bush did not nearly go far enough to alter the direction of 'TC'. Until a fight to the death is entered in earnest, we will continue to get more of the same old. Conflict is GOOD. Non partisanship is naive. Politics is war and should be fought like one. The DemocRAT'S understand this concept. Maybe this reality check will stir the Republicans to comprehend why they are the party of CANT'S.

Jeffords, will secure his place in history by this treachery. He will dine on the carrion remains of principle, while claiming that he is only following his conscience. Only the buffoon will buy this dribble. But then again, that is the very kind of voter, in the Green Mountain State, that elected him. It is called democracy and makes the best case for repeal of universal suffrage.

SARTRE - May 24, 2001

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