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Career Public Servants - Faith or Fraud!

The flap that has been reported about AG John Ashcroft's morning prayer gatherings is beyond the pale. For a society that wants to bill itself as a buffet of diversity, this smorgasbord of tolerance has turned into a demand for banning religion. Those courageous unnamed DoJ employees that are the source of this outrage, resemble the Pharisee culture that provided us with the ultimate condemnation of all time.

This new assault upon the expression of religious conviction is based upon the practicing of another kind of religious observance. Those defenders of the secular faith are the new Sanhedrin for the 'PC' culture. They exercise their religious freedom in their public duties as they attempt to force their secular humanism religion upon the rest of us believers. The career that they wish to protect and further, is one that demands the banning of any discussion of God and religion in the corridors of government. For them, their god is THAT government and they are the holders of the scepter of proper conduct.

They are the grand inquisitors of the humanist tribunal. The allegiance they have is not for the freedom to express religion, but for the adherence for freedom from religion. This is the breed of public servants that rise to the positions of authority and seek to impose their view upon the canons of judicial review. Do they serve you and I, or are they serving themselves?

As long as the esteemed press reports the innuendo from this sort of legal eagles, we will be fed more of the ACLU nuisance about the separation of church and state. What progress for civility has this approach brought us? Ashcroft is following in the steps of our foremost President. What would be said today if the first George was alive and expressed his faith openly? How many Benedict Arnold's would rush to condemn him? Sorry to say the cries would be deafening . . .

The symbolic nature of this reaction by career employees should not be overlooked. These are the people who decide who is to be prosecuted and who will walk. A culture that relies on sound judgment, based upon principle and conviction has been substituted with the distorted values of secular humanism, that favors corruption and deception. So you say there is no connection between the loss of the FBI Oklahoma City files and the weasel remarks of those DoJ loyalists that expressed "alienating" reaction to the prayer meetings? Well, you would be wrong! Just who do you think are the subverters of the law, and who are the people that circumvent long established civil liberty protections? Those who act as if they are above the law are the very culprits that lie to the American public whenever it serves their interest to distort factual evidence.

If president Bush really wants to restore dignity and justice to a department that has been run by career criminals, he has chosen a man who recognizes where decency resides. What a surprise that Louis Freeh leaves just before the breaking news. Acclaim for his role and service is a sham of the record. The FBI operates by a hidden agenda. Few within its ranks know the difference between the role of 'peace keeping' and that of abusive 'law enforcement'. Revelations that testimony is routinely shaded, with outright lies, is for all to see. He was head of the FBI and these abuses not only were tolerated, but grew under his watch. If he wasn't aware of the problems, he was incompetent. If he was unable to eliminate the problems, he couldn't managed. And if he was unwilling to confront Reno and refused to even speak to the 'First Felon', why didn't he resign?

It is time to clean house on the home that Hoover built. For too long the special agents have treated their office as personal property. The are only share croppers who lease their space as long as they respect the land they work. When was the last time they protected the rights of the citizens, as opposed to covering up the sins committed by their own government brothers and sisters? If you still believe in their propaganda, you must be one of those who accepts that organized crime never existed, Father Hoover said so much.

The attack on Ashcroft is a feeble attempt to intimidate change. Prayer represents a humbling to the will of ONE who is the source of Good. Those who built their career on deceit, lies and misdeeds, fear being held accountable for their transgressions. That is the reason that so many in government resist true reform. They have created a racket for themselves and they are not interested in seeing an honest persecutor come into town. The defendant in the docket might just be them. They want to avoid throwing themselves upon the mercy of that court, because there is no credible defense for their actions. They all know this well. So they must stalk to solicit and corrupt any who enter their chamber.

Will a man of integrity be placed in the top cop job or will it be just another hack? For me, part of the answer lies in if he is willing to follow the same guidance that Ashcroft seeks. Not that he must join the same meetings, but that he follows the wisdom that speaks to his heart. Should we expect anything less from a 'Public Servant'?

SARTRE - May 16, 2001

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