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"This is, I say, the time for all good men not to go to the aid of their party, but to come to the aid of their country."
Eugene McCarthy

Judas Rides on an Ass


For those who remember fondly the populist traditions of William Jennings Bryan, Eugene McCarthy and Sam Ervin, the path that the Democratic Party has taken must be unsettling. For a party that purports to exist to protect the common man, we witness a betrayal that only the most despised could challenge. As an intellectual opponent of most of the solutions that the historic Democratic Party tradition offered, an authentic respect has always been granted for those that were true champions of civil liberty and improvement in individual advancement. America, if nothing else; is the land where dreams can be achieved.

The die hard supporters of this legacy claim that all these noble principles are part of the heritage of their Party. Whether that is an accurate assessment of the Democratic Party is not the issue. What is significant is that the current Democratic Party is a foreign entity of what it once represented. It bears little resemblance to the party of the past.

Those who are the traditional voting block for this organization have been lulled into a sleep of self assurance that their political leaders are fighting for their interests. PLEASE, the record is clear to even the most passionate true believer. The shell that remains, has abandoned the individual. Poor people seldom have a voice in government. And if you were intellectually honest, why should they? For at the heart of the concept that all people are equal, is a fools paradise, that seeks to resort to the alchemy of illusion.

By deserting the individual, ALL individuals; the Democratic Party has created a system of power over the people. The goal needs to be raising standards, creating wealth and developing self reliance. In other essays, you have heard the term 'TC'. Well this notion is at the core of the dishonesty. The treachery towards their stated vision is the reality. 'TC', totalitarian collectivism, is the consequence of the Statism that has become, god, for this band of charlatans. You say it can't be so? Well look at the recent chief spokesmen. Former Speaker Thomas Foley and Senator George Mitchell were the architects of Partisan Politics. They invented the term my way or the highway! When in the majority, their rule was final. A firm hand would be a vast understatement.

Now turn to the current defenders of the faith, Representative Richard Gephardt and Senator Thomas Daschale. The extent of the deception, duplicity and outright lies is overwhelming. Any sane person who listens to their dribble and believes the rhetoric is naive, at best. If they compare their words to their actions, the judgment becomes inevitable. A sell out in the truest sense. So why do the traditional voting blocks continue to accept this scam? Sadly to say, they lack the intellect; and honesty to use that which they do possess, to comprehend a friend from an enemy.

The current Democratic Party is part of the Corporate/State, just as much as their Republican counterparts. Actually, they are the natural Statists, and are beloved by the same corporate monopolists, more than the Republicans. The reason for this is that the tradition for defending the individual is totally discarded in the new Democratic party. The legacy of Clinton is complete. The appointment of Terry McAuliffe to the chairmanship of the Party is symbolic of the depths that the organization has sunk.

It is the challenge to any loyal supporter of the Democratic Party to clean their own house. Business as usual has lost the power of office. Only obstruction and intimation now exist. Men like Bryan, McCarthy and Ervin are no where to be found. In their place are the hacks of corporate bidding. Even the outright and open socialist has more integrity than the slick manufactured clones of the spin machine. And once again, the loyal voter is duped into another cycle of misplaced promises that could never improve their lives, to begin with; if they were ever applied.

The level of corruption and deceit never ceases to amaze. So why do the habits of self defilement die so hard? What will it take for the used and abused to wake up? The solutions and methods for improving the lot for the greatest numbers is known. They built this Nation, they fed their children and they grew their wealth. But the forces that control the economy are the same that powers the government. When they wear the robe of compassion and they feel the pain of your plight, ask why you must go to them for your answers? If they really cared about your improvement, why does it always take more of them to help less of you? The evidence is clear for those who have eyes to see.

Wake up Democrats! You have followed the pied piper for far too long. His nectar has sapped your strength and now you must beg for more. The savior you placed your trust in has shown his true face. It is that old foe who says he is your friend. You will know him as Iscariot, aka, the Democratic Party.

SARTRE - May 13, 2001

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