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A Force That No Man Or Country, Can Resist

Reasons for the 'Political Correctness' in government, are many. Each contribute to the erosion of the body politik. Their sum total is that the culture and the direction in government intervention continue its unending march into a 'Brave New Land'. From all the factors that influence this metamorphosis, few recognize the most hideous of the lot. Is it the conflicts of race or ethnic differences? Or could it be the media's limiting the parameters of the discussion? How about the elitist educators who restrict and define free debate? No, none of these is the most prominent. All but the lone recluse is confronted with this influence, and few can escape its ability to alter events. Yes, Virginia it is the 'power of the pussy' . . .

The consequences of liberation feminism has altered the historic relationship of the individual to government more than any other single factor. All the 'isms' combined have their manifestation in the mindset of the female voter. The demographics are undeniable. Their influence is commanding. And no politician can ignore their force. With the disintegration of the family unit, America has been transformed into a day care center for society. The movement of self realization has taken a path with no way back, as long as the fair sex seeks to be the dominate gender.

When the frail forsake their men, they turn to a new lover. They were seduced by a gigolo, and were invited into residing within his bordello. The love that these hussies now seek, demands that government meets their every need and desire. In trade for their devotion, the suffragist barters for the security that they abandoned when they left the nest of masculine protection. They want to be equal! They want to be fulfilled . . . But what they got was a pimp that treats them like the harlot that they have become.

The psychological term is codependency. The result for society is chaos. The infusion of demands, requires an expansion of programs. When single motherhood is held to be acceptable and desired, the bewilderment of the child is inevitable. The strains placed upon society multiplies and the feminist turns to her procurer for the support that she no longer has in her own man. The Democratic Party becomes her new family. Their 'Ideology' embraces her new aspirations, while those repulsive Republicans represent all that was fled and now, so hated. And we wonder why they say these creatures reside on Venus?

The more this trend continues, the deeper we all sink into the clutches of the nanny state. The new voting block demands it. The justification for equal treatment knows no bounds or restraints upon dismantling the institutions of traditional society. For those who assert that this force can be stopped, the battle has already been lost. Equality now reigns. The petticoat has been styled into the business suit. The one time entry worker is now the middle level (wo)manager. The pain and strain on her is now showing, as the price paid for reaching her long desired ascendancy of independent freedom. Just how is it from such lofty levels, now that you have made all those strives?

When you soak in the relaxing waters of your hot bath, you have learned the real meaning of stress. Your sauna promises relief, but there is no caring partner to share your concerns and fears. For you have turned that water into a cesspool of disease. But you can always turn to your fantasy lover, to propose an environmentally friendly program to clean up the debris. It must have been left over from the Reagan-Bush era.

Emotions now RULE! Reason has long been discarded. Logic not only has been deserted, but is now held in contempt. No wonder that the sex is so disappointing. The substitute lover is never as good as the real thing. But the gentlewoman ally in Congress is now your new model. Since you reject your natural role, you aspire to become a Boxer, a Mikulski or a Moseley-Braun. What stellar examples of womanhood! The time is long gone when the class of a Margaret Chase Smith is seen in public service.

So what are the prospects that this illness can have a metempsychosis of their views? At this time, not very likely. No neat little RU 486 solutions to a nasty mistake. For this dilemma is a crisis of the soul, more than that of the political order. Government will cater to the weak and confused, as long as the culture generates values and deceptions that produce greater numbers of the feeble and perplexed. Further demands for more government IS the future, until the gold-diggers divorce their substitute suitor. They need to reaffirm their vows to their true husband, THE America of our Judeo-Christian tradition. Their affair with the illusion of forbidden love has failed. It is destroying our Nation and killing our children. It has murdered millions of our unborn and has placed the genders at war. The time for fidelity is overdue. Come back home and return to the 'Lady' that you are meant to be.

Till that fateful day arrives, it may well be better to sign on for that voyage to the red planet. At this point, Mars resembles more of reality, than the atmosphere on Venus . . .

SARTRE - May 8, 2001

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