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"It has been discovered that the best way to insure implicit obedience is to commence tyranny in the nursery." 
Benjamin Disraeli

The Future for America 
Or Lilies for the Deceased

This week hordes of teachers will descend upon Western New York for the New York State United Teachers annual convention. Rochester, the 'Flower City' will be their rendezvous and they will celebrate the coming of spring with bouquets in hand. Their cheers will be for their favorite champions of government schools, both Bill And Hill. Both will attend, with the model for public decency receiving the Albert Shanker Award for Distinguished Service. The Klinton's along with their confederates in public education will bring flowers for the gathering. The occasion befits Lilies, since the gathering confers the air of a wake, not the triumph of learning.

But that is exactly the error in this assessment! The success of the John Dewey devotees, have created their fiefdom. They have set the curriculum, defined the subjects and have shaped the values. Their students have been 'Socialized' in the best tradition of the Jungvolk. The retreat from classical education has become complete. In its place, the relativism of multiculturalism has become the standard. Mathematics can now be about the process, and not the result. Behavior is no longer judged to be right or wrong, but only if it is appropriate or not. Reading no longer is about your history, but only the listings on MTV. And writing is an art that has been lost to the three point jump shot. But you say that it is not the fault of the teachers for this cultural decline? It is not their failing that test scores have made the great descent into mediocrity! OH NO . . . ? Just examine the record.

For all the ballyhoo about the dedication of the profession, just what do you have in the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association? Simply put, a UNION. The 'so called' standards of a profession are consistently betrayed for the benefits of a brotherhood that continually threatens to strike, at the expense " 'OF' the children". A profession competes in the marketplace for business. The NEA members are overpaid government employees who would be shown the door if true parents had an affective choice in educating their children. No wonder the NYSUT love their Klinton's. Protected monopolies is the only creation of bureaucratic liberal government. Certification is an euphemism for brained washed fidelity screening. Loyalty to an education system who's goal is to produce docile dependent illiterates, is the test that all government teachers must pass before they are given the keys to the classroom. And we are told that this is a profession that deserves respect? Respect is gained when it is earned. When reform becomes the prime mover and replaces retirement benefits and vacation schedulers, the NEA will start to crawl out of the hole where it now resides.

Education and learning is a fundamental pursuit. The survival of a society is dependent upon the transfer of its culture to the next generation. When that role is abdicated, by the very government that we parents entrust with the tutelage of our most precious children, it becomes intolerable. But when that deception is by design, it becomes treasonous. The advocacy in teaching a deviant culture is the principal outcome of current American education. Its success is evident all round us today. Logic and training in the process of thinking is virtually absent. Feelings and emotions reign. Each opinion is equal to the next, and no singular ideal is held to aspire and labor to achieve. And into this crowd of educated pedagogues, the first prodigious philander is acclaimed. How fitting . . .

The road back to sanity starts in reclaiming our culture. Educational institutions must be liberated from the tyranny they impose upon our children. The return to instruction in values, discipline in standards and chronicles of our heritage is the first step back. Compulsory indoctrination that teaches social relativism 'Enlightenment', must end. The funeral for this era is long overdue. The Lilies need to be sent. Bring forth the Roses, let a new dawn shine! It seems that Mark Twain was right and it still applies: "Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned".

SARTRE - May 2, 2001

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