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"Our goal in Quebec is to build a hemisphere of liberty," Mr. Bush said before departing for the Summit of the Americas! And just what is the record that has been written, by the last twenty years? LIBERTY is the farthest result, at least for the public. If you want to define furthering options for the Corporate/State, then maybe THEY, and only them, have even less constraints on their designs. But for Americans, in the formerly known United States, the decline in 'real take home pay' is unending. Job security is but a memory of past times. And aspirations for independent business endeavors, is now; known to only the few. For all the talk of the benefits from 'Free Trade', just where are the results? Gasoline and electric prices head only skyward. Insurance rates escalate and food costs soar. And wages decline in real terms.

The demonstrations that disrupt are intended to discredit dissent from the WTO, NAFTA and the rest of the alphabet soup commissions and treaties. The public is assaulted into accepting that opposition to these monopolies of the elite, are only shared by the lunatic fringe. Well, when the history is finally compiled, would any of us be surprised to learn that funding and resources from the powerful have been filtered into the radical street carnival? Don't dismiss who benefits when the circus is discredited. The debate is stifled, and order must be re-imposed. Policies for increased consolidation are furthered, and the reins of diminished expectations are pulled tighter.

The 'so called' improvement in the economic conditions down South is supposed to relieve our fears. We are just sharing more of what we have with those who have less. So we must forego our common sense and accept that 'Free Trade' is good, because it helps the other trading party? Trade for it to be Fair, must benefit both parties. If the goal is really to establish partnerships, the rewards need to be mutual. Under careful scrutiny, are the workers truly raising their standards or are they being used solely as the cheap labor for multinational companies? Environmental benign neglect in Latin and South America, doesn't exactly improve the quality condition of the planet. Nor does their regulatory absence allow for US firms to compete against such arbitrarily, low cost producers. If regulations are so few, why not eliminate many of those same restraints currently placed upon our own companies?

The road away from individual Liberty to coordinated government alliances, does not serve the essential interests of People. It only benefits big business and bureaucratic government. Take the fairness out of trade, and the pressure will mount to dissemble those organizations that rebuff the petitions of all those who labor. The solutions that the rock throwers propose are inept and foolish. But their awareness of the source of the problem is on target. When the media manages the image to invoke disdain, they are serving only their own corporate masters. The public is led to believe that the lies of 'Free Trade' is the alternative to the disruption of the opposition. The real answer lies in the recreating of a self sufficient American (yes I mean US) independent economy that sells to the rest of the world. Eliminate the balance in deficit and then we can discuss favorable terms with the rest of the hemisphere. Until that becomes reality, keep the jobs at home, and send a message to Bush, the W.; that his middle letter stands for Wacky, as long as he supports the 'Free Trade' movement.

SARTRE - April 23, 2001

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