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So What's The Problem With The Old Flag?


Few things in life draw as much emotion as the meaning behind a Flag. So the 'good people' of the great State of Mississippi, has registered an overwhelming voted to retain their State emblem. Just look at the proposed replacement. I don't need to explain between the two, which it is. Is there any doubt that the 'PC' version is more like a sanitized version of a UN banner? Certainly it could easily be flown in any part of the 'Third World'. But for those who wish to condemn Southern symbols, the decision by the voters of a sovereign state must only go to confirm just how much work still needs to be done!

But just what kind of work should that be? More threats of boycotts and loss of business? Or will the tourist dollar just be held back from the 'Delta'? Those who demand total conformity in appearance, to compliment uniformity in thought, don't have a clue about the nature of self determination. For these apologists of the 'Dixie' culture, seek to ban that tune from the airwaves; while striking up the band for the 'Battle Hymn'. The carpetbaggers are alive and well. Their efforts to enroll the voting public in their cause is just as slanted as it was over a hundred and thirty years ago. The only difference is that the punishment for those who wish to live their lives by their own values, is not as easily inflicted upon 'Their', community. Stealing their property is no longer just another regular occurrence in a day's work. The purity pervaders wish to design their own Plantation, for the residents of the South. What gives them the right to impose their failed values on another region of the country?

The breakdown in the vote is the telling tale to this issue. The support for tradition is clear. Those who know best about the real meaning of their own flag are not fooled by the claims that it stands for racism. The only racism that is discernible, is that which is being heaped upon the residents of Mississippi. The press and the media will critique this vote as just another example of intolerance. But for the originators of this hideous and sinister notion, they have perfected its application, while claiming they stand for equal treatment. The true fact is that the dedicated defenders of the South, never sought to replace the government that waged war against it. Their goal was to leave a party that turned sour. Isn't it a little ironic to see history begin to repeat itself all over again? The challenge, this time; is to spread the understanding among the population of the entire Nation, that the stand that this proud flag represents applies to all of us.

This debate will not end with this vote. The example that is set, allows us to see that victory is still within our own hands. The scam distortions are non issues. The substance of the case is not if some people are offended. The objective is that more people, NEED to be offended! The 'PC' crowd IS the source of disharmony. They are the tormentors and agitators of discontent. If 'Diversity' has any meaning at all, it requires respect for the will of self determination. Well, that message has just been registered. Will the rest of you get this meaning, or will you just sink back into your easy chair and settle in with your smug complacency in your own superior behavior from that of your Southern neighbors? I dare you to learn the words to 'Dixie'. It's resonance will ring a chord, and may well yet save the Union . . . Something, which was not done the last time.

SARTRE - April 18, 2001

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